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EU sanctions against Russia

The EU has imposed economic sanctions on Russia over the Ukraine conflict. Moscow has reacted with counter-sanctions and is threatening higher energy prices. Is an economic war in the offing?

Kettős Mérce - Hungary | Wednesday, 21. January 2015

Hungary must not torpedo EU sanctions

Hungary's Foreign Affairs Minister Péter Szijjártó announced on Wednesday that Vladimir Putin would visit Budapest on February 17. András Jámbor hopes on the blog Kettős Mérce that Hungary won't veto a continuation of the EU's sanctions against Russia: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Friday, 21. November 2014

Serbia must also impose sanctions on Russia

Johannes Hahn, the new EU Commissioner for European Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement, visited Serbia on his first official foreign trip. He called on the country's politicians to join the EU in its policy of sanctions against Russia. As an accession candidate Serbia should take the call seriously, but Serbian Prime Minister Vučić is once again trying to square the political circle, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: » more

Die Zeit - Germany | Thursday, 6. November 2014

Don't question sanctions against Russia

On her first day at work as EU foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini voiced doubts about the effectiveness of the EU's sanctions against Russia. The liberal weekly paper Die Zeit shows little understanding for this view: » more

The Guardian - United Kingdom | Monday, 27. October 2014

West must maintain pressure on Russia

The election results in Ukraine are promising but the crisis is far from over, the liberal daily The Guardian points out, and warns the West against letting Russia's president dictate the solution to the conflict: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, 7. October 2014

Putin strongarm tactics only hurting Russia, Peter Morvay argues

Russia is using the threat of cutting off gas supplies to the West over the Ukraine conflict. If he continues on this course Russian President Vladimir Putin will deprive his country of any chance of a future, columnist Peter Morvay concludes in the liberal daily Sme: » more

Lietuvos rytas - Lithuania | Thursday, 25. September 2014

Ritual slaughter opens new markets for Lithuania

The Lithuanian parliament adopted an amendment on Tuesday that will allow the ritual slaughter of animals without prior stunning as of 2015. The liberal daily Lietuvos rytas welcomes the decision: » more

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | Friday, 12. September 2014

Trade war with Russia will affect everyone

The new EU sanctions against Russia become effective today, Friday. Among other things they will make it more difficult for Russian state companies like Gazprom, Rosneft und Transneft to obtain credit in Europe. Russia has threatened countersanctions that would make things awkward for the Europeans too, the left-liberal daily Berliner Zeitung fears: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 9. September 2014

EU delays sanctions against Russia

The EU states have agreed on new sanctions against Russia in the Ukraine crisis. But rather than implementing them straight away they will wait to ... » more

De Telegraaf - Netherlands | Tuesday, 9. September 2014

Don't yield to Moscow

The chairman of the biggest Dutch employers' association, Hans de Boer, has called for the sanctions against Russia to be eased saying they are not effective. A disgrace, the right-wing daily De Telegraaf comments: » more

La Stampa - Italy | Tuesday, 9. September 2014

Think about alternatives to sanctions

The West must not rely on a strategy based solely on heaping sanctions on Putin's Russia, US political scientist Joseph S. Nye in the liberal daily La Stampa: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 9. September 2014

EU must pay the price for sanctions

Even if it's not clear when the sanctions will be imposed and one can argue if they are adequate, the resolution taken by the EU on Monday is the right approach, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung lauds: » more

Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | Monday, 8. September 2014

Putin can't afford Donbas

The crisis in eastern Ukraine is putting a heavy strain on the Russian economy so President Putin should do all he can to ensure the ceasefire holds, political scientist Ellie Knott writes on the London School of Economics' blog EUROPP: » more

Fokus - Ukraine | Wednesday, 27. August 2014

Global perspectives: Russia won't be deterred

While the EU discusses new sanctions against Russia, the Russian-language Ukrainian weekly Fokus gave up any hope that Putin will back down in the Ukraine crisis long ago: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 2. September 2014

Sanctions against Russia divide the EU

After the EU summit, the debate over further sanctions against Russia has intensified. In view of the Ukraine crisis the EU announced at the summit ... » more

Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, 2. September 2014

Fico's attitutude shameful

Slovakian Prime Minister Robert Fico has threatened to use his veto against new sanctions on Russia should they run counter to Slovakia's national interests. That's shameful, the liberal daily Sme believes: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 2. September 2014

Just necessary symbolic politics

The sanctions against Russia have failed to make any impact so far but are nonetheless indispensable, the conservative daily Lidové noviny observes: » more

