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Can Europe cope with refugees?

Chaos on the borders, overcrowded reception centres, and refugee homes in flames: the refugee crisis is one of Europe's most pressing problems. How should the EU member states react to the influx of hundreds of thousands of people?

Expressen - Sweden | Tuesday, 17. November 2015

Exodus to Europe: Swedes could lose trust in the state

Tents are in short supply in Sweden as a result of the steady flow of refugees arriving in the country. The state's inability to cope with the situation is worrying indeed, the social-liberal daily Expressen writes: » more

Main focus of Friday, 23. October 2015

Heads of government seek solution for Balkan route

The heads of government of eight EU states plus Serbia and Macedonia plan to discuss the refugee situation on the so-called Balkan route on Sunday ... » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Friday, 23. October 2015

Sweden's idealism also has its limits

Sweden is expecting up to 190,000 asylum seekers this year, according to current forecasts. The country that is known for its generous asylum policy is now being forced to look reality in the eye, the centre-right daily Jyllands-Posten comments: » more

Le Figaro - France | Thursday, 22. October 2015

Myth of Europe as a safe haven crumbles

Europe's politicians must finally tell the truth in the refugee crisis, the conservative daily Le Figaro warns: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Friday, 23. October 2015

Time for a joint decision on the Balkan route

The refugee summit of the most affected European states is a great opportunity to set out clear arrangements, the liberal daily Jutarnji list stresses: » more

Večer - Slovenia | Wednesday, 21. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: Slovenia more civilised than Hungary

In view of the large number of refugees crossing from Croatia into Slovenia the Slovenian parliament has passed legislation allowing the army to be deployed on the border. The liberal daily Večer worries about this decision: » more

Dennik N - Slovakia | Wednesday, 21. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: Is the next step shooting at refugees?

"First stop the migrants. Then we'll look at what comes next." With these words Slovakia's Interior Minister Robert Kalinak dispatched 50 police officers to help monitor the Hungarian fence on the border with Serbia on Tuesday. The liberal daily Dennik N asks what the move is supposed to accomplish: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Tuesday, 20. October 2015

Openness towards migrants gives way to doubt

The mood among the Germans has changed in view of the steady flow of refugees arriving in recent weeks, the centre-right daily The Malta Independent observes: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 20. October 2015

Refugees stranded in the Balkans

After Hungary closed off its southern border, thousands of refugees are now trying to move northwards through Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. But these countries are ... » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Tuesday, 20. October 2015

Croatia overwhelmed by flood of refugees

It's only a matter of time before new fences are erected in Eastern Europe, the liberal daily Jutarnji list believes: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Monday, 19. October 2015

New border fence hurts Hungary's reputation

Hungary has further tarnished its image by closing its border to Croatia with razor wire on the weekend, the left-liberal daily Népszabadság criticises: » more

El País - Spain | Tuesday, 20. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: Cologne more open than Switzerland

While in mayoral elections in the German city of Hamburg the majority voted for Henriette Reker, who backs a generous policy for taking in refugees, the conservative national SVP won Swiss parliamentary elections held on the very same Sunday. Yet both societies should be aware of the opportunities successful integration can bring, the centre-left daily El País points out: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, 20. October 2015

EU like the Wild West

The fact that the refugees are coming up against borders preventing their journey to the West is outrageous, the centre-left daily Delo comments: » more

Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, 20. October 2015

Dangerous backlog in the Balkans

The inaction of the governments of the EU member states is to blame for the fact that the situation on the Balkan route threatens to get completely out of control, the conservative daily Die Welt comments: » more

Kapital - Bulgaria | Friday, 16. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: Clear up border killing

An Afghan man was shot dead by Bulgarian border patrol guards on Friday as he tried to cross into Bulgaria from Turkey. According to the authorities the man was hit by a ricochet bullet. The weekly paper Kapital calls for swift and appropriate action: » more

Deutsche Welle - Bulgaria | Monday, 12. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: No to a Balkan buffer zone

