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Wrangling over Syria's chemical weapons

The US and Russia have reached an agreement on the destruction of Syria's chemical weapon arsenals, which are to be eliminated by mid-2014. Will Assad's regime adhere to the requirements and forestall a US military strike?

Trouw - Netherlands | Tuesday, 26. November 2013

Syria conference little cause for hope

The conflicting parties in the Syrian civil war have agreed to meet with other states in Geneva on January 22 to discuss the formation of a transitional government, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Monday. The Christian-social daily Trouw sees little hope for peace: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 19. November 2013

Syria finally needs a peaceful solution

The attack on the Iranian embassy in Beirut underlines once again the importance of finding a peaceful solution to the Syria conflict, the left-liberal daily The Independent admonishes: » more

Večernji list - Croatia | Tuesday, 5. November 2013

Hunger is Assad's true weapon of mass destruction

The international community is celebrating the closure of the chemical weapons plants in Syria and self-righteously turning its attention elsewhere while Assad has long since started using other weapons of mass destruction, the conservative daily Večernji List complains: » more

Main focus of Friday, 1. November 2013

Syria's chemical weapons plants closed down

All the equipment for the production of poison gas declared by the Syrian regime has been destroyed within the agreed time limit. The OPCW inspectors ... » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Friday, 1. November 2013

Use of poison gas goes unpunished

The destruction of the Syrian production facilities is a success for the international community but further steps are called for, the conservative daily Lidové noviny writes: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Friday, 1. November 2013

OPCW has only won a stage victory

The inspectors of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) have done excellent work, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 Ore comments, but adds that no chemical weapons of the Syrian regime have been destroyed yet: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Friday, 1. November 2013

No turning poing in the civil war

The fact that Syria has met the deadline for destroying its arsenal of chemical weapons doesn't represent a turning point in the civil war but only raises new questions, the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung observes: » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Wednesday, 25. September 2013

Tehran offers hope for Syria crisis

The cautious rapprochement between Rouhani and Obama could be decisive for the Syria crisis, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino hopes: » more

NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | Tuesday, 17. September 2013

The "red line" paved the way for compromise

The agreement between Russia and the US on the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons would never have come about without US President Barack Obama's "red line", the liberal daily NRC Handelsblad points out: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Tuesday, 17. September 2013

Finally certainty on use of poison gas

The UN report on the use of poison gas provides sufficient ammunition to raise the pressure on Syria, the liberal business paper Il Sole 24 ore concludes: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, 17. September 2013

Assad goes unpunished

Despite the evidence turned up by the UN inspectors the Syrian regime will be protected from sanctions for now, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse complains: » more

Le Temps - Switzerland | Tuesday, 17. September 2013

Chemical weapons agreement won't bring peace

The agreement on the destruction of the Syrian chemical weapons will not guarantee peace, the liberal daily Le Temps writes: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Sunday, 15. September 2013

Chemical weapons agreement strengthens Assad

The agreement on the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons won't help stop the civil war, the conservative daily The Financial Times writes: » more

Libération - France | Monday, 16. September 2013

Hollande doesn't convince sceptics

In a televised interview aired on Sunday evening, French President François Hollande spoke out on the developments in Syria and the economic situation in France. The left-liberal daily Libération says Hollande didn't cut the mustard on the home front: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Monday, 16. September 2013

Russia must put Syria under pressure

The US and Russia negotiated an agreement for the destruction of Syria's chemical weapons in Geneva on the weekend. The plan is as good as ... » more


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