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Coalition poker in Germany

After its victory in the German elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservative alliance is looking for a new coalition partner. Will the changes in government also bring about a change in Germany's European policy?

Main focus of Tuesday, 17. December 2013

Merkel's new government takes office

Three months after Germany's federal elections, Chancellor Angela Merkel's new cabinet starts work today. This marks the third time that Germany has been ruled by ... » more

To Vima Online - Greece | Tuesday, 17. December 2013

All of Germany strives for hegemony

The grand coalition cements Germany's hegemonial ambitions, the left-liberal online newspaper To Vima writes: » more

Hürriyet Daily News - Turkey | Tuesday, 17. December 2013

Aydan Özoğuz a German success story

Aydan Özoğuz, deputy chair of the SPD, will become German state minister for immigration, refugees and integration. For the first time a politician of Turkish descent will be a member of the German cabinet. The liberal English-language newspaper Hürriyet Daily News sees his appointment as proof of Germany's successful integration policy: » more

Main focus of Monday, 16. December 2013

Germany gets a grand coalition

After the positive vote by members of the SPD, the CDU/CSU and Social Democrats presented the new cabinet in Berlin on Sunday. They plan to ... » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Monday, 16. December 2013

Berlin right to stick to austerity

Berlin's European policy won't change with the new government - and that's a good thing too, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino comments: » more

Kurier - Austria | Monday, 16. December 2013

Gabriel will give Merkel a hard time

The leader of the social democratic SPD Sigmar Gabriel has emerged strengthened from the vote among his party's members and will make things difficult for Angela Merkel, the liberal daily Kurier predicts: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, 16. December 2013

Great chance for Left Party

The opposition Left Party has offered a new political home to SPD members who voted against the coalition agreement with the conservative CDU/CSU. The SPD is in for a protracted struggle for voters on the left, the conservative daily Lidové noviny comments: » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 16. December 2013

An end to excessive austerity in sight

The new German government will back down on the austerity policy, the left-liberal daily El País hopes: » more

Blog EUROPP - United Kingdom | Monday, 9. December 2013

SPD referendum strengthens democracy

The members of Germany's social democratic SPD party have until Thursday to vote on their party leadership's coalition agreement with the conservative CDU and CSU parties. The decision to allow party members to have their say has been criticised both within and outside Germany. But in the long term the step makes sense from a democratic point of view, political analyst Fabio Wolkenstein writes on the London School of Economics' EUROPP blog: » more

The Economist - United Kingdom | Saturday, 30. November 2013

Coalition plans bad for Germany

Members of Germany's Social Democratic Party have until mid December to vote by post on the coalition agreement with the CDU/CSU. But the agreement is more a step backwards than a step forwards for the country, the liberal business weekly The Economist writes: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 27. November 2013

Berlin will go on ignoring demographic trend

The conservatives and the Social Democrats in Germany signed a coalition agreement on Wednesday. The left-liberal daily The Independent doubts that the grand coalition will take an adequate approach to handling the country's demographic issues: » more

Main focus of Thursday, 28. November 2013

Grand coalition in Germany ready to go

After five weeks of negotiations Germany's CDU/CSU and SPD have reached a deal on a coalition agreement in Berlin. However, the members of the SPD ... » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Thursday, 28. November 2013

Germany as boring as it is wonderful

The grand coalition is symptomatic of a wonderfully boring Germany, columnist Bert Wagendorp writes mockingly in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: » more

Rue89 - France | Wednesday, 27. November 2013

German model based on consensus

Germany's culture of consensus never ceases to surprise, the Internet portal Rue89 writes: » more

Proto Thema - Greece | Thursday, 28. November 2013

No good news for Greece

The pressure on Greece will not let up even with the participation of the SPD in the new German government, the online edition of the liberal daily Proto Thema writes: » more

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | Thursday, 28. November 2013

Iron Chancellor must stand firm

Angela Merkel must retain a firm grip on the reins of power in the next four years, the liberal business paper Hospodárske noviny urges: » more

Deutsche Welle - Germany | Wednesday, 27. November 2013

SPD members could torpedo agreement

It's far from certain that the members of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) will approve the coalition agreement in the planned referendum, public broadcaster Deutsche Welle points out on its website: » more