If the rich EU countries decide to close their borders to refugees, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Macedonia could unwillingly become a buffer zone for people fleeing their home country, sociologist Andrey Raychev warns in an interview with the Bulgarian service of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 8. October 2015

Refugees: Merkel and Hollande for more Europe

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande made a joint call for more solidarity in the refugee crisis on Wednesday in the European ... » more

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | Thursday, 8. October 2015

Hopefully Europe will listen to the two

Merkel and Hollande appealed to the Europeans' conscience and urged them not to abandon the continent's basic values. The liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht hopes Europe will listen: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Thursday, 8. October 2015

Nothing new on asylum policy

The Franco-German duo's performance was disappointing in the eyes of the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Thursday, 8. October 2015

The Europe we need more of

The refugee crisis can only be managed through deeper European integration, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande stressed on Wednesday addressing the European Parliament. But what does more Europe mean? the conservative daily Lidové noviny asks, and postulates: » more

El País - Spain | Thursday, 8. October 2015

German-French duo can save continent

It's a good sign that Merkel and Holland are presenting a common front, the centre-left daily El País comments: » more

Le Monde - France | Tuesday, 6. October 2015

Exodus to Europe: Eastern Europe must show solidarity

In a joint appeal more than 100 Eastern European politicians, artists, activists and intellectuals have called on their countries to show solidarity with refugees. The liberal daily Le Monde also publishes the appeal: » more

Main focus of Friday, 25. September 2015

EU tackles refugee crisis

The EU will step up its help for the refugees in Syria's neighbouring countries. It plans to set up hotspots in Italy, Greece and Bulgaria ... » more

Göteborgs-Posten - Sweden | Tuesday, 22. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Cost-benefit analyses inappropriate

The refugee problem is generally examined mainly from a cost-benefit perspective in Sweden, author Torbjörn Elenensky writes in the liberal daily Göteborgs-Posten, arguing that this distorts the issue: » more

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Russia - Russia | Friday, 18. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Vitaly Portnikov fears the fear of the foreign

It is not the presence of foreigners that should worry Europeans in these times of the largest wave of migration since World War II, but the fact that this fear of foreigners exists at all, warns Ukrainian-Jewish journalist Vitaly Portnikov on the website of the Russian service of Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Monday, 21. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Fears of Islamisation unfounded

Several European states still refuse to take in Muslim refugees from Syria. Fears of Islamisation are entirely unjustified, admonishes the conservative daily Večernji List: » more

Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | Monday, 21. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Quotas cause legal problems

A quota system for redistributing asylum seekers among the 28 EU member states would cause practical and legal problems, the daily Evenimentul Zilei warns: » more

Neatkarīgā - Latvia | Thursday, 17. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Latvia's future is multiculti - so what?

Latvia's government still adamantly rejects proposals for compulsory quotas for taking in refugees. It needs to bring itself up to date, the national conservative daily Neatkarīgā believes: » more

The Chronikler - Belgium | Wednesday, 16. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: A civil rights movement

Far from posing a threat to Western lifestyles the migrants from the Middle East and Africa help Europe reaffirm its key values through their suffering, columnist Boštjan Videmšek writes on the Belgian blog portal The Chronikler: » more

Le Soir - Belgium | Tuesday, 15. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: EU on the path of self-destruction

Austria introduced border controls on its borders with Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia and Italy today, Wednesday. The EU must act now or it will fail, the liberal daily Le Soir warns: » more

Cape Times - South Africa | Sunday, 13. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Africa should clean up its own backyard

South Africa's Interior Minister Malusi Gigaba on Sunday criticised the EU's handling of the refugee crisis as "lame-duck", "blatantly racist" and "xenophobic". The African Union would do better to admit that it is itself partially responsible for the exodus from its member states, the South African daily Capt Times counters: » more

The Orange County Register - U.S. | Sunday, 13. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Migrants will change the face of Europe

