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Islamists overrun Middle East

Islamists have brought large parts of Iraq and several provinces in Syria under their control and declared a caliphate. They are using brute force against people of other religions. Will the jihadists redraw the borders in the Middle East?

Main focus of Monday, 22. September 2014

IS causes mass exodus into Turkey

Around 100,000 Syrian Kurds fled over the border into Turkey on the weekend to escape fighting between IS terrorist militias and Kurdish troops, according to ... » more

Delo - Slovenia | Thursday, 18. September 2014

The US itself conjured up the IS specter

The US has carried out more than 160 airstrikes since August against the jihadist Islamic State's positions in Iraq. But the advance of the terrorist militia is also a result of US foreign policy, the left-liberal daily Delo points out: » more

De Morgen - Belgium | Wednesday, 17. September 2014

Bombs won't stop IS's barbarism

Amidst the general applause for the decision of around 30 states to participate in a coalition against the terrorist militia Islamic State critical questions are unwelcome, the left-liberal daily De Morgen observes: » more

Main focus of Monday, 15. September 2014

Cameron wants to hunt down IS murderers

Following the murder of a British aid worker by the IS, Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron vowed on Sunday to "destroy" the terrorist militia. The ... » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, 15. September 2014

Assad's role must be clarified

Representatives of around 20 countries will meet in Paris today Monday to discuss what action to take against the IS. The participants must finally decide how to behave vis-à-vis Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica urges: » more

Le Soir - Belgium | Monday, 15. September 2014

Think through reactions to atrocities

The West must not let itself be caught in the trap of retaliating too swiftly, the liberal daily Le Soir warns: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Monday, 15. September 2014

Muslim voices against IS lacking

After the murder of a third hostage by the IS the conservative daily Die Presse berates the lack of critical voices from representatives of Islam: » more

The Guardian - United Kingdom | Sunday, 14. September 2014

Cameron didn't fall into IS trap

In announcing that there would be no immediate military retaliation the British prime minister reacted coolheadedly to the killing of aid worker David Haines, the left-liberal daily The Guardian writes in praise: » more

Main focus of Friday, 12. September 2014

Obama presents strategy against IS

US President Barack Obama presented his strategy for countering the IS terrorist militia in an address to the nation on Wednesday. Airstrikes also in Syria, ... » more

Sme - Slovakia | Friday, 12. September 2014

US president pays a high price for hesitating

Barack Obama has put himself in a very awkward situation, the liberal daily Sme observes: » more

Le Figaro - France | Thursday, 11. September 2014

Anti-terror strategy comes far too late

Obama's new anti-terror strategy comes far too late, the conservative daily Le Figaro complains: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Friday, 12. September 2014

Obama must sugar-coat his partners

Obama's speech was badly needed to justify the US's dramatic change of paradigms in the Middle East, the left-liberal daily Der Standard believes: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Thursday, 11. September 2014

Arab world to blame for Mid East chaos

In his address to the nation on Wednesday night US President Barack Obama announced plans to extend the airstrikes against the IS terrorist militia and called for the states of the region to join a broad-based anti-terror coalition. The Arab world only has itself to blame for the chaos in the Middle East, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore argues: » more

Al Jazeera - Qatar | Wednesday, 27. August 2014

Global perspectives: IS more dangerous for Mid East than for West

The growing power of the IS militias in Iraq and Syria poses a far greater threat to the people of the Middle East than to those in the West, columnist Sunny Hundal writes on the blog of the Arabic news channel Al Jazeera: » more

Hürriyet - Turkey | Tuesday, 26. August 2014

Assad also helped IS to success

The terrorist Islamic State militia was only able to become so powerful because the international community misjudged its stance regarding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the conservative daily Hürriyet observes: » more

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | Monday, 25. August 2014

IS suits the US's purposes

The terrorist militia Islamic State provides US President Barack Obama with an opportunity to once more call the shots in the Middle East, journalist Ergin Yıldızoğlu writes in the Kemalist daily Cumhuriet, speculating about connections with the financing of the self-appointed caliphate: » more