Kaleva - Finland | Tuesday, 2. September 2014

Big EU states torpedo sanctions

The leading member states in particular are responsible for the EU's toothless sanction policy, the liberal daily Kaleva criticises: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Monday, 1. September 2014

Moscow can't afford gas war with Europe

Europe should not take Moscow's threat to cut off its gas supplies seriously, Matthew Bryza, director of the International Centre for Defence Studies, writes in the liberal daily Financial Times: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Saturday, 30. August 2014

West must stop expansion of "New Russia"

Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to the separatist areas in eastern Ukraine as "New Russia" in a speech on Thursday. The West must not be intimidated by Putin's rhetoric, the conservative daily Berlingske urges: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Monday, 1. September 2014

EU must not give in to Putin

In reaction to reports of armed Russian units in Ukraine the EU plans to decide on further economic sanctions against Russia within the next week. Brussels must not be intimidated by Putin's aggression, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse warns: » more

Main focus of Friday, 29. August 2014

Kiev accuses Russia of invasion

Kiev accused Moscow on Thursday of invading eastern Ukraine. Nato has also presented satellite images which allegedly show Russian military equipment in Ukraine. This is ... » more

Komsomolskaja Prawda - Russia | Thursday, 28. August 2014

Global perspectives: West leaves eastern Ukrainian civilians in the lurch

Russia plans to send a second aid convoy to Ukraine, according to its foreign ministry. The Russian pro-government tabloid Komsomolskaya Pravda complains that the West is keener to criticise Russia than to do something to help: » more

The Guardian - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 26. August 2014

Position Ukraine between East and West

Only a comprehensive peace plan with concessions from Kiev, Moscow and the EU can end the crisis in Ukraine, the liberal daily The Guardian believes: » more

Trouw - Netherlands | Monday, 25. August 2014

Putin not the only cause of farmers' plight

The Russian embargo has caused fruit and vegetable prices to plunge in the Netherlands. But this is not the only problem the farmers face, the Christian social daily Trouw writes: » more

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Monday, 25. August 2014

Putin unites the people of Ukraine

Despite the fighting in the east of the country, the government in Kiev allowed a big military parade to go ahead on Sunday. Putin's aggression has brought Ukrainians together like never before, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita comments in delight. "Soldiers whose duty it is to fight against a country that was considered a sister nation only a short while ago marched on Khreshchatyk, the main avenue in Kiev. The images of four months ago, when Ukraine gave up Crimea without a fight, had long been forgotten on Sunday. This patriotism is also remarkable because the Ukrainians' living standards have dropped significantly since the Maidan revolution. ... This rebirth of the Ukrainian people is above all thanks to one man: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, 25. August 2014

Clear words finally

No one envied Angela Merkel for her mission in Kiev and yet the chancellor did exactly the right thing there, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 20. August 2014

Merkel to mediate in Kiev

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will travel to Kiev on Saturday to discuss a solution to the Ukraine crisis with President Petro Poroshenko. Commentators praise this ... » more

Super Express - Poland | Wednesday, 20. August 2014

Poland once again sacrificed for Russia

Merkel on the weekend rejected proposals for the permanent stationing of soldiers in the Baltic states, referring to the Nato-Russia Founding Act of 1997 in which the Alliance agreed to limit troop deployments in the region. The conservative tabloid Super Express is nagged by age-old fears: » more

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 20. August 2014

Merkel's next destination should be Moscow

The German chancellor must not be taken in by the Ukrainian government's manoeuvring, the left-liberal daily Berliner Zeitung warns: » more

Diário Económico - Portugal | Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Putin underestimated German chancellor

With her position on the Ukraine crisis and her sanction policy Angela Merkel has proven that she's willing to pay for stability, the liberal business daily Diário Económico comments: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Russian sanctions: EU helps farmers

The EU will offer financial aid of up to 125 million euros to growers of perishable fruit and vegetables in the wake of the Russian ... » more

Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Criticism of EU sanctions unjustified

Following Moscow's announcement that it will cut down on car imports if the sanctions against Russia are tightened further, the liberal daily Sme sees a new polemic looming in Eastern Europe: » more

Cinco Días - Spain | Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Send exports to China instead

While Russia is dispensing with European meat imports in reaction to Europe's trade sanctions, China could become an important new market for Spanish meat, the left-liberal business daily Cinco Días observes: » more

Ilkka - Finland | Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Food producers in for hard times

