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Europe's controversial refugee policy

In the wake of repeated refugee disasters on the Mediterranean, the EU's restrictive asylum and immigration policy is under fire. How long will Europe continue to ignore the tragedies off its coasts?

Le Quotidien - Luxembourg | Saturday, 18. July 2015

Germany's contradictory immigration policy

German Chancellor Angela Merkel's reaction to the Palestinian refugee girl Reem is being condemned as heartless in the social media. The centre-left daily Le Quotidien is amazed at Merkel's lack of empathy and Germany's contradictory immigration policy: » more

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | Friday, 17. July 2015

Merkel's reaction highlights inhumane refugee policy

At a televised meeting with teenage girls in Rostock Angela Merkel met a 14-year-old whose family from Lebanon is facing deportation. The recording of the show has triggered fierce online reactions describing the chancellor's reaction to the crying teenager as clumsy and heartless. For the centre-left daily Berliner Zeitung the encounter highlights above all the inhumanity of Germany's refugee policy: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 18. June 2015

Hungary plans fence against refugees

Hungary plans to close its borders to refugees trying to enter the country via Serbia by building a four-metre-high fence, Interior Minister Peter Szijártó announced ... » more

La Stampa - Italy | Thursday, 18. June 2015

Hungarian wall of discrimination

The fact that the fence is to be built on the Hungarian border of all places is incomprehensible, the liberal daily La Stampa observes in dismay: » more

Világgazdaság - Hungary | Wednesday, 17. June 2015

Iron Curtain against refugees

The plans for the construction of a new Iron Curtain are an overreaction and completely unjustified, writes the business paper Világgazdaság: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 17. June 2015

EU states still at odds over refugee quota

The EU interior ministers again failed to reach an agreement on the distribution of refugees on Tuesday. And a new conflict is brewing over whether ... » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Wednesday, 17. June 2015

Europe selling weapons and its soul

Only weapons and not people are being allowed to cross borders now, writes the centre-left daily La Repubblica, incensed: » more

Delfi - Lithuania | Wednesday, 3. June 2015

EU tackles root of problem by targeting smugglers

Last week Wikileaks published two classified documents on the EU's planned military operation against smugglers off the coast of Libya. The Delfi web portal approves of the plans: » more

La Stampa - Italy | Thursday, 21. May 2015

Boat refugees can also be terrorists

A man named Abdel Majid Touil has been arrested in Italy, suspected of involvement in the Bardo National Museum attack in Tunis. He arrived in Italy in a refugee boat and was apprehended in Milan. The liberal daily La Stampa calls for more stringent checking procedures for refugees in order to prevent terrorists from entering the country through this channel: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Wednesday, 20. May 2015

Anti-smuggler mission endangers refugees

The EU resolved on Monday to take military action against the smugglers, among other things by destroying boats off the Libyan coast. But that could claim the lives of even more refugees, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent warns: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 20. May 2015

The dispute over Europe's refugee policy

The EU's foreign ministers are planning a naval mission in the Mediterranean, while the European Commission has proposed a quota system for distributing refugees which ... » more

Der Bund - Switzerland | Wednesday, 20. May 2015

Sealing off Europe is inhumane

The demand for Europe to shut its doors to refugees is inhumane and also naïve, the left-liberal daily Der Bund points out: » more

The Irish Independent - Ireland | Tuesday, 19. May 2015

Stop mass immigration with force if need be

Most of those who want to cross the Mediterranean to Europe are not fleeing persecution but are economic refugees trying to escape poverty, the conservative daily Irish Independent argues, concluding that for that reason the EU should close its borders: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 19. May 2015

EU to launch naval mission against smugglers

In reaction to the refugee tragedies, the EU foreign ministers on Monday agreed to launch a naval mission in the Mediterranean. Pending a corresponding UN ... » more

Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, 19. May 2015

Only fighting the symptoms of refugee crisis

The EU's plans are utterly inadequate, the left-liberal daily Delo criticises: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Tuesday, 19. May 2015

Risk of bad compromise on refugee quotas

Spain's foreign minister José Manuel García Margallo has rejected the EU's plans for a quota system for distributing refugees among member states. Madrid had already done more than its fair share in helping asylum seekers, he said on Monday in Brussels. The EU's migration strategy threatens to fail, writes the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 19. May 2015