Le Soir - Belgium | Friday, 22. August 2014

Sunnis must also fight the IS

Qatar's Foreign Minister Khalid Al Attiyah rejected accusations on Sunday that the emirate supports the Sunni terrorist militia the IS. Western experts have complained for years that financial aid from private accounts in Arab countries flows into the IS's coffers. The liberal daily Le Soir calls above all on the predominantly Sunni states to take action against the IS: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Monday, 25. August 2014

Danish jihadists not poor and oppressed

The liberal-conservative daily Berlingske has sparked a debate about jihadists who grew up in Denmark with a report on a 23-year-old Danish IS fighter of Palestinian origin. The paper warns against putting the whole problem down to social background: » more

Main focus of Friday, 22. August 2014

US warns of threat from IS militias

After the execution of the journalist James Foley, the US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on Thursday described the IS militias as an imminent threat ... » more

Milliyet - Turkey | Friday, 22. August 2014

Only Assad benefits from conflict

US airstrikes against the IS militias in Syria would help only one person by giving him the chance to restore his reputation, the conservative daily Milliyet predicts: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Friday, 22. August 2014

Middle East facing Balkanisation

The states of the Middle East threaten to collapse and the West is half-hearted about stopping the process, the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore fears: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Thursday, 21. August 2014

Finally tackle British extremism

Linguists have identified the murderer of James Foley as British on the basis of his accent in the video of the beheading. It's high time Britain did more to understand why so many young Muslims in the country fall prey to extremism, the conservative daily Financial Times demands: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 21. August 2014

Obama threatens IS after Foley execution

After the beheading of US reporter James Foley by IS militiamen, President Barack Obama announced a 'vigilant' and 'relentless' campaign against the IS, and called ... » more

De Morgen - Belgium | Thursday, 21. August 2014

IS wants to provoke war

With the beheading of James Foley the terrorist IS movement wants to provoke the US and the UK to strengthen their attacks against the caliphate, ... » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Thursday, 21. August 2014

West must finally negotiate with Assad

James Foley was kidnapped in Syria in 2012. The West must finally revise its Syria policy if it wants to stop the advance of the jihadists, the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore urges: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 20. August 2014

Only military strikes will stop the Islamists

At this stage military force is the only effective instrument in the battle against the Islamic State's militias, writes columnist James Bloodworth in the left-liberal daily The Independent: » more

Blog Pitsirikos - Greece | Wednesday, 20. August 2014

US and Israel just as cruel as the jihadists

The US and its allies shouldn't be surprised when their citizens are cruelly executed by Islamists, blogger Pitsirikos rails: » more

Main focus of Monday, 18. August 2014

EU backs weapons supplies for Kurds

At a meeting in Brussels on Friday the EU's foreign ministers paved the way for individual states to supply weapons to the Kurdish forces in ... » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Saturday, 16. August 2014

Important consensus in EU

The EU foreign ministers have sent an important signal with their decision, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias applauds: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Monday, 18. August 2014

Weapons miss their target

The EU shouldn't fall into the trap of seeing weapons deliveries as the true solution to the conflict in Iraq, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera warns: » more

Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | Monday, 18. August 2014

Germany must finally take action

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has promised Iraq's prime minister designate Haider al-Abadi support in preventing the Islamists from advancing further. However the German government is still discussing whether or not to supply weapons to the Kurds. The time for deliberation is over, the liberal-conservative daily Tagesspiegel admonishes: » more

Svenska Dagbladet - Sweden | Monday, 18. August 2014

Common EU foreign policy remains an illusion

The EU's late reaction to the crisis in Iraq and the spread of the Islamic State's terrorist militia highlights once more the vital importance of a common foreign policy, the conservative daily Svenska Dagbladet admonishes: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Friday, 15. August 2014

