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Russia invading Donbas?

Kiev has accused Russia of an invasion in eastern Ukraine. According to Nato reports around 1,000 Russian soldiers are currently operating on Ukrainian territory. Who can stop Moscow?

Eesti Päevaleht - Estonia | Tuesday, 23. September 2014

Even Russian peaceniks support Putin

Several thousand people demonstrated for peace in Ukraine and against the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow on Sunday. But even if many Russians are against the war popular support for Putin remains high, the liberal daily Eesti Päevaleht points out: » more

Äripäev - Estonia | Monday, 15. September 2014

Putin could ease sanctions if he wanted

The EU enforced on Friday the sanctions that it had hitherto put off implementing. The business paper Äripäev hopes it will finally be made clear to Moscow that the punitive measures will be retracted as soon as it withdraws from Ukraine: » more

Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | Monday, 8. September 2014

Putin can't afford Donbas

The crisis in eastern Ukraine is putting a heavy strain on the Russian economy so President Putin should do all he can to ensure the ceasefire holds, political scientist Ellie Knott writes on the London School of Economics' blog EUROPP: » more

Deutsche Welle - Romania | Monday, 8. September 2014

Deployment force calms Eastern Europe

Nato agreed at its summit on Thursday and Friday to set up a rapid deployment force. In view of Russia's aggressive policies in the Ukraine crisis, the summit gives Nato's eastern members a much-needed sense of security, the Romanian service of the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Friday, 5. September 2014

Ukraine crisis and IS overtax the West

The West is completely overtaxed by the Ukraine crisis and the spread of the terrorist militia Islamic State, editor-in-chief Ezio Mauro writes in the left-liberal paper La Repubblica with an eye to the Nato summit in Wales. "At a time when two sides have declared it their arch enemy and eternal adversary, does the West have enough self-confidence and self-assurance to ward off their attacks? Is it even aware of the fact that the dagger of Islamism is at its throat while Putin is erecting a diplomatic and political wall that thwarts the US, seals off Europe and restricts the people's freedom of decision? ... The question goes beyond the boundaries of military decision-making: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 4. September 2014

Putin presents plan for ceasefire

Russian President Vladimir Putin presented a seven-point plan for settling the Ukraine conflict on Wednesday. It foresees negotiations for a ceasefire between Kiev and the ... » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Thursday, 4. September 2014

Ceasefire not a peace agreement

A ceasefire in eastern Ukraine seems within reach, the daily Tages-Anzeiger believes: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Thursday, 4. September 2014

Negotiating is better than threats

Negotiations are certainly a more sensible approach than threats, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera notes with reference to Putin's ceasefire plan: » more

Gândul - Romania | Thursday, 4. September 2014

Poroshenko falling into Putin's trap

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko's intention of going along with Putin's plan is not a good idea, the left-liberal online newspaper Gândul argues: » more

Fokus - Ukraine | Wednesday, 27. August 2014

Global perspectives: Russia won't be deterred

While the EU discusses new sanctions against Russia, the Russian-language Ukrainian weekly Fokus gave up any hope that Putin will back down in the Ukraine crisis long ago: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Saturday, 30. August 2014

West must stop expansion of "New Russia"

Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the separatist areas in eastern Ukraine as "New Russia" in a speech on Thursday. The West must not be intimidated by Putin's rhetoric, the conservative daily Berlingske urges: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Monday, 1. September 2014

EU must not give in to Putin

In reaction to reports of armed Russian units in Ukraine the EU plans to decide on further economic sanctions against Russia within the next week. Brussels must not be intimidated by Putin's aggression, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse warns: » more

De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Friday, 29. August 2014

Peace initiative wiser than arming Ukraine

The West has two options in the escalating Ukraine crisis, the conservative daily De Telegraaf writes: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Friday, 29. August 2014

Hardly an alternative to war

The West must now consider direct military support for Kiev, the left-liberal daily Der Standard demands: » more

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Friday, 29. August 2014

Fatal naivety of the West

The naivety of the West in dealing with Putin is unbearable, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita rails: » more

De Standaard - Belgium | Friday, 29. August 2014

Russia follows different logic to Europe

The different business models in Russia and Europe make it difficult for European leaders to hit back at Vladimir Putin, the liberal daily De Standaard observes: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Friday, 29. August 2014

Only the Russians can stop Putin

In all likelihood the people of Russia are the only ones who can put a stop to Putin now, the conservative daily Lidové noviny believes: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 28. August 2014

Part of Donbas is already lost

The Ukrainian army is too weak to hold on to eastern Ukraine and Poroshenko's government has only one option, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes in view of the reported invasion by Russian soldiers: » more


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