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Egypt in the hands of the military

Egypt's generals are tightening their hold on power after toppling the elected president Morsi, and the security forces are ruthlessly cracking down on the Muslim Brothers. Is a peaceful transition in the cards, or is the country sinking into chaos and violence?

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Wednesday, 22. April 2015

Morsi's sentence is arbitrary

Egypt's ousted president Mohammed Morsi was not sentenced to death on Tuesday, as expected, but to 20 years in jail. This sentence does nothing to weaken the claim that the Egyptian judiciary is acting as henchman for the government in the conflict with the Muslim Brotherhood, the liberal-conservative Neue Zürcher Zeitung complains: » more

The Independent - United Kingdom | Monday, 26. May 2014

West glad to see strongman in Cairo

Today is the second and final day of voting in Egypt's presidential elections. Former military leader Abdel Fattah al-Sisi is considered the favourite. The yearning of many Egyptians for a strongman to take the helm once more suits the leaders in Europe, the US and the Gulf states just fine, the left-liberal daily The Independent writes: » more

Aftonbladet - Sweden | Friday, 14. February 2014

For Anders Linder the West failed to cease the opportunities of the Arab Spring

The West made several fundamental mistakes after the start of the Arab Spring three years ago, writes Anders Lindberg, columnist for the tabloid Aftonbladet: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 5. November 2013

Trial against Morsi adjourned

The trial of Egypt's deposed president Mohammed Morsi was halted on Monday and adjourned to January because of protests from the defendant. The army is ... » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Tuesday, 5. November 2013

The Muslim Brotherhood's experiment has failed

No matter how the trial against Morsi and other high-ranking Muslim Brothers ends, the latter have failed miserably with their experiment in political Islam, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica concludes: » more

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Tuesday, 5. November 2013

This is not democracy

The trial against former president Morsi is a sign that Egypt is walking a dangerous line, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter comments: » more

Der Bund - Switzerland | Monday, 4. November 2013

A formally fair trial not enough

The failed start of the trial is anything but auspicious for Egypt's military-backed regime, the daily Der Bund comments: » more

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Tuesday, 8. October 2013

Democrats the losers in Egypt

Over 50 people died on Sunday in Egypt during street clashes between supporters of the deposed president Mohammed Morsi, his opponents and the army. Peace continues to elude the country, the liberal daily Dagens Nyheter laments: » more

T24 - Turkey | Thursday, 5. September 2013

Muslim Brothers should give up resistance

Ever since the military toppled Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi at the beginning of July, the Muslim Brotherhood has been protesting against his deposition. But its protests are in vain and should be discontinued, the liberal online newspaper T24 urges: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 3. September 2013

Include Muslim Brothers in democratic process

In rulings passed down on Monday and Tuesday, an Egyptian court has ordered the closure of five television stations that reported favourably on the Muslim Brotherhood. With this decision the new leadership is breaking its promise to democratise the country, the conservative daily Financial Times writes in dismay: » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 2. September 2013

Joschka Fischer on the Arab world between dictatorships

The hopes that the Arab Spring would bring a democratic revolution have evaporated and the region now faces a prolonged struggle between the military and Islamism, writes former German foreign minister Joschka Fisher in the left-liberal daily El País: » more

The Jerusalem Post - Israel | Wednesday, 21. August 2013

Global perspectives: Morsi's ousting legitimate

Egypt's ambassador to Egypt, Ashraf El-Kholy, this week compared the Muslim Brothers to the Nazis. In any event they represent a danger for democracy, writes columnist Gershon Baskin in the liberal-conservative daily The Jerusalem Post: » more

Arab News - Saudi Arabia | Tuesday, 20. August 2013

Global perspectives: Hands off Egypt

A large majority of Egyptians back the military action against the Muslim Brothers and see no reason for the West to intervene, columnist Linda S. Heard writes in the daily Arab News: » more

Lidové noviny - Czech Republic | Thursday, 22. August 2013

Mubarak's release an act of revenge

A court in Egypt on Wednesday ordered the release of former Egyptian ruler Hosni Mubarak. The ex-president was sentenced to life in prison a year ago for his complicity in the killing of demonstrators. The conservative daily Lidové noviny is critical: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Thursday, 22. August 2013

EU arms embargo on Egypt ineffective

At their special meeting on Wednesday the EU foreign ministers agreed to stop supplying Egypt with any weapons or other goods that could be used for the repression of the people. The left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya doubts the effectiveness of the decision: » more