Frankfurter Rundschau - Germany | Monday, 25. November 2013

Berlin's new European policy is faint-hearted

After an all-night round of talks, the leaders of Angela Merkel's conservative Union bloc and the Social Democrats reached a consensus on a coalition agreement on Wednesday. In the left-liberal daily Frankfurter Rundschau, Ulrike Guérot of the foundation Open Society Initiative for Europe voices her disappointment at the European policy outlined in the previously published draft agreement: » more

Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | Wednesday, 13. November 2013

EU issues too complex for referendums

The idea of holding referendums on European policy decisions is under discussion in the current coalition negotiations between Germany's conservative CDU/CSU and social democratic SPD. Not a good idea, the liberal daily Tagesspiegel writes: » more

Welt am Sonntag - Germany | Sunday, 20. October 2013

Grand coalition would be steamroller

At a party convention held on Sunday, the Social Democrats voted in favour of initiating formal coalition talks with Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats. The conservative Welt am Sonntag is anxious at the prospect of the four-fifths majority a grand coalition would produce, and which neither side really wants: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 9. October 2013

Power struggle over German finance ministry

More than two weeks after the parliamentary elections in Germany a coalition government has yet to be formed. One reason for this is the insistence of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) on getting the finance portfolio, the conservative daily Lidové noviny contends: » more

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 1. October 2013

Grand coalition would have vast majority

The Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and Social Democratic Party (SPD) will begin talks to explore the possibility of a grand coalition on Friday in Berlin. If the talks are successful and such a coalition is formed the left-liberal Berliner Zeitung fears that an overwhelming majority will be the result: » more

Lietuvos žinios - Lithuania | Friday, 27. September 2013

FDP rout a warning for Europe's liberals

In the German parliamentary elections the liberal FDP party suffered the worst defeat since it was founded over 60 years ago, and will not be represented in parliament. This is a warning for all liberal parties in Europe, the conservative daily Lietuvos žinios comments: » more

The New York Times - U.S. | Wednesday, 25. September 2013

Global perspectives: Merkel must dare to change course

Caution and determination must guide Angela Merkel in changing her course on the debt crisis, the left-liberal daily The New York Times urges: » more

The Washington Post - U.S. | Wednesday, 25. September 2013

Global perspectives: Merkel conspicuously inconspicuous

Angela Merkel owes her success in the German parliamentary elections to her unexciting leadership style, the liberal daily The Washington Post comments: » more

Spiegel Online - Germany | Tuesday, 24. September 2013

Merkel's strength works against her

Merkel's outstanding success in the German parliamentary elections could work against her because she'll have a very difficult time finding coalition partners, columnist Jakob Augstein comments on the news website Spiegel Online: » more

Večer - Slovenia | Tuesday, 24. September 2013

The Eurozone's problems still unsolved

Merkel's election victory can't conceal the fact that her rigorous austerity measures aren't working in the EU, the conservative daily Večer observes: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Monday, 23. September 2013

German interests are also European interests

Angela Merkel's strong performance in the elections to the Bundestag is also due to her having a different attitude to the European project than for example her CDU predecessor Helmut Kohl, the conservative daily The Financial Times writes: » more

To Vima Online - Greece | Monday, 23. September 2013

Athens' hopes were naive

Athens shouldn't expect too much of the new government in Berlin, writes the left-liberal online paper To Vima: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Monday, 23. September 2013

Merkel's new room for manouevre

The election victory will make it easier for the chancellor to make important decisions, the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya points out: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Monday, 23. September 2013

Europe's empress

With her sensational electoral victory Angela Merkel has become the empress of Europe, columnist Sheila Sitalsing writes in the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 23. September 2013

A victory of the unspectacular

Angela Merkel won her election victory by promising voters stability, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung observes, feeling reminded of former German chancellor Konrad Adenauer: » more

La Stampa - Italy | Monday, 23. September 2013

Take euro critics seriously

The eurosceptic Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party won 4.7 percent of the vote in the German elections, its first ever. This means that although it won't be sitting in parliament it will be able to influence Germany's EU policy, the liberal daily La Stampa comments: » more

Contributors - Romania | Monday, 23. September 2013

Germany must look for partners

Germany's chancellor must now clarify what leadership role she wants to play in Europe, political scientist Alexandru Coita writes in the blog portal Contributors: » more

Le Figaro - France | Monday, 23. September 2013

Hopes of fresh impetus for the EU

The conservative daily Le Figaro urges Merkel to create a new European dynamic - and President François Hollande to follow the example of the German head of government: » more


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