The integration of hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees in the coming years will permanently change the character of Europe, the daily Orange County Register warns: » more

Main focus of Monday, 14. September 2015

Germany brings in border controls

Germany temporarily reintroduced controls at its border with Austria on the weekend. Left in the lurch by its European partners Berlin had no other alternative, ... » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 14. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Germany can cope

The German economy can put the large number of refugees to good use, the centre-left daily El País argues: » more

Club Z - Bulgaria | Friday, 11. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Give up some pocket money and save lives

Europe's claim that it can't cope with any more refugees is nothing but a flimsy excuse, the news portal Club Z believes: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 14. September 2015

Merkel was never so wrong

The closure of Germany's border with Austria reveals the failure not only of Angela Merkel's refugee policy but also of the entire EU, the centre-left daily Süddeutsche Zeitung comments: » more

Diena - Latvia | Friday, 11. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Latvian desire for isolation unrealistic

The attitude of many Latvians to refugees from other cultures is divorced from reality, philosopher Artis Svece writes in the liberal daily Diena: » more

Politiken - Denmark | Friday, 11. September 2015

Exodus to Europe: Denmark's refugee dilemma

Denmark stopped all train traffic from and to Germany on Wednesday after hundreds of refugees entered the country hoping to make it as far as Sweden. That will put the Danish government in a dilemma when the EU interior and justice ministers meet on Monday to discuss the refugee crisis, the left-liberal daily Politiken comments: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Thursday, 10. September 2015

Refugees could turn EU into a federation

The European Parliament backed EU Commission President Juncker's plan for a mechanism for redistributing refugees by a large majority on Thursday. The refugee crisis may have a lasting impact on decision-making processes within the EU, the liberal conservative Malta Independent concludes: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 10. September 2015

Juncker calls for solidarity in refugee crisis

Addressing the European Parliament on Wednesday, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker called on the EU member states to redistribute an additional 120,000 refugees throughout the ... » more - Russia | Tuesday, 8. September 2015

Global perspectives: For Pat Buchanan refugees plunge Europe into an identity crisis

The refugee crisis raises existential questions for Europe, conservative US political commentator Patrick J. Buchanan writes on the pro-government Russian Internet portal » more

De Standaard - Belgium | Wednesday, 9. September 2015

Does Europe want Merkel or Orbán?

The debate about the refugee crisis can be narrowed down to two positions, the liberal daily De Standaard writes, and calls on Europe to take a stance: » more

Äripäev - Estonia | Tuesday, 8. September 2015

Involve entrepreneurs in refugee relief

Finland's Prime Minister Juha Sipilä wants to take in refugees in his summer house, and the head of the Bank of Finland is donating one month's salary to the Red Cross. The business paper Äripäev hopes more people will follow suit: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 8. September 2015

All Europe can't do penance along with Germany

Germany's generous refugee policy is penance for its crimes of the past but an imposition for the rest of the EU, the conservative daily Lidové noviny believes: » more

The New York Times - U.S. | Saturday, 5. September 2015

Global perspectives: Refugees not just a European problem

Since the start of the civil war in Syria the US has taken in roughly 1,500 Syrian refugees. The US and other non-European states should do much more to help Europe in the refugee crisis, columnist Michael Ignatieff demands in the liberal daily The New York Times: » more

Main focus of Monday, 7. September 2015

Eastern Europe closes ranks against refugee quotas

At their meeting in Prague on Friday the heads of government of Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia once again rejected a quota system ... » more

Sme - Slovakia | Monday, 7. September 2015

Voluntary helpers more Christian than politicians

Fortunately many people in Eastern Europe are more sympathetic to the refugees' plight than their politicians, the liberal daily Sme writes: » more

Trends-Tendances - Belgium | Friday, 4. September 2015

Companies really can help refugees

Many of Europe's governments are unable to cope with the flood of refugees, the business paper Trends notes, and suggests enlisting the help of the big multinational companies: » more