Avvenire - Italy | Wednesday, 21. August 2013

Don't drive Egypt into Riyadh's arms

The EU foreign ministers are convening this Wednesday to discuss reactions to the violence in Egypt such as cutting off military and financial aid. But this would only push Egypt's generals straight into Riyadh's open arms, points out the Catholic daily Avvenire: » more

Irish Examiner - Ireland | Tuesday, 20. August 2013

Morsi to blame for bloody chaos

The army is less to blame for the chaos in Egypt than ex-president Mohammed Morsi, the liberal daily Irish Examiner contends: » more

Corriere del Ticino - Switzerland | Tuesday, 20. August 2013

Obama is pragmatic and bides his time

Despite calls even from within the US, Washington has not halted military aid to Cairo. This wait-and-see attitude is purely pragmatic, the liberal daily Corriere del Ticino notes: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 20. August 2013

Israel supports army for fear of anarchy

According to media reports, Israeli diplomats are encouraging the EU and the US to continue their military aid to Egypt. Israel is driven by the fear of anarchy, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung comments: » more

Milliyet - Turkey | Tuesday, 20. August 2013

Turkey has lost its role as mediator

Whereas in the past Turkey has acted as a mediator between fighting groups in Middle East crises, it is now perceived as a biased party, also in Egypt, the conservative daily Milliyet complains: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Monday, 19. August 2013

Egypt needs stability not democracy

Quick new elections would only worsen the situation in Egypt in the present circumstances, the conservative daily Financial Times warns: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Monday, 19. August 2013

Banning Muslim Brotherhood a disastrous move

A spokesman for Egypt's caretaker government announced on Friday that a new ban against the Muslim Brotherhood was being considered. To declare the movement illegal, as it was in the Mubarak era, would be to radicalise it, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica warns: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Monday, 19. August 2013

The West lacks leverage

All attempts to resolve the situation in Egypt through diplomatic means have so far failed because the West has insufficient means of exerting pressure, the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse notes: » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Monday, 19. August 2013

Europe facing a dilemma

European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy announced on Sunday that the EU will review its relations with Egypt in the next few days. The seriousness of the situation demands a tough course, but that's easier said than done, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias observes: » more

Eleftherotypia - Greece | Saturday, 17. August 2013

Anyone counting on the UN and EU is lost

The announcement that the EU foreign ministers will convene for a special meeting to discuss the crisis in Egypt is greeted with a bout of gallows humour by the left-liberal daily Eleftherotypia: » more

Libération - France | Friday, 16. August 2013

Egypt's generals kill the Arab Spring

The blind violence of the Egyptian military is tearing Egypt apart, the left-liberal daily Libération writes: » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Thursday, 15. August 2013

US prefers brutal army to Islamists

As in the past, the US prefers to back Egypt's brutal but controllable army rather than potential US critics, the daily Tages-Anzeiger comments: » more

Politiken - Denmark | Friday, 16. August 2013

EU must fight for reconciliation

The EU should mediate in the bloody conflict in Egypt, the left-liberal daily Politiken writes: » more

Il Foglio Quotidiano - Italy | Friday, 16. August 2013

Indecision characterises US foreign policy

No more can be expected of Obama than the cancellation of the joint military exercises with Egypt planned for September, the right-wing populist daily Il Foglio complains: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Thursday, 15. August 2013

There is no longer a global policeman

The crisis in Egypt is further proof that the US has lost its role as the world's policeman, John O'Sullivan comments in the conservative daily The Times: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Thursday, 15. August 2013

Human lives worthless for the army

The Egyptian army's bloody repression of the toppled president Mohammad Morsi's supporters comes as no surprise, the left-liberal daily Delo comments: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 15. August 2013

Egypt threatens to split in two

The clearing of Tahrir Square in Cairo could result in the lasting division of Egyptian society, the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung fears: » more

Radikal - Turkey | Thursday, 15. August 2013

Armed violence won't crush protests

Neither the government in Cairo nor the international community reckoned with the Muslim Brotherhood holding out for so long after the military coup at the beginning of July, the liberal daily Radikal points out, adding that the violent crackdown on demonstrators was a mistake: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Thursday, 15. August 2013

No sign of a valiant civil society

Only if Egyptian civil society rises up in rebellion as a third force can the violence and division of the country be stopped, the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya comments: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Wednesday, 14. August 2013

US must axe funding for military

The international community must exert more pressure on the conflicting parties in Egypt to stop the violence, the conservative daily The Financial Times demands: » more


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