MIlitary operation worth a try

Criticism that the planned military operation is inhumane is unjustified, the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung writes: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Tuesday, 19. May 2015

IS is the real target of military operation

The goals of the planned military operation extend further than saving refugee lives, the left-liberal daily Der Standard believes: » more

Gazeta Polska Codziennie - Poland | Monday, 18. May 2015

EU mustn't make Poland bear colonial burdens

Individual members of the Polish government have voiced opposition to the proposed EU quota system for refugees and called instead for refugees to be taken in on a "voluntary" basis. However an official statement has yet to be released. Europe's ex-colonial powers are now called on to pay the price for their colonial past, the nationalist conservative daily Gazeta Polska Codziennie argues: » more

Main focus of Friday, 15. May 2015

The EU presents new migration strategy

The European Union wants to ensure fairer distribution of refugees among EU member states in future. A provisional quota system is to be introduced by ... » more

Handelsblatt - Germany | Friday, 15. May 2015

Overcome national impulses

The quota system is a serious attempt by the EU Commission to make the member states assume responsibility, writes the business daily Handelsblatt: » more

Právo - Czech Republic | Thursday, 14. May 2015

Key to solution lies outside Europe

The protest on the part of several EU countries against a quota system for refugees comes as no surprise for the left-leaning daily Právo: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 15. May 2015

Quota alone won't work

The quotas proposed by the European Commission won't end the refugee catastrophe on the Mediterranean, the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung warns: » more

Newsweek Polska - Poland | Friday, 15. May 2015

Poland must also take in refugees

Poland is against a distribution key for asylum seekers within the EU. The liberal news magazine Newsweek Polska calls on Warsaw to change its attitude: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Wednesday, 13. May 2015

Kenneth Rogoff on the West's responsibility for plight of refugees

The refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean must be seen in the context of global inequality, US economist Kenneth Rogoff demands in the liberal business daily Il Sole 24 Ore, accusing the West of failing in its duties: » more

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 13. May 2015

Czech rejection of refugees pure hypocrisy

The EU Commission plans to explain today, Wednesday, how refugees are to be distributed across all 28 EU member states using a quota system. The scheme has met with heavy resistance in the Czech Republic and other countries. The liberal business paper Hospodářské noviny rejects criticism of the idea: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 12. May 2015

EU at odds over refugee quotas

The European Commission will present plans for a quota system that distributes refugees among the 28 member states on Wednesday. Several countries oppose the initiative. ... » more

Trouw - Netherlands | Tuesday, 12. May 2015

Quota system a fair solution

The EU's plan for a fairer distribution of refugees among member states deserves support, the Christian-social daily Trouw comments: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Monday, 11. May 2015

Juncker overstepping his competence

Distributing refugees all over Europe is the wrong response to the tragedies on the Mediterranean and it's no business of Brussels anyway, the conservative daily The Times criticises: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Monday, 11. May 2015

EU needs quotas for refugees

The EU wants to introduce a quota system for distributing refugees in Europe. The left-liberal daily Der Standard welcomes the idea: » more

Keskisuomalainen - Finland | Friday, 8. May 2015

Give Mediterranean refugees humanitarian visas

In the context of the Mediterranean Hope Project, the Federation of Evangelical Churches in Italy called in April for humanitarian visas to be granted to refugees who want to cross the Mediterranean to get to Europe. The liberal daily Keskisuomalainen agrees with the proposal: » more

Diena - Latvia | Thursday, 7. May 2015

Latvia must take in migrants

The Latvian parliament on Thursday started a debate on whether to take in refugees. The country has yet to adopt a clear stance on the issue. The liberal daily Diena is not convinced by arguments against the move: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Wednesday, 6. May 2015

Europe must actively design refugee policy

Europe needs a more offensive refugee policy in view of the tragedies in the Mediterranean, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung urges: » more

Postimees - Estonia | Monday, 4. May 2015

Estonia must take in more refugees

Estonia's government is reluctant to take in further refugees under a system of proportional distribution within the EU. This is not only amoral but also short-sighted, columnist Ahto Lobjakas argues in the liberal daily Postimees: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 30. April 2015