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, 7. September 2015

Blockade stance Eastern Europe's only response

The blockade stance of the Visegrád states is completely unrealistic, writes the liberal business daily Hospodářské noviny: » more

Mandiner - Hungary | Friday, 4. September 2015

Driven by a false idea of Europe

The refugees that are currently on their way from Hungary to Germany have a completely idealised picture of Europe in their heads, writes journalist Gellért Rajcsányi on opinion portal Mandiner: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Monday, 7. September 2015

Refugees just want to get to rich countries

The Syrian refugees battling their way to Europe are not just fleeing the civil war in their country, the daily newspaper Sega writes: » more

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | Sunday, 6. September 2015

How can those who have so little themselves help?

In view of their economic situation it is understandable that Hungary and other Eastern European states are refusing to open up their territory to refugees wanting to pass through on their journey elsewhere, the conservative Daily Telegraph points out: » more

Main focus of Friday, 4. September 2015

Orbán calls refugee crisis Germany's problem

Visiting Brussels on Thursday, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán described the refugee crisis as a German and not a European problem. In Budapest, meanwhile, the ... » more

Hürriyet - Turkey | Friday, 4. September 2015

Vietnam War also stopped by a photo

The image of the body of the Syrian refugee boy Aylan on the beach near Bodrum in Turkey has gone around the world since Tuesday. It has the power to change our perception of the war, writes the conservative daily Hürriyet: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Friday, 4. September 2015

Budapest can't please its EU partners

Germany is to blame for the catastrophic situation in Hungary, writes the conservative daily Lidové noviny, defending the Hungarian prime minister: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Friday, 4. September 2015

Only unbearable pictures can shake us awake

Only photos like that of the dead little boy Aylan al Kurdi can shake Europe and the world out of their indifference, writes Croatian author Miljenko Jergović in the liberal daily Jutarnji list: » more

Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | Friday, 4. September 2015

Eastern Europe needs help, not recriminations

Just criticising Orbán's refugee policy is not enough, the centre-left daily Frankfurter Rundschau writes, calling for more support for the countries of Eastern Europe on asylum policy: » more

Latvijas Avize - Latvia | Friday, 4. September 2015

Europe should stop showing how much money it has

The fact that so many refugees are leaving Africa to make their way to Europe is not least a result of the generous development aid programmes having revealed how much wealth there is in Europe, rails the national conservative daily Latvijas avīze: » more

Le Vif / L'Express - Belgium | Thursday, 3. September 2015

Refugees not to blame for social system crisis

The head of the nationalist New Flemish Alliance Bart De Wever said last week on the Flemish radio that social benefits for refugees should be cut. Such a statement is counterproductive and shameless, Ewald Pironet, editor of the Flemish weekly magazine Knack, writes in the weekly Le Vif/L'Express: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 3. September 2015

Refugees drown on their way to Kos

The image of a drowned little boy who was washed up on a beach on Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula was spread on the social media on ... » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Thursday, 3. September 2015

Europe's collective shame

Deeply shocked at the scenes from a beach near the Turkish resort of Bodrum, the liberal conservative daily Diário de Notícias voices its anger: » more

El País - Spain | Thursday, 3. September 2015

Face up to true scale of the crisis

A special EU summit is necessary, the centre-left daily El País demands with an eye to the images of the dead refugee child on the Turkish coast: » more

La Stampa - Italy | Thursday, 3. September 2015

Don't avert your eyes from misery

The image of the dead boy whose body was washed up on a beach on Turkey's Bodrum Peninsula has gone viral on the social media. Mario Calabresi, editor-in-chief of the liberal daily La Stampa, defends his decision to publish it on the front page: » more

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Thursday, 3. September 2015

Border controls at Brenner Pass jeopardise Europe

At Germany's behest Italy has introduced new border controls at the Brenner Pass between Italy and Austria. The state-run daily Wiener Zeitung criticises the move as undermining free circulation within the EU: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 2. September 2015

