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Violence erupts in the Middle East

After the murder of three Israeli youths and the presumed revenge killing of a young Palestinian, violence has flared in the Middle East. Does the peace process still have a chance?

MediaPart - France | Thursday, 21. August 2014

French intellectuals call on the world to be firm with Israel

A group of French intellectuals has published an appeal to the UN and the states of Europe to stop the killing in Gaza in the internet magazine Mediapart: » more

Le Monde - France | Monday, 4. August 2014

Hollande's lack of commitment in the Mid East

French President François Hollande has displayed great sympathy with the families of victims of an Air Algérie passenger jet after it crashed in Mali. But the same is not true of his attitude to the Middle East conflict, a group of French intellectuals writes in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: » more

Main focus of Monday, 4. August 2014

Israel withdraws ground troops from Gaza

Four weeks after the start of the most recent Gaza War, Israel started a partial withdrawal of its ground troops on Sunday. Some commentators believe ... » more

Der Standard - Austria | Monday, 4. August 2014

Potential turning point in Gaza conflict

In withdrawing its ground troops from Gaza, Israel must also adopt a new policy with regard to the Palestinians, the left-liberal daily Der Standard believes: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Monday, 4. August 2014

No court for crimes in Middle East

28 days after the Israeli offensive began in Gaza the war crimes on both sides are piling up, but they will never be dealt with in court, the liberal daily Jutarnji List criticises: » more

Trouw - Netherlands | Monday, 4. August 2014

Israel risking international isolation

After 2008 and 2012 Israel is involved in a new war and pushing a solution to the Middle East conflict further away than ever, the Christian-social daily Trouw warns: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 4. August 2014

Opening of the Gaza Strip not a done deal

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier proposed on the weekend that all border crossings to the Gaza Strip should be opened and monitored by international observers. A good suggestion that he must now strive to have put into practice, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung urges: » more

openDemocracy - United Kingdom | Thursday, 31. July 2014

British media must finally criticise Israel

The media's assessment of the Middle East conflict is fundamentally wrong, media activist Justin Schlosberg writes in the blog Open Democracy, calling on journalists to break with taboos about criticising Israel: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Friday, 1. August 2014

Tomáš Gális on Israel criticism and anti-Semitism

Four years of civil war in Syria have claimed 170,000 lives and in a strip of land that stretches from Libya to Iraq massacres are being carried out on a daily basis yet the world seems only interested in the dead Palestinians, commentator Tomáš Gális reflects in the liberal daily Sme in view of the mounting international criticism of Israel: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Thursday, 31. July 2014

Don Futterman on Israel's evil moral calculus

Israel won't come out of this new Gaza war with a clear conscience, Israeli columnist Don Futterman warns in the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Thursday, 31. July 2014

One-sided criticism of Israel fans violence

Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt has refused to sign a protest note in which her social-democratic partly leader colleagues in northern Europe condemn Israel's violence in Gaza. The liberal-conservative daily Berlingske argues that this was the right decision: » more - Spain | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

Nobel Prize for Israel's hypothetical pacifism

Israel's current behaviour is guaranteed to win it the Nobel Peace Prize, José A. Pérez comments sarcastically in online newspaper's Blog Zona Critica: » more

Radikal - Turkey | Wednesday, 30. July 2014

A secular Turkey could mediate in Middle East

The Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu took part in a mediation meeting with his counterparts from the US, EU and Qatar on the weekend in Paris in a bid to find a solution to the Gaza conflict. After the meeting he stressed that peace negotiations without Hamas's participation would be impossible. Turkey's foreign policy has been too strongly aligned with radical Hamas, the liberal daily Radikal laments: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Tuesday, 29. July 2014

Gaza war divides Bosnia

The conflict in Gaza has divided Bosnia and Herzegovina into two national camps, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: » more

Reflex - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 29. July 2014

Defence against Hamas is legitimate

Hamas is manipulating global opinion on the war in the Middle East with a flood of images of its dead, the liberal weekly Reflex complains on its webpage: » more