Juncker criticises Fortress Europe

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has severely criticised the reaction of the EU heads of state and government to the refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean. ... » more

La Stampa - Italy | Thursday, 30. April 2015

Commitment an alien concept in Europe

There are no signs of society mobilising in reaction to the refugee tragedies on the Mediterranean, the liberal daily La Stampa laments: » more

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | Wednesday, 29. April 2015

Juncker shows the will to reform

In his capacity as chief of the EU Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker is finally standing up to national leaders with his initiative, the public service broadcaster Deutschlandfunk notes approvingly: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Thursday, 30. April 2015

At last frank words in the migration crisis

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has criticised the EU leaders for not doing enough to solve the refugee crisis. The left-liberal daily Der Standard praises Juncker's clear words: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Sunday, 26. April 2015

EU's plans will lead to more dead refugees

The decisions taken at the EU special summit on last Thursday will only aggravate the refugee problem, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent criticises: » more

Jutarnji list - Croatia | Sunday, 26. April 2015

Croatians should understand refugees' suffering

After the most recent refugee disasters in the Mediterranean the liberal daily Jutarnji List voices annoyance at the reaction of the Croatian public: » more

Main focus of Friday, 24. April 2015

EU raises refugee rescue budget

The EU heads of state and government agreed on Thursday to triple the funds for search and rescue operations to nine million euros per month, ... » more

La Stampa - Italy | Friday, 24. April 2015

EU remains hostage to national interests

As with the euro crisis the EU remains hostage to national interests, the liberal daily La Stampa laments in view of the results of the special summit on refugee policy: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Friday, 24. April 2015

Nothing new in refugee policy

Aside from the willingness to support the transit states and the countries of origin almost nothing new came out of the special summit, the left-liberal daily Der Standard complains: » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Friday, 24. April 2015

Smugglers aren't the real enemy

Military operations against smugglers won't stem the flow of people trying to cross the Mediterranean, the left-leaning daily taz writes: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Friday, 24. April 2015

Europe must not make compromises

Europe continues to avoid taking clear decisions on the refugee issue, the conservative daily Večernji List criticises: » more

Reflex - Czech Republic | Thursday, 23. April 2015

Humane treatment of refugees is cruel

The EU heads of state and government plan to discuss potential solutions to the refugee crisis on the Mediterranean today at their special summit in Brussels. Europe must do all it can to improve living conditions in the countries of origin, otherwise only two options will be open, the liberal weekly paper Reflex warns: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Wednesday, 22. April 2015

Improve distribution of migrants within EU

At the EU special summit on refugee policy taking place today in Brussels the northern member states must be called upon to do more, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent writes: » more

Jornal de Negócios - Portugal | Tuesday, 21. April 2015

Northern Europe diverts its eyes from tragedy

It is shameful that the EU has waited so long to seek a joint European response to the refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean, the liberal business daily Jornal de Negócios writes, accusing Northern Europe of arrogance and ignorance: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 22. April 2015

Czech commentaries on refugees sickening

A growing number of embarrassing commentaries on the refugee dramas in the Mediterranean are being posted on Czech websites, features editor Jana Machalicka notes in the conservative daily Lidové noviny: » more

Berlingske - Denmark | Wednesday, 22. April 2015

Army must stop smuggler boats

The EU heads of state and government will convene on Thursday for a special summit to discuss the ten-point plan relating to refugees. The conservative daily Berlingske praises Australia's policy, in which refugees found at sea are sent back by military vessels: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 21. April 2015

EU reacts to refugee deaths

After the death of hundreds of refugees in the Mediterranean, the EU Commission presented a ten-point action plan on migration on Monday. Among other things ... » more

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | Tuesday, 21. April 2015

Improve development and trade relations

The EU Commission's urgent measures must be complemented by long-term strategies, the liberal daily La Libre Belgique points out: » more

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Tuesday, 21. April 2015

Europe's shameful double standard

Pope Francis said last year that the EU's refugee policy makes him worry about Europe's 'soul'. He has recognised the truth of the state Europe is in, the Wiener Zeitung writes: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Tuesday, 21. April 2015

A disgrace for the elites of the Arab world

It's too easy to just lay all the blame for the growing number of refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean on Europe, the conservative daily Lidové noviny remarks: » more

Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | Tuesday, 21. April 2015

Recruit skilled workers from Africa

Until Europe starts tackling the problem directly in the countries of origin and transit states there can be no solution to the refugee problem, the liberal-conservative daily Tagesspiegel believes: » more

The Daily Telegraph - United Kingdom | Monday, 20. April 2015

Stop refugee boats with naval blockade

The refugee tragedies in the Mediterranean can only be prevented by making it impossible for migrants to attempt the journey across the Mediterranean in the first place, the conservative paper The Daily Telegraph believes: » more

Main focus of Monday, 20. April 2015

Another refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean

What is possibly the worst refugee tragedy in recent times occurred off the Libyan coast on Saturday night. According to eyewitnesses, more than 900 people ... » more

ABC - Spain | Monday, 20. April 2015

Stabilise the situation in Libya and Syria

Only if the international community manages to stabilise conflict-ridden Syria and Libya can refugee disasters be prevented, the conservative daily ABC writes: » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Monday, 20. April 2015

Open up Fortress Europe

To prevent tragedies from recurring in the Mediterranean, the EU must open its doors wide, the left-liberal daily Tages-Anzeiger urges: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 20. April 2015

Africa also needs to take action

Europe must take action to prevent the refugee tragedies occurring on its doorstep - but not all on its own, the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stresses: » more

Le Figaro - France | Monday, 20. April 2015

Time for an entirely new asylum policy

The EU urgently needs a change of course in its immigration policy, the conservative daily Le Figaro believes: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Friday, 17. April 2015

Rejected refugees need food and a bed

A fierce conflict has broken out in the Dutch coalition over services for asylum seekers whose applications have been refused. The Social Democratic party PvdA wants to continue providing them with food, shelter and basic hygienic requirements, while the right-wing liberal VVD does not. The conflict is endangering the stability of the coalition, the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant warns: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 17. April 2015

Europe playing hot potato with refugees

This week alone it is estimated that over 400 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean. The search for a European response to the refugee crisis is like a game of hot potato, the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung complains: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 16. April 2015

EU reacting inhumanely to refugees' plight

Italian coastguards rescued 144 of an estimated 500 refugees from the sea on Monday after their boat capsized off the coast of Libya. The EU must finally set up its own search and rescue operation, demands the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung: » more

Ethnos - Greece | Tuesday, 14. April 2015

Greece is human traffickers' best customer

After initially saying that it would send asylum seekers on to other EU states, the Greek government announced on Tuesday that it plans to offer asylum seekers from Syria immediate asylum. The government is getting its refugee policy all wrong, the left-liberal daily To Ethnos comments: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 14. April 2015

Impassable borders to prevent refugee tragedies

According to survivors' accounts up to 400 refugees have drowned off the coast of Libya. To prevent such tragedies Europe must send a clear message to would-be refugees that they won't be taken in, the conservative daily The Times urges: » more

La Vanguardia - Spain | Friday, 20. February 2015

EU needs coordinated refugee policy

The EU's Triton border protection mission off the Italian coast will be extended to the end of the year, the European Commission announced on Thursday. This isn't even remotely what a reform of Europe's immigration policy looks like, the conservative daily La Vanguardia comments in annoyance: » more

The Press Project - Greece | Saturday, 14. February 2015

Athens wants to end refugee suffering

Greece's government wants to close down the Amygdaleza refugee camp in Athens. A Pakistani inmate reportedly committed suicide there last week and an Afghan refugee died of HIV. The alternative web portal The Press Project praises the decision and describes the conditions at the camp: » more - Spain | Tuesday, 10. February 2015

Ignacio Escolar on Mediterranean as mass grave

A photo by Spanish photographer José Palazón taken last autumn shows refugees attempting to scale the border fence between Melilla and Morocco, while two golfers obliviously hit balls in the foreground. For Ignacio Escolar the front page image of the current dossier of the left-wing online portal symbolises the cynicism of European asylum policy: » more

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Friday, 6. February 2015

EU needs a new asylum agreement

The Dublin Regulation according to which all asylum seekers must apply for asylum in the first EU country they enter has failed, Swedish MEP Cecilia Wikström admitted on Thursday. Europe must finally take joint action on the refugee problem, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter argues: » more