Supplying weapons to Kurds a risky business

The US and European states supplying weapons to the Kurdish forces in Iraq to help them combat the IS militias is the right approach but there are risks involved, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant writes: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Thursday, 14. August 2014

Use weapons to impose peace

The EU has learned from its failure in the Syria conflict, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung notes approvingly: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 13. August 2014

Without Kurds Iraq would fall apart

The West needs the Kurds in the fight against the terrorist Islamic State but refuses to acknowledge the ethnic group's right to independence, legal expert Catherine Philps writes in the left-liberal daily The Independent: » more

Le Figaro - France | Wednesday, 13. August 2014

Put Iraqi refugees in French villages, says Charles Aznavour

The hundreds of thousands of Iraqis fleeing the IS militias could be housed in France's deserted villages, suggests the Armenian-French chansonnier Charles Aznavour: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 12. August 2014

US arms Kurds in Iraq

The US announced on Monday that it will start delivering weapons to Kurdish fighters in Iraq, who it considers allies in the fight against the ... » more

Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

Iraq needs Europe's commitment

Europe must show more commitment in Iraq, the conservative daily Die Presse urges: » more

Reflex - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

Ground troops not an option

Use of airstrikes is justified in view of the situation in Iraq but the deployment of ground troops is not, the liberal weekly Reflex believes: » more

Libération - France | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

The onus is on the international community

The international community must take action in Iraq because it bears the responsibility for the war, the left-liberal daily Libération believes: » more

Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

Military intervention necessary and right

Christians are said to have been crucified by the Islamic State In the north of Iraq, the Christian-oriented daily Kristeligt Dagblad writes, and sees the military offensive and weapons from the US as absolutely justified: » more

Irish Examiner - Ireland | Monday, 11. August 2014

Fanatics abusing religion

The fight against the terrorist militia the Islamic State once again raises the question of why extremists are able to exploit religion for their murderous goals, the liberal daily Irish Examiner comments: » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Monday, 11. August 2014

Prevent genocide in Iraq

With the support of US air strikes, Kurdish fighters reinforced their counterattacks against the terrorist militant group the Islamic State (IS) on the weekend. Meanwhile according to UN reports around 200,000 mostly Yazidi civilians are trapped in the Mount Sinjar area and up to 100,000 Christians have fled the Mosul area. The international community has a duty to prevent genocide in Iraq, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias stresses: » more

La Croix - France | Friday, 8. August 2014

Iraq must close ranks against Islamists

US President Barack Obama on Thursday night authorized targeted air strikes against the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) in Iraq. But above all the Iraqi leaders must take action against the advance of the jihadists, the Catholic daily La Croix argues: » more

Weekendavisen - Denmark | Tuesday, 5. August 2014

Not only Christians deserve asylum

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius last week declared his willingness to ease asylum procedures for Christian refugees from Iraq and Syria. Such preferential treatment is highly unjust, the conservative weekly paper Weekendavisen fumes: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Tuesday, 5. August 2014

Bush's strategy for Iraq a failure

According to eyewitness accounts, extremists of the Sunni movement Islamic State have captured several villages in northern Iraq that were controlled by Kurdish fighters. This is conclusive proof that the US's big project of democratising Iraq has failed, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore writes: » more

Avvenire - Italy | Tuesday, 22. July 2014

Persecution of Christians: Isil shows its true face

All Christians in Mosul in northern Iraq have fled the city in recent days after the extremist group Islamic State (IS),  previously known as Isil, had given them an ultimatum for Saturday afternoon: » more

Hürriyet Daily News - Turkey | Tuesday, 22. July 2014

Ankara must not abandon firms in Iraq

In the past year Iraq imported goods worth roughly 12 million dollars from Turkey, making it Turkey's second largest export market after Germany. Since the advance of the terrorist organisation Isis, however, many Turkish companies have registered a huge drop in sales. The government must stand behind companies even in times of crisis, the liberal daily Hürriyet Daily News insists: » more

Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | Wednesday, 16. July 2014

Isis fanning Hamas aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an expansion of the attacks on the Gaza Strip for Wednesday. The conflict is not just a local one but is connected with the recent turmoil in the Middle East, the right-wing conservative Basler Zeitung warns with reference to the advance of the Isis militia: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Thursday, 10. July 2014

Cautious approach on Kurdish state needed

As the crisis in Iraq unfolds the leadership in the Kurdish north of the country announced last week a referendum on the independence of the region. The Kurds are entitled to autonomy but they shouldn't rush things, the conservative daily The Times advises: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 1. July 2014

Isil declares caliphate

While the Iraqi army has launched a major offensive centred on the city of Tikrit to halt the advance of the Isil troops, the latter ... » more

De Morgen - Belgium | Tuesday, 1. July 2014

Borders no longer apply in Middle East

The proclamation of the caliphate has made the current borders in the Middle East redundant, Iran-born author Kader Abdolah writes in the left-liberal daily De Morgen, and points to who has been waiting for just such a thing to happen in the region: » more

Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | Tuesday, 1. July 2014

Caliphate madness could spread to Europe

Self-proclaimed caliph and Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi will create a totalitarian state in Iraq, the right-wing conservative Basler Zeitung predicts, and warns of the consequences for Europe: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Monday, 30. June 2014

Isil puts itself above other Islamists

With the declaration of a caliphate Isil has effectively designated itself as the leading jihadist group and denied all others the right to exist, anti-extremist activist Ghaffar Hussain writes in the left-liberal daily The Independent: » more

Sözcü - Turkey | Monday, 30. June 2014

Kurdistan no longer a red rag for Turkey

If Iraq is split up, an independent Kurdistan in northern Iraq would no longer be a reason for war for Turkey, a spokesman for the AKP government said on the weekend. The anti-government Kemalist daily Sözcü finds this hardly surprising given that Turkey has profited for years from the Kurdish autonomous region: » more

Zeit Online - Germany | Tuesday, 24. June 2014

Isil's success alarming but fragile

Over 1,000 people have been killed in Iraq since the start of the jihadists' offensive, according to UN sources. The fact that the extremists are continuing to gain ground shouldn't make people forget that they're not an army but a group of fanatics, the liberal news portal Zeit Online stresses: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 24. June 2014

US sets the terms for help in Iraq

US Secretary of State John Kerry signalled again on Monday in Baghdad Washington's readiness to engage in military strikes against the Isil militia. At the ... » more

Avvenire - Italy | Tuesday, 24. June 2014

The tempting dream of a caliphate

US Secretary of State John Kerry called on Monday in Baghdad for unity in the fight against the Isil militia and stressed that the US would if necessary launch a military strike in Iraq before the formation of an inclusive government. But you have to have a state before forming a government, and that state is precisely what the jihadists are fighting against, the Catholic daily Avvenire comments: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Tuesday, 24. June 2014

Withdrawal from Iraq wasn't Obama's mistake

The advance of the radical Islamic Isil rebels has wrongly sparked a discussion about whether Obama made a mistake when he withdrew the US troops from Iraq, the left-liberal daily Der Standard believes: » more

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Friday, 20. June 2014

Obama not to blame for new Iraq crisis

Barack Obama announced on Thursday that he is sending 300 military advisers to Iraq and is willing to engage in "targeted" military strikes against the advancing Islamists. The US president has come under attack from his political opponents over Iraq but he is not to blame for the current crisis, the state-run Wiener Zeitung comments: » more

Falter - Austria | Wednesday, 18. June 2014

Iraq is biggest US defeat since Vietnam

US Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday night promised Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki more support against the advancing terrorist militia Isil. The Sunni fundamentalists have inflicted the worst defeat on the US in recent decades, Ramond Löw, Brussels correspondent of public broadcaster ORF, comments in the left-liberal weekly paper Falter: » more

