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Media and the digital revolution

Journalism is undergoing profound changes worldwide. Newspaper readers are turning to the Internet and undermining old business models, while publishers are selling off their most prestigious papers. What is the future of the media in the digital age?

Libération - France | Friday, 14. February 2014

Traditional journalism Libé's strong point

The majority shareholders of the crisis-ridden left-liberal daily Libération have presented a new financing model in which not the paper edition but digital content and additional activities such as a cultural centre take the foreground. The paper's editors have voiced loud protest. Libération should concentrate on its traditional strengths, senior editor Fabrice Rousselot writes: » more

Savon Sanomat - Finland | Wednesday, 8. January 2014

Finland's media diversity under threat

Finland's leading daily Helsingin Sanomat announced on Tuesday that it was axing more than 50 editor posts. The liberal daily Savon Sanomat voices concern about media diversity: » more

Revista 22 - Romania | Thursday, 31. October 2013

Without newspapers paper banished to the loo

Always so patient and reliable, paper is now going through hard times, the weekly newspaper Revista 22 laments in view of the crisis of the print media: » more

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus - Finland | Wednesday, 30. October 2013

State can help Finnish newspapers

Finland's Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen said on Sunday that he was concerned about the financial situation of the country's media. The liberal daily Maaseudun Tulevaisuus shares his view: » more

Offnews - Bulgaria | Saturday, 14. September 2013

Web not to blame for Bulgarian paper closures

Bulgaria's newspapers are dead, political scientist Evgeniy Daynov declares on the news website Offnews. However as opposed to in the West, these papers were not killed off by the new media but by themselves, Daynov writes: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Thursday, 12. September 2013

Readers must pay for quality journalism

Tina Brown, one of the best-known journalists in the English-speaking world, announced on Thursday that she was resigning as chief editor of US news portal The Daily Beast. Right from its inception, the project she founded in 2008 to promote quality journalism on the Internet has battled with financial problems. The conservative daily The Times is not surprised that Brown has failed in this endeavour: » more

Sydsvenskan - Sweden | Wednesday, 11. September 2013

The future of the newspaper lies on the Web

A government-appointed commission in Sweden will present its proposals today for the reform of state aid to the press. The support system was introduced in the mid-60s to prevent newspapers from dying out, particularly in rural areas. The liberal daily Sydsvenskan nevertheless believes that printed dailies are obsolete: » more

Revista 22 - Romania | Wednesday, 14. August 2013

Media more dependent than ever on investors

After the purchase of The Washington Post by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the former head of the Romanian public television station TVR, Alexandru Lazescu, fears in the weekly paper Revista 22 for the future of quality journalism: » more

De Morgen - Belgium | Wednesday, 7. August 2013

A boost for the Washington Post

Investigative journalist Bob Woodward of the Washington Post has taken a positive view of the takeover of the venerable newspaper by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. The purchase could indeed prove to be a successful model, the left-liberal daily De Morgen writes: » more

Cicero - Germany | Friday, 9. August 2013

German publishers need innovators like Amazon

The sale of the Washington Post to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is a positive move that German media publishers would do well to emulate, the online edition of the liberal-conservative magazine Cicero writes: » more

Politiken - Denmark | Thursday, 8. August 2013

Washington Post is not a toy

The social-liberal daily Politiken finds Amazon founder Jeff Bezos' acquisition of the Washington Post unsettling: » more

Die Zeit - Germany | Thursday, 8. August 2013

Journalism bait for other businesses

Europe's largest telecommunications company, Deutsche Telekom, has started selling digital subscriptions to two papers put out by the German media publisher Springer Verlag. Mobile phone customers can now add subscriptions to Bild and Die Welt to their contracts. The liberal weekly paper Die Zeit cringes at this new business model: » more

Le Télégramme - France | Wednesday, 7. August 2013

Newspapers remain important for democracy

Quality newspapers remain indispensable for democracy even in the era of the Internet and online media, the regional paper Le Télégramme argues: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 7. August 2013

Journalism demoted to junk status

The sale of the Washington Post to Amazon boss Bezos brings just as radical a shift to the media landscape as the Springer deal in Germany did, the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comments: » more

El Mundo - Spain | Wednesday, 7. August 2013

Journalism far from dead

The sale of the Washington Post to Amazon boss Jeff Bezos highlights the opportunities for established publishing houses, the conservative daily El Mundo believes: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Friday, 26. July 2013