Jeune Afrique - France | Monday, 28. July 2014

Israel too aggressive in Gaza conflict

Israel is being disproportionately aggressive in the Gaza conflict, the pan-African weekly magazine Jeune Afrique writes, and criticises the indifference of Western states: » more

Main focus of Monday, 28. July 2014

UN Security Council calls for ceasefire in Gaza

The UN Security Council urged the conflict parties to declare an immediate and unconditional ceasefire in the Gaza crisis on Monday. The declaration is not ... » more

The Irish Independent - Ireland | Monday, 28. July 2014

Palestinians need the world's compassion

The thousandth Palestinian victim of the Israeli ground offensive was found on the weekend, according to Palestinian sources. With cool rhetoric and pseudo dismay the world is distancing itself from the many victims in Gaza and the fate of the Palestinians, writes Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk in the conservative daily The Irish Independent: » more

Kurier - Austria | Monday, 28. July 2014

Demilitarise the Gaza Strip

The radical-Islamic Hamas is responsible for the escalation in the Gaza crisis, writes European Jewish Congress Vice President Ariel Muzicant in the daily Kurier, and calls for Hamas's disarmament and permanent demilitarisation of the Gaza Strip: » more

De Morgen - Belgium | Monday, 28. July 2014

Gaza war must not divide Belgium

In Belgium too, the protests against the war in Gaza have been marked by anti-Semitic acts. The left-liberal daily De Morgen warns of increasing polarisation in the country: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, 28. July 2014

New insight for Israelis could be turning point

An end to the Gaza conflict will only be possible if there is a shift in the people of Israel's way of thinking, argues Israeli author David Grossman in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 28. July 2014

Conflict can't be controlled from outside

The most recent negotiation attempts under US Secretary of State John Kerry in the Gaza conflict have failed. Israel and Hamas are accusing each other of not respecting ceasefires. With Kerry's failure it is clear that it is now virtually impossible to bring external influence to bear on the war, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung sighs: » more

Main focus of Friday, 25. July 2014

Proposal for a truce in the Gaza conflict

US Secretary of State John Kerry has presented a ceasefire proposal to both conflict parties in the Gaza crisis. According to Haaretz newspaper, the fighting ... » more

Milliyet - Turkey | Friday, 25. July 2014

Disaster worsening with each minute that passes

A ceasefire is needed as quickly as possible, the conservative daily Milliyet urges: » more

Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | Friday, 25. July 2014

Arab world passive on Gaza

The biggest protests against Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip aren't taking place in the Middle East but in Europe, a situation that has much to do with the political configurations three years after the Arab Spring, the liberal daily Tagesspiegel believes: » more

Lrytas - Lithuania | Friday, 25. July 2014

UN Council plays into Islamists' hands

With its resolution to investigate possible war crimes in Gaza the UN Human Rights Council has got it all wrong, journalist Arkadijus Vinokuras writes on web portal » more

Main focus of Thursday, 24. July 2014

Kerry and Ban Ki-moon mediate in Gaza conflict

US Secretary of State John Kerry flew to israel on Wednesday to negotiate a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict together with UN Secretary General Ban ... » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Thursday, 24. July 2014

UN Human Rights Council does the right thing

The UN Human Rights Council on Wednesday condemned the Israeli military offensive in Gaza and agreed to launch an inquiry into possible war crimes. The daily Tages-Anzeiger welcomes the initiative: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Thursday, 24. July 2014

Truce in reach: Israel under pressure

The efforts to negotiate a ceasefire may well be successful because Israel fears isolation, the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore believes: » more

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | Wednesday, 23. July 2014

Twitter a formidable propaganda machine

Since the escalation in the Gaza conflict, Hamas's al-Qassam brigades and the Israeli army have been spreading their own versions of events via Twitter. Social networks are a wonderful achievement for press and media freedom but they also aid war propaganda, the liberal daily Le Quotidien complains: » more