Main focus of Monday, 5. January 2015

Traffickers abandon ships carrying refugees

For the second time within a few days, the Italian coast guard rescued refugees from an unmanned cargo ship on the weekend. The roughly 360 ... » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 5. January 2015

Don't leave rescue actions to single states

Europe's refugee policy must not be left to national governments, the left-liberal daily El País demands in view of the refugee drama on the cargo ship Ezadeen: » more

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | Monday, 5. January 2015

Refugee smugglers capitalising on EU policy

The people smugglers' lucrative trade with the plight of refugees is the downside of Europe's policy of sealing itself off to immigrants, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk criticises: » more

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | Tuesday, 2. December 2014

Minister abuses Czechs' xenophobia

In the Czech Republic the Minister of the Interior, Milan Chovanec, proposed on Sunday a referendum on taking in Syrian civil war refugees. The liberal business paper Hospodářské noviny accuses the minister of taking advantage of feelings of xenophobia: » more

Cumhuriyet - Turkey | Wednesday, 5. November 2014

Refugee dramas also concern Turkey

A boat carrying 42 refugees capsized in the Bosphorus off Istanbul on Monday. 24 bodies have been recovered so far. Illegal migration is also a serious problem for Turkey and must not be overlooked, the Kemalist daily Cumhuriyet admonishes: » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Wednesday, 5. November 2014

Dublin Regulation on asylum a failure

The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Tuesday that families may only be sent back to Italy from other EU member states if they can be guaranteed humane detention conditions there. That means the Dublin Regulation - according to which refugees are to reside in the "first country of arrival" - has failed, the daily Tages-Anzeiger writes: » more

Le Monde - France | Tuesday, 4. November 2014

Triton mission can't stop refugees

The EU launched its new Frontex mission "Triton" for monitoring its sea borders on 1 November. Twenty member states are participating in the operation, which will cost 2.9 million euros per month. But surveillance alone won't solve the refugee problem, the left-liberal daily Le Monde writes: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 29. October 2014

London opposes Mediterranean rescue missions

Britain does not want to participate in future EU refugee rescue operations on the Mediterranean. Such missions would only attract more migrants, Foreign Office minister ... » more

Deutsche Welle - Germany | Wednesday, 29. October 2014

Europe's responsibilities start in crisis areas

While Britain's unwillingness to participate in future rescue operations in the Mediterranean is fully understandable Europe must not shirk its responsibilities, the news portal of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle writes: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Wednesday, 29. October 2014

Cameron exploits refugees for election campaign

London's argument that the rescue mission will only encourage further refugees is motivated by Prime Minister David Cameron's fear of losing next year's elections, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore speculates: » more

Upsala Nya Tidning - Sweden | Tuesday, 14. October 2014

Dubious EU operation against people smugglers

In a large-scale operation called "Mos Maiourum" police across Europe are targeting illegal migrants and human-smuggling rings. From 13 to 26 October thousands of police officers will stake out border crossing points and transportation hubs and check people's documentation. Sweden is also participating in the operation. The liberal daily Upsala Nya Tidning is unimpressed: » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Monday, 22. September 2014

Danes don't want any more refugees

The Danish government announced stiffer asylum practices last week. Applications are to be processed faster and rejected applicants deported to safe home countries more rapidly. For the liberal-conservative daily Jyllands-Posten these measures are utterly inadequate given that refugee figures climbed to 14,000 in Denmark this year: » more

Phileleftheros - Cyprus | Wednesday, 17. September 2014

Europeans don't care about refugee tragedies

The International Organisation for Migration reported on Monday that a boat with roughly 500 refugees on board was capsized by human traffickers as it was crossing the Mediterranean. According to official reports dozens of other refugees also drowned on Sunday off the coast of Libya. The liberal daily Phileleftheros complains about the indifference of the media: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Sunday, 14. September 2014

Refugee plight: South had enough of EU's ignorance

Up to 250 people drowned when a boat carrying refugees sank off the coast of Libya on Sunday, according to the Libyan navy. It is a disgrace that the EU is still not doing more to prevent such disasters, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent comments: » more

El País - Spain | Tuesday, 2. September 2014

Protect child refugees but don't attract more

A growing number of minors unaccompanied by parents and without papers are among the refugees from Africa trying to emigrate illegally to Spain. Children need special protection but the country shouldn't attract more by treating them too well, the left-liberal daily El País warns: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Friday, 29. August 2014