Refugee chaos in Budapest

Thousands of refugees are stranded outside Budapest's Keleti train station, waiting to be allowed to continue their journey westwards. The Hungarian police allowed people to ... » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Wednesday, 2. September 2015

Hungary forgetting its own migration history

In building a fence to seal off its border with Serbia Hungary is forgetting its own history, journalist Inoslav Bešker writes in the liberal daily Jutarnji List, recalling how many Hungarians fled their country and sought asylum abroad following the uprising against Soviet rule in 1956: » more

Kurier - Austria | Wednesday, 2. September 2015

Austrians showing their best side

Many refugees enter Austria on their way from Hungary to Germany or beyond. Austria's reaction to the newcomers is exemplary, writes the liberal daily Kurier: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Wednesday, 2. September 2015

Germany assumes pioneering role on refugees

Refugees demonstrated outside Budapest's Keleti train station to be allowed to board trains and head for destinations outside the country after police closed down the station on Tuesday. They chanted the words "Merkel" and "Germany" while doing so. This testifies to the leading role Germany has assumed in the refugee crisis, the liberal conservative daily Corriere della Sera writes: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Scenes from a disaster film

Watching the scenes taking place at Keleti train station in Budapest and on Hungary's border with Austria, the left-liberal daily Népszabadság feels reminded of the worst doomsday scenarios: » more

Revista 22 - Romania | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

No one wanted to take in the Jews either, Andrei Cornea admonishes

Writing in the weekly paper Revista 22 art historian Andrei Cornea says the current debate about taking in refugees is reminiscent of a conference that took place in Evian, France, in 1938, at which the international community of states refused to take in the Jews fleeing Hitler: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Merkel puts refugees at top of agenda

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on Monday in Berlin that Germany would increase its efforts in dealing with the refugee crisis. She also called for ... » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Monday, 31. August 2015

For Károly Loránt Huntington's clash of civilisations has become reality

Europe is facing major conflicts between societies and the migrants they take in, journalist Károly Loránt writes in the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, and calls on politicians to reread US political scientist Samuel P. Huntington's book The Clash of Civilizations: » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Germany finally assuming a leading role

Europe can count itself lucky that someone is taking the lead in the refugee crisis, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino concludes: » more

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Petr Honzejk explains why the Czechs fear refugees

While refugees are regarded in Western Europe as people with individual destinies, the Czechs see them as a faceless, menacing horde, commentator Petr Honzejk writes in the liberal business paper Hospodářské noviny: » more

Die Welt - Germany | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Hopefully more than just fine words

Merkel is late in taking up refugee policy but her speech on the issue was remarkable, comments the conservative daily Die Welt, at the same time calling for swift improvements: » more

Liberté Algérie - Algeria | Sunday, 30. August 2015

Global perspectives: EU must support democracy in Africa and Middle East

The mass emigration to Europe can only be stopped by strengthening democracy in Africa and the Middle East, writes the Algerian daily Liberté Algérie: » more

Le Figaro - France | Tuesday, 1. September 2015

Merkel naive about refugees

Chancellor Angela Merkel's statement that Germany has the capacity to take in another several hundred thousand refugees is naive, the conservative daily Le Figaro writes: » more

Contributors - Romania | Monday, 31. August 2015

Romania needs immigrants

By the end of June only 700 people had applied for asylum in Romania this year. That is too little, writes migration researcher Andreia Ghimis on the blog portal Contributors: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Monday, 31. August 2015

Eastern Europe's bogus arguments re migrants

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico on the weekend called for an EU-Africa summit on migration, stating that the causes for migration must be addressed in ... » more

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | Sunday, 30. August 2015

Europe scarily incompetent on refugees

The ministers of the interior of France, Britain and Germany called for a common European asylum policy on Sunday in Paris. Among other measures they called for the establishment of reception centres in Italy and Greece and the introduction of Europe-wide rules that determine which countries can be considered safe countries of origin. But the EU still lacks a plan worth the name, the daily La Libre Belgique criticises: » more

