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Row over prostitution ban

Following Sweden's example, France wants to penalise prostitutes' clients, and other countries are likewise planning to tighten their laws. Can such measures prevent forced prostitution and human trafficking in Europe?

The Irish Times - Ireland | Wednesday, 29. October 2014

Prostitution ban only creates more problems

Northern Ireland's regional parliament, the Northern Ireland Assembly, passed a law that bans the purchase of sexual services last week. But this won't help the victims of human trafficking, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times criticises: » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Wednesday, 5. March 2014

Legitimise prostitution rather than banning it

The European Parliament last week passed a non-binding resolution on banning prostitution, according to which the clients rather than the prostitutes would be punished. An undertaking that is as hopeless as it is pointless, the liberal business daily Jyllands-Posten contends: » more

Libération - France | Wednesday, 4. December 2013

Defend the right to prostitution

The French National Assembly will vote today on a bill on penalising those who purchase sexual services. The philosopher Ruwen Ogien argues against the bill in the left-liberal daily Libération: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung - Germany | Sunday, 1. December 2013

Fight prostitution across borders

The grand coalition in Germany wants to do more to combat forced and poverty-related prostitution. Germany is indeed a popular destination for sex tourism and this should change, the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung writes: » more

Basler Zeitung - Switzerland | Tuesday, 19. November 2013

Prostitution an important valve for society

The call by the German feminist Alice Schwarzer for punters to be penalised, as well as a corruption affair surrounding a hotel used by prostitutes in Zurich have sparked a debate about prostitution in Switzerland. The argument in favour of fighting human trafficking with a ban on sex work is backward and wrong, the right-wing conservative daily Basler Zeitung writes: » more

Libération - France | Monday, 11. November 2013

Penalties for punters harm prostitutes

Men who pay for sexual services are to be subject to penalties in France. The French National Assembly will vote on the controversial draft law submitted by Minister of Women's Rights Najat Vallaud-Belkacem at the end of November. The anti-prostitution law may be counter-productive, the left-liberal daily Libération writes: » more

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Tuesday, 22. October 2013

Sweden right to stigmatise punters

The trial of a couple charged with having forced numerous women into prostitution is currently under way in Stockholm. But to stop prostitution you have to fight not only human trafficking but also the purchase of sexual services, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter writes, praising Swedish practice: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Tuesday, 5. March 2013

Prostitution is not romantic

Politicians from several parties in the Netherlands have argued that reforms to the law on prostitution should punish those who pay for sexual services. Writing in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant, the chief editor of the feminist magazine Opzij, Margriet van der Linden, voices her irritation at the resistance to the  plan: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Wednesday, 20. February 2013

Ban on prostitution the wrong way to go

The Dutch parliament plans to curtail prostitution along Swedish lines by punishing those who purchase sexual services. The left-liberal daily De Volkskrant doubts the wisdom of the proposal: » more

Respekt - Czech Republic | Thursday, 13. December 2012

Prostitution ban absurd

Around two hundred women's rights groups last week called on the EU Parliament to ban prostitution across Europe. This demand is completely unrealistic and won't help anyone, certainly not the prostitutes, the website of the liberal weekly Respekt comments: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Monday, 26. November 2012

Denmark must rethink its prostitution policy

In Denmark the centre-left government decided on Sunday not to criminalise clients for paying for sex, in opposition to the coalition agreement. A reasonable if inadequate decision, the conservative daily Berlingske writes: » more

Rue89 - France | Monday, 30. July 2012

Prostitution not a matter for the state

France's new Minister for Women Najat Vallaud-Belkacem has been campaigning for a ban on prostitution for several weeks now. The idea builds on an initiative launched by the preceding conservative government under Nicolas Sarkozy. To deny women and men the right to do as they wish with their own bodies and the fruits of their labour is the first step towards totalitarianism, warns Alain Cohen-Dumouchel in his blog at the news portal Rue89: » more

Le Monde - France | Friday, 6. January 2012

Prostitution must remain visible

French socialist and conservative deputies have introduced a joint bill in the National Assembly in December according to which clients of prostitutes could be sentenced to up to two months in jail or fines of up to 3,750 euros. The bill is half-hearted, writes sociologist Tülay Umay in the left-liberal daily Le Monde: » more

Blog A Europa desalinhada - Portugal | Tuesday, 18. October 2011

Crisis exacerbates trafficking in women

Social insecurity and poverty cause many women to fall prey to dubious promises of jobs or training in rich countries, where they are often forced into prostitution. Many campaigns against human trafficking have had no results worth mentioning, Petar Petrov writes in the blog A Europa desalinhada, and calls on the EU to do more: » more

Postimees - Estonia | Thursday, 30. June 2011

Estonia must combat prostitution

There should be more laws against prostitution in Estonia, the daily Postimees demands, and praises Sweden, where it is illegal to buy sexual services: » more

Contributors - Romania | Thursday, 24. February 2011

Romania criminalises prostitutes

The legal committee of the Romanian Senate unanimously rejected a bill on legalising prostitution on Wednesday, on the basis that such a law would run counter to the country's deeply rooted Orthodox beliefs. In her blog for the portal political scientist Victoria Stoica points out a double standard: » more

România Liberâ - Romania | Thursday, 17. February 2011

Legalise prostitution in Romania

The Romanian parliament has introduced a bill to legalise prostitution in the country. The initiative is opposed by the Church, which sees it as an attack on human dignity. But legalisation can also help fight crimes like human trafficking, writes the sociologist Mircea Kivu in the daily Romania Libera: » more

Novinar - Bulgaria | Sunday, 18. July 2010

Prostitution must remain illegal

The Bulgarian police launched a major raid against prostitutes on the Black Sea last weekend. Adelina Nikolova fears in the daily Novinar that this will reignite the debate about a prostitution law: » more

Newsmill - Sweden | Tuesday, 30. March 2010

Sweden's anti-prostitution laws have their limits

Sweden's Justice Minister Beatrice Ask has reignited the debate about the Swedish law that makes the purchase of sexual services a punishable offence. Ask wanted a tougher approach against offenders and announced an assessment of the law to this end. Stockholm-based public prosecutor Rolf Hillegren appeals for an objective examination of the law in his blog on the Newsmill portal: » more


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