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 18. June 2014

Kurds benefit from most recent Iraq crisis

The Iraqi government officially asked the US on Wednesday to help it fight the Isil militia with air strikes. Now that the Iraqi army has fled northern Iraq the Kurds' dream of their own state could finally become reality, the conservative Daily Telegraph comments: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Wednesday, 18. June 2014

Islamists face Obama with dilemma

The US has not ruled out the possibility of negotiations with Iran in the fight against the terrorist movement Isil. The conflict in Iraq faces President Obama with a huge dilemma, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant comments: » more

ABC - Spain | Wednesday, 18. June 2014

Isil also a threat for the West

The founding of a theocracy in Iraq by the Islamist militia Isil would pose a huge threat to the entire West, the conservative daily ABC warns: » more

24 Sata - Croatia | Wednesday, 18. June 2014

US invasion was in vain

In view of the troop deployment to Iraq, the conservative tabloid 24 Sata comments that the US invasion of 2003 was in vain: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 17. June 2014

Chance for rapprochement in nuclear dispute

The British Foreign Minister William Hague announced on Tuesday that London will re-open its embassy in Iran after closing it down two years ago. The Isil terror in Iraq and Syria has raised the chances of a rapprochement in the nuclear dispute between the West and Iran, the left-liberal daily The Independent writes: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 17. June 2014

US joins forces with a foe again

On the periphery of the nuclear negotiations in Vienna, representatives of the US and Iran have exchanged views on concerted action against Isil in Iraq. The US should think twice about such a cooperation, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: » more

Contributors - Romania | Tuesday, 17. June 2014

Obama must rethink foreign policy

US foreign policy is in a deep crisis, political scientist Valentin Naumescu comments on the blog Contributors in view of the advance of Isil's troops in Iraq: » more

Star - Turkey | Monday, 16. June 2014

The price of Turkey's active foreign policy

The terror organisation Isil has been holding 49 employees of the Turkish consulate in Mosul hostage since Wednesday. In the meantime the Turkish government has come under fire for not doing enough to protect its citizens in Iraq. The pro-government daily Star sees no grounds for such accusations: » more

Avvenire - Italy | Monday, 16. June 2014

An unexpected holy alliance

The common threat posed by the jihadists has led to a rapprochement between the erstwhile arch-enemies the US and Iran, the Catholic daily Avvenire rejoices: » more

Politiken - Denmark | Friday, 13. June 2014

The West bred the monster of terrorism

The Iraq War was a huge mistake, the left-liberal daily Politiken writes after the taking of Mosul by the Islamic terror organisation Isil: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Friday, 13. June 2014

Only Obama can save Iraq

Only a new deployment of US troops in Iraq can stop the Islamists' advance, the liberal daily Jutarnji List is convinced: » more

De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Friday, 13. June 2014

Iraq bodes no good for Afghanistan

The advance of Isil in Iraq is a warning to all those who were still hoping things would take a turn for the better in Afghanistan, the conservative daily De Telegraaf observes: » more

Milliyet - Turkey | Thursday, 12. June 2014

Turkey partially to blame for Islamist terror

The Islamist militant group Isil took dozens of employees of the Turkish Consulate in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul hostage on Wednesday after abducting some 30 Turkish lorry drivers on Tuesday. The Turkish government is partially to blame, the conservative daily Milliyet admonishes: » more

NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | Thursday, 12. June 2014

PM Maliki fanned extremism in Iraq

The Islamist militant group Isil has taken control of further areas in northern Iraq and announced plans to start an offensive against the capital Baghdad. Roughly half a million people have been compelled to flee. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki bears the responsibility for the country's impending collapse, the liberal daily NRC Handelsblad believes: » more

Radikal - Turkey | Wednesday, 11. June 2014

Extremists in Iraq also a threat for Turkey

The extremist militia "Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant" (ISIL) took over the northern Iraqi city of Mosul on Tuesday. This development risks destabilising the entire region including Turkey, the liberal daily Radikal believes: » more


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