Savon Sanomat - Finland | Thursday, 24. July 2014

Ceasefire just the first step

International pressure on Hamas and Israel is growing, the liberal daily Savon Sanomat observes, and hopes a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict will be the first step to peace: » more

Die Zeit - Germany | Thursday, 24. July 2014

Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism

When international politicians seek a solution to the Gaza conflict it must be possible for them to criticise Israel's course of action - even if they come from Germany, the liberal weekly Die Zeit demands: » more

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Wednesday, 23. July 2014

Dubious death toll figures from Gaza

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has compared Israel's policy with that of Hitler, while protests and violent clashes over Israel's military offensive have broken out in several European countries. The liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza comes to Israel's defence: » more

The Guardian - United Kingdom | Monday, 21. July 2014

Don't post images of dead children on Twitter

Images of dead children in the Gaza Strip are currently being spread through Twitter. But such pictures aren't necessary to make clear the horrors of the Israeli military intervention, columnist Suzanne Moore writes in the left-liberal daily The Guardian, complaining that they create a pseudo-indignation and show a lack of respect: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Sunday, 20. July 2014

Civilians are main victims of modern wars

The international community must call to account those who turn civilians into victims in conflict areas like eastern Ukraine and Gaza, columnist Joan Smithe demands in the left-liberal daily The Independent: » more

Avvenire - Italy | Friday, 18. July 2014

Abbas is the key to a solution in Gaza

The Israeli army on Thursday began the ground offensive in the Gaza Strip announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The attacks are aimed at tunnels used by Hamas fighters to get into Israel. Israel must protect itself from Hamas, the Catholic daily Avvenire concedes, but rather than using violence it should focus on cooperation with the Palestinian Authority: » more

The Irish Times - Ireland | Wednesday, 16. July 2014

Hamas hurting Palestinian cause

Israel and Hamas have agreed to a five-hour ceasefire for this Thursday morning. The fact that shortly beforehand Hamas had rejected an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire shows how clumsy it is, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times contends: » more

Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | Wednesday, 16. July 2014

Isis fanning Hamas aggression

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced an expansion of the attacks on the Gaza Strip for Wednesday. The conflict is not just a local one but is connected with the recent turmoil in the Middle East, the right-wing conservative Basler Zeitung warns with reference to the advance of the Isis militia: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 15. July 2014

Hamas rejects ceasefire with Israel

The radical Islamic movement Hamas refused Egypt's deal for a ceasefire in the Gaza conflict today, Tuesday, while Israel accepted the proposal. Some commentators criticise ... » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Tuesday, 15. July 2014

Palestinians blew chance for democracy

Hamas could have founded a democratic state nine years ago with the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip and the clearing of Jewish settlements from the West Bank, the right-wing liberal daily Jyllands-Posten points out: » more

El País - Spain | Tuesday, 15. July 2014

Seek agreement, not peace

If a solution is to be found to the Middle East conflict the term "peace" should be replaced with the more realistic term "agreement", Israeli writer Etgar Keret writes in the left-liberal daily El País: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Tuesday, 15. July 2014

Only talks can stop more Hamas aggression

Egypt's plan for a ceasefire has failed and at any rate it can't take the place of peace talks, the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore argues: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Monday, 14. July 2014

Israel should not cast itself as victim

Israel has reacted far too harshly to Hamas' rocket attacks with its military offensive and is increasing the suffering of the Palestinian civilian population, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent contends: » more

Hürriyet - Turkey | Monday, 14. July 2014

Ceasefire only with Palestinian unity

Five days after Israel started its air strikes against Gaza it sent in an elite unit in a ground operation on Sunday. Both sides continued firing at each other. The new Palestinian unity government holds the key to an urgently needed ceasefire, the conservative daily Hürriyet explains: » more