Kettős Mérce - Hungary | Friday, 28. August 2015

Fears of IS migrants unjustified

EU security experts have stressed in the past weeks that it is unlikely that IS terrorists are among the refugees coming to Europe. Blogger Krisztián B. Simon also plays down the danger on blog portal Kettős Mérce: » more

Infowar - Greece | Saturday, 29. August 2015

Why media should show dead refugees

Greek columnist Aris Chazistefanou has come under fire for posting images of dead refugee children on Twitter on Saturday. Now Chazistefanou defends his position on the alternative web portal Infowar: » more

Novi list - Croatia | Friday, 28. August 2015

EU lacks solidarity as a fundamental value

Disappointment at the EU's lack of solidarity with the refugees is the centre-left daily Novi List's reaction to the situation: » more

Aargauer Zeitung - Switzerland | Thursday, 27. August 2015

Spoil refugee smugglers' business model

Following the refugee tragedy in Austria the liberal Aargauer Zeitung calls for the EU to take steps to destroy the smugglers' business model: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 27. August 2015

Merkel visits refugee accommodation

Angela Merkel visited a refugee shelter in Heidenau on Wednesday, the first time she has made a such a visit. While there she condemned violence ... » more

La Vanguardia - Spain | Thursday, 27. August 2015

Merkel points the way for Europe

With her resolute action against xenophobia, Angela Merkel is demonstrating the kind of strong leadership that has been lacking in Europe, the conservative daily La Vanguardia writes in approval: » more

Heti Válasz - Hungary | Wednesday, 26. August 2015

Merkel makes Orbán and his fence look silly

Germany's refugee policy exposes the futility of the Hungarian border fence, according to the Conservative weekly newspaper Heti Válasz: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Wednesday, 26. August 2015

Croatia clueless in refugee crisis

Croatia is not prepared for the influx of thousands of refugees that will result from the closure of the Hungarian border, warns the conservative daily Večernji list: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 26. August 2015

Refugee crisis tops Western Balkans Summit agenda

High-ranking representatives of Albania, the successor states of the former Yugoslavia and the EU will convene in Vienna on Wednesday and Thursday for the Western Balkans Summit. In view of the refugee crisis, the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung laments that Greece won't be attending: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, 25. August 2015

Germany's refugee policy exemplary

As far as refugee policy is concerned Europe should follow Germany's example, urges the centre-left daily Népszabadság: » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Tuesday, 25. August 2015

German Chancellor must visit refugee homes

German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday condemned the attacks on a refugee shelter in the town of Heidenau in Saxony. She had previously been criticised for not making a statement immediately after the riots. Merkel's statements were still inadequate in view of the situation, the left-wing daily taz complains: » more

Handelsblatt - Germany | Monday, 24. August 2015

More police to prevent violence against refugees

In the Saxonian town of Heidenau at the weekend, right-wing radicals went on the rampage in front of an emergency refugee shelter. Dozens of people were injured during confrontations between police and left-wing counter-demonstrators. The potential for violence against asylum seekers will continue to grow, fears the liberal business paper Handelsblatt: » more

Právo - Czech Republic | Monday, 24. August 2015

Macedonia migrant drama a disgrace for Europe

Macedonia has declared a state of emergency due to the influx of thousands of refugees into the country. The country had previously blocked its border with Greece for several days and then reopened it. The situation will no doubt be a prelude to other dramas, complains the left-wing daily Právo: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Thursday, 20. August 2015

Tackle refugee problem in countries of origin

Europe must not close its borders to refugees, argues the centre-right daily The Malta Independent: » more

Blog Mozgástér - Hungary | Thursday, 20. August 2015

EU leaving Hungary in the lurch on borders

The EU is leaving Hungary in the lurch when it comes to protecting its Schengen borders, political scientist Tamás Lánczi criticises on blog portal Mozgástér: » more