Springer media group in online megalomania

Springer Verlag announced on Thursday that it is selling several of its traditional papers because it plans to concentrate more on the online business. This megalomaniacal move has nothing to do with the crisis, argues the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: » more

Karjalainen - Finland | Wednesday, 29. May 2013

Helsingin Sanomat hit by media upheavals

The management board of the media company Sanoma on Monday sacked Mikael Pentikäinen, the editor in chief of its flagship daily Helsingin Sanomat, because the paper's circulation has dropped dramatically during his three years on the job. But the dismissal has little to do with Pentikäinen's personal qualities, the daily Karjalainen believes: » more

Zeit Online - Germany | Monday, 4. March 2013

Jeff Jarvis voices wonder at the symbiosis between state and media in Europe

After years of controversy the German Bundestag on Friday passed a law - known as the Leistungsschutzrecht - strengthening the copyrights of publishers on the Internet. Under the new legislation publishers can demand pay from search engine operators when they quote long excerpts from articles. US blogger Jeff Jarvis voices his dismay at the lacking innovation among German publishers: » more

Expressen - Sweden | Thursday, 21. February 2013

Defend Sweden's quality journalism

A Swedish Court of Appeals on Wednesday upheld the conviction of three journalists - including the chief editor - at the the tabloid Expressen. In 2010, at the time of a series of fatal shootings in Malmö, the journalists purchased a semi-automatic pistol illegally to show how easy it is to do and then submitted the gun to the police. The daily is concerned for the freedom of the press: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Monday, 4. February 2013

Intellectual property rights: Google buys freedom

Google and French publishers reached an agreement in the row over intellectual property rights on Friday: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 25. January 2013

Media best controlled by the public sphere

In view of the media crisis in Europe, an expert committee set up by the EU Commission presented a report in Brussels on Monday calling ... » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Wednesday, 28. November 2012

Content protection law makes Google nervous

The Internet giant Google on Tuesday launched a campaign titled "Defend your net" against the planned intellectual property right for content that will be discussed in the German Bundestag on Thursday. The company wants to avoid having to pay for excerpts of text content that come up in search engine results. Someone is getting nervous now, the left-leaning daily taz comments: » more

Aftonbladet - Sweden | Monday, 26. November 2012

Death of newspapers endangers democracy

The death of the newspapers in Sweden is shaking democracy to the roots, the left-liberal daily Aftonbladet writes, calling on politicians to take swift action: » more

Spiegel Online - Germany | Wednesday, 21. November 2012

Newspaper crisis due to outdated journalism

Not the Internet but static news reporting is to blame for the death of the newspapers, blogger Sascha Lobo writes on Spiegel Online, arguing that they no longer fit in with consumer habits: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Thursday, 15. November 2012

Without money the media paradise is lost

The left-liberal long-established German newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday. The liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung worries about how quality journalism and pluralism of opinion are to be financed in the future: » more

Blog Stefan Niggemeier - Germany | Friday, 31. August 2012

Publishing houses act like Google victims

The German cabinet decided on Wednesday in favour of a bill on ancillary copyrights allowing publishers the right to demand money for their contents from Google and other search engines. But the publishing companies arguments are built on sand, the journalist Stefan Niggemeier comments on his blog: » more

Libération - France | Thursday, 15. December 2011

Don't mourn death of newspaper

The once widely read French tabloid France-Soir will discontinue its print edition today, Thursday, and in future only appear online. The left-liberal daily Libération calls on journalists to quit complaining and develop a concept for tomorrow's newspaper: » more

Dilema Veche - Romania | Friday, 2. September 2011

Crisis-ridden press goes tabloid

Whereas Europe's quality press deals in detail with big issues like the euro bailout and the future of the EU, in the throes of the media crisis the Romanian press is increasingly concentrating on tabloid-style topics, the weekly newspaper Dilema Veche writes: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Monday, 3. August 2009

The Observer's demise underscores insecurity in the branch

The UK's oldest Sunday newspaper The Observer, which was founded in London in 1791, is facing the threat of closure. The Italian daily Corriere della Sera comments: » more

Blog Del alfiler al elefante - Spain | Wednesday, 4. February 2009

Indispensable journalism

The drop in sales at many print media will lead to several closures this year, Lluís Bassets, deputy editor of the daily El País predicts in his blog. But he insists that quality journalism must live on and make greater use of the new technologies: » more


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