The EU's assistance is all fine and good, but in the long term it won't be of much help to growers, the liberal daily Ilkka believes: » more

Boulevard Voltaire - France | Monday, 18. August 2014

Dominique Jamet on Putin's harmless dreams of a Greater Russia

Russia's President Vladimir Putin is not a dictator and Europe has no reason to ostracise him, journalist and author Dominique Jamet writes in the conservative webmag Boulevard Voltaire: » more

Blog Adevărul - Romania | Tuesday, 19. August 2014

Romanian migrant workers hit by import ban

The Spanish town of Fraga illustrates how Romanian seasonal workers in Southern Europe are also feeling the effects of the Russian sanctions, Florin Manole writes in his blog for the Spanish daily Adevărul: » more

15min - Lithuania | Monday, 18. August 2014

Lithuania's dairy firms have themselves to blame

The Lithuanian government should not provide unconditional help to dairy producers hit by the Russian sanctions, the portal 15min believes, arguing that they were the ones that risked doing business with Russia: » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 18. August 2014

Beware of alliance between China and Russia

US political analyst Ian Bremmer voices fears that China could intervene in the conflict between the West and Russia in the left-liberal daily El País: » more

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Monday, 18. August 2014

Poland doing too little for Ukraine

The foreign ministers of Germany, France, Russia and Ukraine met in Berlin on Sunday for five-hour talks on the Ukraine crisis. In Warsaw there was criticism that the Polish foreign minister wasn't invited. The conservative daily Rzeczpospolita doesn't agree: » more

Pravda - Slovakia | Friday, 15. August 2014

Putin's behaviour pure cynicism

A Russian military convoy of around 20 armoured personnel carriers and other vehicles crossed into Ukrainian territory on Thursday night, according to media reports. Russian President Vladimir Putin had declared on Thursday in Yalta that Moscow would do everything in its power to avoid further bloodshed in Ukraine. His behaviour couldn't be more cynical, the left-leaning daily Pravda comments: » more

Keskisuomalainen - Finland | Friday, 15. August 2014

Russian overflight ban a danger for Finnair

Russia is considering banning Western airline companies from using trans-Siberian routes in response to the EU's sanctions. This would be a disaster for the struggling Finnish airline Finnair, the liberal daily Keskisuomalainen writes: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Thursday, 14. August 2014

Ukrainians victims of US geostrategy

The US's stance in the face of the plight of the people in eastern Ukraine is unacceptable, the left-liberal daily Delo rails: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Thursday, 14. August 2014

Hannes Adomeit counsels Russia against Soviet-style isolationism

The confrontation with the West in the context of the Ukraine crisis is taking Russia back to a Soviet-style planned economy, political scientist Hannes Adomeit of the German Institute for International and Security Affairs contends in the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: » more

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | Wednesday, 13. August 2014

Putin both fireman and pyromaniac in Ukraine

Kiev is continuing to deny entry to the Russian convoy of 280 trucks. The liberal daily Le Quotidien doubts whether the initiative is really inspired by humanitarian goals: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Thursday, 14. August 2014

Netherlands must help its tomato growers

The Dutch Federation of Agricultural and Horticultural Organisations fears heavy losses due to the Russian import ban on European fruit and vegetables. Tomato growers will be particularly hard hit - the Dutch are the world's biggest tomato exporters. The state must come to their aid, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant demands: » more

Naftemporiki - Greece | Thursday, 14. August 2014

Protect Greek farmers from trade war

Greek farmers are also feeling the consequences of the mutual sanctions imposed by Russia and the West. Fruit and vegetables make up 40 percent of Greek exports to Russia. The conservative daily Naftemporiki believes both the EU and the Greek government should take swift action: » more

Polityka Online - Poland | Wednesday, 13. August 2014

Putin planning offensive in eastern Ukraine

The government in Kiev has refused a Russian aid convoy entry to eastern Ukraine amid fears that it may be using the charity initiative as a cover for supplying weapons to the separatists. Now Moscow has asked Germany for support. The West must not fall for this PR stunt, the left-liberal news portal Polityka Online warns: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

Russia menaced by new planned economy

Moscow's announcement that it would impose a limit on food prices is a new form of planned economy, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung criticises: » more

ABC - Spain | Tuesday, 12. August 2014

EU must mitigate embargo through subsidies

Nectarine and peach growers and other producers of stone fruits in the EU are to receive compensation for the losses incurred as a result of the Russian trade embargo. EU Agricultural Commissioner Dacian Ciolos held out the prospect of special payments on Monday. The conservative daily ABC welcomes the measure: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Monday, 11. August 2014