Frontex Plus won't help refugees either

The EU border protection agency Frontex has announced a new programme to help Italy with the task of rescuing refugees on the Mediterranean Sea. "Frontex Plus" will be launched in November, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs Cecilia Malmström said on Wednesday in Brussels after a meeting with Italian Interior Minister Angelino Alfano. Yet another chapter in the story of Europe's failed refugee policy, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera contends: » more

La Razón - Spain | Thursday, 14. August 2014

EU must finally firm up its borders

Since the start of the week Spanish security forces have prevented roughly 1,000 African refugees hoping to reach Europe by boat or through the border fence in Melilla from entering Spain illegally. It's time the EU focussed on securing its borders, the conservative daily La Razón warns: » more

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | Monday, 11. August 2014

Europe's immigration policy a failure

Seventy people were injured during violent clashes among immigrants in a reception centre in Calais last week. The liberal daily La Libre Belgique believes that Europe's immigration policy has failed for good: » more

The Malta Independent - Malta | Sunday, 20. July 2014

UN should assess asylum claims in Africa

The Italian navy announced on Sunday that it had rescued hundreds of refugees from the Mediterranean last week. However nineteen people were found dead on a boat carrying migrants on Saturday. To prevent such tragedies, applications for asylum must be processed in North Africa, the liberal-conservative daily The Malta Independent argues: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Wednesday, 9. July 2014

Europe still building its fortress

The EU's interior ministers convened at an informal meeting on Tuesday to discuss a new joint European refugee policy, and rejected the Italian call for more help with the reception of refugees. Despite all its big promises Europe continues to seal itself off, the left-liberal daily Der Standard criticises: » more

Upsala Nya Tidning - Sweden | Friday, 27. June 2014

Not just children need more humane asylum policy

The European Commission has proposed a clarification on which member state is responsible for processing applications for asylum submitted by unaccompanied minors. Contrary to the Dublin II Regulation, it would be the state in which the minor is residing. The liberal daily Upsala Nya Tidning approves and calls for a complete revision of the regulation: » more

The Guardian - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 4. June 2014

Refugees can't be held back

Vincent Cochetel, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, argued in the left-liberal daily The Guardian in favour of setting up holding centres for refugees in North Africa on the basis that such centres could prevent boat disasters on the Mediterranean. In the same paper Sherif Elsayed-Ali, deputy director of global issues at Amnesty International, disagrees: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Tuesday, 13. May 2014

Lampedusa: EU shirks responsibility

In another refugee tragedy at least 14 migrants died when the boat carrying them sunk off the coast of the island of Lampedusa on Monday. The EU is leaving Italy to face the refugee problem all on its own, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera writes indignantly: » more

Deutschlandfunk - Germany | Wednesday, 9. April 2014

European quotas for refugees needed

Around 4,000 refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean have been picked up by the Italian navy and trading vessels between Monday and Wednesday of this week. They were rescued from boats, some of which were unseaworthy. In view of the heavy burden this puts on countries like Italy, the public broadcaster Deutschlandfunk calls for a fairer European refugee policy: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Friday, 21. March 2014

Help Italy to save refugees

The Italian navy has saved more than 2,000 boat refugees since the start of the week. Now the rescue operation 'Mare Nostrum' is on the brink of being discontinued owing to financial difficulties. The left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung calls on Europe to help Italy out: » more

El Mundo - Spain | Tuesday, 18. March 2014

EU must start talks on migration with Morocco

Morocco has eased its immigration policy regarding other African states, according to the sources of the conservative daily El Mundo. The papers fears repercussions for the Spanish enclaves Ceuta and Melilla and calls for negotiations between the EU and Morocco: » more - Spain | Monday, 17. February 2014

Dead refugees are Spain's shame

The number of refugees who died trying to swim to Ceuta at the beginning of February continues to rise. According to media reports, at least 15 people died. The left-leaning online newspaper publishes a caustic commentary titled "15 Little Blacks": » more - Spain | Friday, 14. February 2014

