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Peace talks in the Middle East

After three years of silence the Israelis and Palestinians have resumed talks aimed at the peaceful settlement of their conflict. They have agreed to make another attempt at a two-state solution, with the US acting as mediator. Is there a chance of lasting peace?

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 31. October 2013

Aggressive talk in Middle East peace process

Within the framework of the Middle East peace talks, Israel released a second group of long-term Palestinian prisoners on Wednesday - only to announce the construction of new settlements in East Jerusalem shortly afterwards. The peace process will remain fruitless as long as both sides try to use it to further their own goals, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung fears: » more

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Wednesday, 28. August 2013

Lack of interest helps Middle East peace talks

Israeli border police killed at least three Palestinians north of Jerusalem on Monday. The incident is hampering the peace talks that are just in the process of being resumed. Dawid Warszawski, the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza's Middle East expert, is nonetheless cautiously optimistic: » more

Main focus of Wednesday, 14. August 2013

Little hope for peace in the Middle East

Contradictory signals are accompanying the start of direct talks between Israelis and Palestinians today in Jerusalem. Israel has released 26 long-term Palestinian prisoners but approved ... » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 14. August 2013

No peace with Abbas and Netanyahu

There can be no two-state solution under the current political leaders in Israel and Palestine, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung is convinced: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 14. August 2013

Talks don't target bloodshed in Middle East

With peace talks between Israelis and Palestinians due to commence, the conservative daily Lidové noviny draws attention to other trouble spots in the Middle East: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 13. August 2013

Kerry sides with Israel

US Secretary of State John Kerry may have criticised the construction of Israeli settlements in the occupied territories but he has nevertheless accepted them shortly before the peace talks commence, the left-liberal daily The Independent complains: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Wednesday, 14. August 2013

Plan B must prevent more violent excesses

The Middle East negotiators should prepare themselves for the failure of the peace talks, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse advises: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, 12. August 2013

Israel has upper hand in Middle East

Shortly before it begins new peace talks with the Palestinians, Israel announced on Sunday plans to build almost 1,200 new homes in eastern Jerusalem and diverse settlements on the West Bank. This won't delay the peace negotiations, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica believes: » more

Dnevnik - Slovenia | Wednesday, 31. July 2013

Negotiations prompted by pragmatism

Israel has accepted new negotiations with the Palestinians as the most rational course, the left-liberal daily Dnevnik comments: » more

La Libre Belgique - Belgium | Tuesday, 30. July 2013

A good start without any guarantee of success

The new Middle East negotiations under the aegis of the US are a positive development but they will require courage on the part of those involved, the conservative daily La Libre Belgique writes: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 30. July 2013

A pure waste of time

It is highly unlikely that the new Middle East peace talks will culminate in a success, the conservative daily Financial Times concludes: » more

Mladá fronta dnes - Czech Republic | Wednesday, 31. July 2013

The real Middle East conflict is elsewhere

To talk of peace negotiations in the Middle East is absurd, also because Israel and the Palestinian Territories are still among the stable agents in the region, the liberal daily Mladá fronta Dnes comments: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Tuesday, 30. July 2013

Little hope of peace in Middle East

For the first time in three years Israeli and Palestinian negotiators met on Monday for talks about a peace process at the White House. But the chances of solving the conflict are not good, fears the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Sunday, 28. July 2013

Middle East talks thanks to Kerry's tenacity

After the Israeli cabinet voted for the release of 104 Palestinians on Sunday representatives of the Israeli government and the Palestinians will meet today Monday to discuss a peace process. In the eyes of the left-liberal daily The Independent the negotiations in Washington are due largely to the efforts of the US secretary of state: » more

Berliner Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 22. July 2013

Middle East peace talks need clear course

For the first time in years the Israelis and Palestinians want to resume talks on a peace agreement, US Secretary of State John Kerry announced on Friday. The success of the talks will depend on whether a resolution can be found to the question of where the border should lie, the left-liberal Berliner Zeitung comments with cautious optimism: » more


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