Fico and Orbán are Putin's Trojan horses

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico described the sanctions against Russia as pointless and detrimental last weekend. Meanwhile a debate has broken out in Bratislava about whether Russian President Vladimir Putin's invitation to the celebrations to mark the 70th anniversary of the Slovak national uprising should be withdrawn because of his role in the conflict in Ukraine. The liberal daily Sme is not surprised by the prime minister's statements: » more

Delfi - Latvia | Saturday, 9. August 2014

Cheap food thanks to Russian embargo

After the import ban on Western agricultural products, Moscow wants to negotiate price limits with Russian food producers. But the Internet portal Delfi has no fear that food prices will increase in Latvia: » more

Main focus of Friday, 8. August 2014

Moscow extends counter sanctions

Russia extended its counter sanctions on Thursday, introducing a sweeping ban on food and agricultural imports from the EU, the US and other countries. This ... » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 8. August 2014

Europe achieves new unity

The EU's sanctions are a sign of new unity in Europe, the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung comments: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Friday, 8. August 2014

Putin has the upper hand for now

Russia will feel the consequences of the mutual sanctions more than the West, but at least in the short term Putin is better placed to bear them, the liberal daily Sme believes: » more

La Razón - Spain | Friday, 8. August 2014

Moscow can't hurt Europe

Rather than letting itself be intimidated by Moscow's threats Europe should see the current situation as an opportunity to tackle its own problems, the conservative daily La Razón urges: » more

Verslo žinios - Lithuania | Friday, 8. August 2014

Lithuania well armed

According to IMF experts, of all EU states Lithuania will suffer the most from the effects of the mutual sanctions. But the business paper Verslo žinios is convinced that the country needn't worry too much: » more

Nowaja Gaseta - Russia | Thursday, 7. August 2014

Global perspectives: An economic world war is coming

The world is on the brink of an economic world war, columnist Yuliya Latynina warns in the Russian anti-government newspaper Novaya Gazeta, and believes that above all the US and China will come out the winners: » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Thursday, 7. August 2014

Trade war with Russia has begun

Nato accused Moscow on Wednesday of escalating the Ukraine crisis by deploying battle-ready soldiers to the border area. But the war is not being fought with military means alone, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias comments: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Wednesday, 6. August 2014

Putin playing the muscle man after sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced further counter-measures against the EU and US sanctions on Tuesday. Among other things he is considering banning European carriers from crossing Siberian airspace. Putin is flexing his muscles, but the people of Russia must prepare for hard times, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore concludes: » more

Handelsblatt - Germany | Tuesday, 5. August 2014

Why Southeast Europe is hesitant on sanctions

The German government is trying to convince non-EU states to also join in with the sanctions against Russia. The liberal business daily Handelsblatt can understand why Southeast Europe is reluctant to pick a fight with Putin: » more

Dienas Bizness - Latvia | Sunday, 3. August 2014

Sanctions against Russia bad for Latvia

The EU sanctions against Russia and Russia's counter-sanctions will mean heavy losses for Latvia's export trade, the business daily Dienas bizness estimates, and hopes that Latvia's politicians will push for exceptions to the sanctions: » more

Newsweek Polska - Poland | Thursday, 31. July 2014

Fruit embargo is a boomerang

The West will retain the upper hand in the end despite Russian counter-sanctions, Newsweek Polska magazine predicts: » more

Die Zeit - Germany | Thursday, 31. July 2014

EU finally adopts a joint approach

The sanctions could do much to further the European unification process, the liberal weekly paper Die Zeit hopes: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Merkel's negotiating tactic was called for

Angela Merkel was right to delay the enactment of tougher sanctions against Russia, the conservative daily The Financial Times comments, rejecting the criticism of the German chancellor's approach: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Punitive measures a necessary evil

The sanctions are the right answer to Russia's aggression, the liberal daily Jutarnji List writes, and calls on the Croatians to bear any retaliatory measures stoically: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Sanctions didn't work in North Korea

For the first time in the Russia-Ukraine conflict the sanctions against Moscow are painful for both sides, the conservative daily Lidové noviny notes, but doubts they will have a significant impact on Putin: » more

Libération - France | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

The price of Russian aggression

Putin is finally being shown the price to be paid for his aggressive behaviour, the left-liberal daily Libération writes in praise of the EU ambassadors' decision: » more


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