Aargauer Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 21. August 2015

Calais needs a European solution

The governments in London and Paris plan to set up a joint control and demand centre in Calais to stop refugees using the Eurotunnel to reach the UK. The liberal daily Aargauer Zeitung sees this as a sign of weakness and calls for a pan-European solution: » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Friday, 21. August 2015

Integrate refugees to boost economy

Germany's Federal Office for Migration and Refugees this week adjusted the number of asylum seekers it expects for this year upwards to 800,000. This will entail costs of around ten billion euros for the federal states and local authorities - but the spending will actually have a stimulating effect on the economy, the left-wing daily taz explains: » more

Novi list - Croatia | Friday, 21. August 2015

Croats know what it's like to flee

The Foreign Minister of Serbia Ivica Dačić said on Wednesday that once Hungary's border fence is completed Croatia could become a new destination for refugees on their way to Europe. The centre-left daily Novi List reminds the Croats of their own past as refugees: » more

Duma - Bulgaria | Friday, 21. August 2015

Slovakia right to reject Muslims

Slovakia has announced that it does not want to accept Muslim refugees on the grounds that there are no mosques in the country. The left-leaning daily Duma understands the Slovakians' fears and believes the tolerance limit will soon be reached in the rest of Europe: » more

De Tijd - Belgium | Thursday, 20. August 2015

All countries have a duty to help refugees

The Ministry of the Interior estimates that around 800,000 people will seek asylum in Germany this year - more than ever before. The country's solidarity is exemplary, writes the business daily De Tijd: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Thursday, 20. August 2015

Refugees put Croatia to the test

The construction of a fence on the border between Hungary and Serbia means that Croatia too will soon have to deal intensively with the issue of taking in refugees, the liberal daily Jutarnji list predicts: » more - Spain | Tuesday, 18. August 2015

Give the Nobel Peace Prize to Lampedusa!

In recent years the Italian Mediterranean island of Lampedusa has become known above all for its refugee centres, which accommodate tens of thousands of refugees. Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to the island could advance the debate about the refugee crisis, writes journalist Giancarlo Santalmassi in the centre-left website » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Tuesday, 18. August 2015

Refugee issue threatens Sweden's cohesion

Sweden, the European country that has taken in the most refugees after Germany, threatens to fall apart under the pressure, the centre-right daily Jyllands-Posten fears: » more

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | Monday, 17. August 2015

Europe must address refugee problem in Balkans

If Europe wants to improve conditions in refugees' countries of origin it can start in its own backyard, the liberal business paper Hospodářské noviny writes: » more

Kurier - Austria | Monday, 17. August 2015

No one trying to end war in Syria

Refugees won't stop coming to Europe until the problems that drive them to leave their own countries are solved, but the international community doesn't seem to care much, writes the liberal newspaper Kurier: » more

Trouw - Netherlands | Monday, 17. August 2015

Countries of arrival face hellish dilemma

The chaos in the process of taking in refugees on the Greek island of Kos exposes the failure of Europe's asylum policy, points out the Christian social daily newspaper Trouw: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, 17. August 2015

Adriano Sofri calls for all refugees to be taken in

Differentiating between political refugees and economic migrants is not a viable approach, criticises Italian intellectual Adriano Sofri in the centre-left daily La Repubblica, using the phenomenon of migratory birds to make his point: » more

Puls - Germany | Friday, 14. August 2015

Assuage the people's fears of refugees

A bus driver in Franconia spoke in his best English to welcome 15 asylum seekers to Germany at the start of a bus journey, and the scene went viral on social media. Puls, the youth magazine of the public broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk, interviewed the man. It is symptomatic of the vague fears felt by many Germans that he used to sympathise with the anti-asylum group AfD, the magazine explains: » more

Új Szó (Slowakei) - Slovakia | Thursday, 13. August 2015

Today's flood of refugees only the beginning

The current influx of refugees into Europe is just the start, the Hungarian-language Slovakian paper Új Szó writes with an eye to a UN forecast: » more


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