Refugee drama: Spanish police lied

Spain's border police fired rubber bullets at around 400 refugees trying to reach the Spanish exclave of Ceuta last week, Interior Minister Jorge Fernández Díaz admitted on Thursday after the police authorities had denied it for several days. At least eleven refugees drowned trying to escape. The government has destroyed its credibility, the left-leaning online newspaper writes: » more

La Razón - Spain | Friday, 7. February 2014

Only help for Africa can stop wave of refugees

At least five African refugees died on Thursday during an attempt to reach the Spanish exclave of Ceuta from Morocco. Apparently they drowned while fleeing police. According to the conservative daily La Razón the only way to stop the migration is for Europe to offer the countries of origin more development aid: » more

Avgi - Greece | Thursday, 23. January 2014

Europe ignores atrocities on its own borders

Three women and nine children died when a boat carrying Afghan and Syrian refugees capsized on Monday near the Greek island of Farmakonisi. Survivors say the accident happened as the Greek coastguard was towing the boat back towards Turkey. For the left-leaning daily Avgi, the blame lies with the Europeans: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Wednesday, 18. December 2013

Europe treats refugees like dirty animals

Just over two months after the Lampedusa refugee tragedy, TV images of the treatment migrants receive on the Mediterranean island have triggered an outcry. The Italian broadcaster RAI 2 aired film footage on Monday showing dozens of naked refugees being disinfected outdoors. This is a consequence of an inhumane refugee policy, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes incensed: » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Tuesday, 17. December 2013

Refugee deal with Turkey unmasks EU

The EU and Turkey signed an agreement on Monday. In exchange for taking back so-called irregular immigrants who entered the EU via Turkey, the Turks now look forward to eased visa restrictions on entering Europe. The EU is using the deal to erect a refugee buffer zone beyond its borders, the daily taz writes: » more

El País - Spain | Friday, 6. December 2013

No razor wire against refugees

In November Spain began reinstalling razor wire on the border fences between Morocco and the Spanish exclave of Melilla to prevent African refugees from crossing into Spanish territory. This is not the way to deal with migrants, the left-liberal daily El País comments in dismay: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 5. December 2013

Refugees pay for Turks' visa-free travel

The EU and Turkey plan to start negotiations on lifting visa requirements for Turkish citizens travelling to the European Union in mid-December. In exchange, Ankara is to pledge to take in refugees who have entered the EU via Turkish territory. This will make it even more difficult for refugees to get to Europe, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung predicts: » more

Tvxs - Greece | Sunday, 17. November 2013

Europe will regret sealing itself off

At least twelve migrants drowned when their boat sank off the Greek island of Lefkada last week. The web portal Tvxs criticises Europe's ongoing policy of sealing itself off: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Thursday, 14. November 2013

Don't let Malta flog off EU passports

Under a new law passed by the Maltese parliament on Tuesday aimed at improving the island state's finances, non-EU citizens will in future be able to purchase Maltese nationality for 650,000 euros. This approach to balancing the budget is a European scandal, the left-liberal daily Der Standard criticises: » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Tuesday, 29. October 2013

On African human traffickers and welfare tourists

Africa's problems must be resolved in Africa and not by Europe taking in thousands of immigrants, the liberal-conservative daily Jyllands-Posten writes: » more

Die Zeit - Germany | Thursday, 17. October 2013

Germany must end refugee drama

After the two recent refugee disasters in the Mediterranean, European politicians are discussing the future of refugee policy. The liberal weekly paper Die Zeit hopes that Germany will take on an active role because the country has successfully taken in refugees in the past: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Tuesday, 15. October 2013

Italy must take care of its borders itself

Following the refugee disasters off the coast of Lampedusa, Italy is stepping up its surveillance operations in the Mediterranean. Prime Minister Enrico Letta discussed the final details of the 'mare nostrum' (our sea) operation with his ministers for defence, foreign affairs and domestic policy on Monday evening in Rome. The liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera welcomes the measure: » more

Main focus of Monday, 14. October 2013

New refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean

Yet another refugee boat capsized off the coast of Lampedusa on Friday. More than 30 people died, while around 200 survivors were saved by Maltese ... » more

Kaleva - Finland | Monday, 14. October 2013

Northern Europe must shoulder responsibility

The countries in Central and Northern Europe have left their neighbours to the south to fend for themselves as regards refugee policy, the liberal daily Kaleva criticises: » more