Libération - France | Sunday, 13. July 2014

West accepted Mid East violence

Eighteen people were killed on Sunday in Gaza City in the worst air attacks since the start of the Israeli offensive. With its procrastination on the peace process the West is also responsible for the escalation, the left-liberal daily Libération believes: » more

Hürriyet - Turkey | Friday, 11. July 2014

Gaza crisis rehearsal for Iran-Israel war

Despite the many civilian victims in the Gaza Strip people shouldn't be too quick to side with the Palestinians and should realise that the Gaza crisis is a trial of strength among the big players in the Middle East, the conservative daily Hürriyet believes: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Wednesday, 9. July 2014

Mobilisation just sabre-rattling

Israel won't dare to send in ground troops, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera believes: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Thursday, 10. July 2014

Credible mediators wanted

International diplomacy stands little chance of appeasing the Gaza crisis, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera writes in the run-up to the special meeting of the UN Security Council. Unlike with the last ceasefire agreed in the Gaza Strip in 2012 there is a lack of suitable mediators today, the paper believes: » more

El País - Spain | Thursday, 10. July 2014

Prevent invasion at all costs

The violence between Israelis and Palestinians is taking on its own dynamic and becoming uncontrollable, the left-liberal daily El País fears: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Thursday, 10. July 2014

Violence based on desperation

In the mounting conflict between Israel and the Palestinians, the conservative daily Die Presse sees both sides acting out of desperation: » more

Expressen - Sweden | Thursday, 10. July 2014

Israel has no prospects in permanent state of war

As a country in a permanent state of war, Israel will never achieve its founding goal of becoming a peaceful state, the liberal tabloid Expressen comments: » more

Aftonbladet - Sweden | Wednesday, 9. July 2014

Maintain the possibility of peace

The conditions for peace between Israelis and Palestinians are in fact favourable at present, the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet writes, and calls above all on Israel not to waste this opportunity: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Wednesday, 9. July 2014

Mobilisation just sabre-rattling

Israel won't dare to send in ground troops, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera believes: » more

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 8. July 2014

Israel can't let itself be provoked

Ultimately the only ones to benefit from the escalating violence between Israel and Hamas are radical Islamists like the Isil militia in Syria and Iraq, the conservative Daily Telegraph observes: » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Monday, 7. July 2014

Domestic political weaknesses make Israeli agressive

Nine people were killed in air strikes on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army on Sunday night, accorrding to the Palestinian news agency Ma'an. This reaction to the ongoing bombardment of Israeli villages and the murders of three teenagers has above all to do with domestic politics, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino comments: » more

El País - Spain | Thursday, 3. July 2014

Anger can destroy all progress to date

The enormous rage felt by the people on both sides gives the Middle East conflict a dangerous twist, the left-liberal daily El País fears: » more

Dnevnik - Slovenia | Thursday, 3. July 2014

Obama's failure in Middle East

Barack Obama's Middle East policy has failed and this is evidenced by more than just the fact that his special envoy for peace negotiations threw in the towel and resigned last week, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments: » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Thursday, 3. July 2014

Isil a threat to Israelis and Palestinians

The Israelis and Palestinians would do well to stop fighting each other and instead join forces against the new threat posed by the Isil jihadists, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino comments: » more

Aftonbladet - Sweden | Wednesday, 2. July 2014

Violence ruins reconciliation in Mid-East

The violent attacks may mean that all the recent and promising grassroots initiatives aimed at reconciliation in the Middle East come to nothing, the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet fears: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Wednesday, 2. July 2014

Above all Israel blocking peace process

The Israeli air force attacked targets on the Gaza Strip on Monday night, shortly after news came out of the deaths of three Israeli boys allegedly kidnapped by Hamas. In the eyes of the daily El Periódico de Catalunya one side bears most of the responsibility for the continued failure of the peace process: » more

The Irish Times - Ireland | Wednesday, 2. July 2014

Abbas must make his choice

The killing of the three Jewish youths is a major setback for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and poses a dilemma for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times comments: » more


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