Times of Malta - Malta | Sunday, 13. October 2013

Assess asylum applications in Africa

After the latest refugee drama off the Italian coast on the weekend, Malta's Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has stressed the need for action. In future asylum applications could be processed in Africa, the conservative daily Times of Malta suggests: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Friday, 11. October 2013

Refugee policy to complement Eurosur

A week after the Lampedusa refugee tragegy the European Parliament voted on Thursday to step up controls on the EU's outer borders. The Eurosur border surveillance system will come into effect at the end of the year. Tightened controls are indeed helpful but must go hand in hand with other refugee policy measures, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse demands: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 10. October 2013

EU promises Italy help for refugees

EU Commission President José Manuel Barroso promised Rome 30 million euros on Wednesday to help improve the situation of refugees. On a joint visit to ... » more

Upsala Nya Tidning - Sweden | Thursday, 10. October 2013

Frontex won't solve the problems

Giving the EU border control agency Frontex more money is not a good solution, writes the daily Upsala Nya Tidning: » more

Dnevnik - Slovenia | Thursday, 10. October 2013

Prevent tragedies with modern technology

With today's modern technology refugee tragedies like the one off Lampedusa are basically avoidable, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments, and calls on the EU to act in consequence: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Wednesday, 9. October 2013

Europe shamelessly shirking responsibility

Notwithstanding the recent refugee tragedy off Lampedusa's coast the European Union does not plan to change its asylum policy for the time being. At a meeting on Tuesday the EU's interior ministers rejected the idea of amending the current laws. A disgrace, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica comments: » more

Večer - Slovenia | Wednesday, 9. October 2013

EU lets thousands of refugees drown

Europe could save countless people's lives by finally revising its refugee policy, the conservative daily Večer admonishes in the aftermath of the Lampedusa tragedy: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Tuesday, 8. October 2013

Italy's asylum law should be abolished

Italy's restrictive asylum legislation dates back to 2002 and was named after the then leader of the right-wing Lega Nord, Umberto Bossi, and the leader of the post-fascist Alleanza Nazionale, Gianfranco Fini. The Bossi-Fini Law must be scrapped, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica demands: » more

Le Monde - France | Monday, 7. October 2013

More Europe needed in immigration policy

It's high time Europe worked together on refugee policy, the left-liberal daily Le Monde urges: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Monday, 7. October 2013

A crime against humanity

Europe's refugee policy alone is to blame for the Lampedusa tragedy, the left-liberal daily Delo writes: » more

The Irish Times - Ireland | Monday, 7. October 2013

Revise amateurish rules

The EU member states must agree on a joint - and fair - policy for dealing with refugees and asylum seekers, the left-liberal daily The Irish Times writes: » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Monday, 7. October 2013

Stop ignoring migrants' suffering

The EU must finally react to the refugee tragedies playing out on its borders, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias demands: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Sunday, 6. October 2013

Work together with countries of origin

To prevent tragedies like the one off Lampedusa's coast the EU must start working together with the refugees' countries of origin, the conservative daily the Financial Times urges: » more

Kristeligt Dagbladet - Denmark | Monday, 7. October 2013

Opening up Europe won't solve Africa's problems

The instruments of refugee policy are not enough to prevent disasters like the Lampedusa tragedy, the Christian-oriented daily Kristeligt Dagblad contends: » more

Aftonbladet - Sweden | Friday, 4. October 2013

People should not die at borders

The EU urgently needs to change its refugee policy to prevent more tragedies like that off the coast of Lampedusa, the left-liberal tabloid Aftonbladet admonishes: » more

Polityka Online - Poland | Friday, 4. October 2013

A disgrace for rich Europe

Pope Francis has called the refugee tragedy off the coast of Lampedusa a 'disgrace'. The left-liberal news portal Polityka Online agrees and criticises Europe's policy of sealing itself off: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Friday, 4. October 2013

Refugees' suffering concerns all EU states

The refugee disaster must teach Europe to show more solidarity, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore demands: » more

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Thursday, 3. October 2013

Asylum policy fails on the Mediterranean

Europe bears its share of the responsibility for the refugee tragedy off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa, the state-owned liberal daily Wiener Zeitung observes: » more


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