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Bulgaria demands genuine change

For weeks thousands have been demonstrating in Sofia against sleaze, corruption and the new government. Only last May demonstrators had already hounded Premier Borisov out of office. Will Bulgaria's civil society bring about genuine democratic change this time?

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Saturday, 11. January 2014

Bulgaria's protesters make fools of themselves

The organisers of the protests against the Oresharski government in Sofia had planned to use the anniversary of the storming of the Bulgarian parliament in 1997 to revive the protests. However only a few dozen people gathered outside the closed parliamentary buildings. The daily 24 Chasa mocks the botched initiative: » more

Deutsche Welle - Bulgaria | Thursday, 26. December 2013

Bulgarians protest like never before

2013 will go down in history as the year of the biggest mass protests in Bulgaria since the collapse of communism, the Bulgarian-language service of the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle notes: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 20. November 2013

Bulgarians protest themselves into dead end

For half a year now tens of thousands of Bulgarians have been protesting against the government led by Plamen Orescharski every day - without results, the daily Sega notes, and asks: » more - Bulgaria | Tuesday, 12. November 2013

Bulgaria's students unfortunately too weak

Police and demonstrators clashed outside the parliament in Sofia on Tuesday after several hundred students tried to surround the parliamentary building. The protests are not radical or large enough to make an impression on Bulgaria's power-crazed government, the news portal comments: » more

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Saturday, 2. November 2013

Yuri Angelov admires young Bulgarians' courage

Bulgarian students have been occupying Sofia University for ten days. They are calling for the resignation of Plamen Oresharski's government and more ethical behaviour in politics. The prominent actor Yuri Angelov, born in 1949, calls on his generation to support the protests: » more

Standart - Bulgaria | Friday, 1. November 2013

Students will topple Bulgaria's government

For a week now, Bulgarian students have occupied several university buildings in the country, demanding the resignation of the current government led by Plamen Oresharski. The popular protests which began in June have now reached a turning point thanks to the students, writes author Kalin Terziyski in the daily newspaper Standart: » more - Bulgaria | Monday, 28. October 2013

Bulgaria's students have revolutionary flair

Around a hundred students have been occupying the main building of the University of Sofia since Friday and demanding the dissolution of the parliament and ... » more

Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | Tuesday, 3. September 2013

Roger Waters pulls down Bulgarian wall

Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters voiced his support for the protests against the Bulgarian government at a performance of his The Wall Live concert in Sofia last weekend. "Ostawka", the Bulgarian word for "resign", was flashed on a wall on the stage. No one should be surprised by Waters' initiative, blogger Ivan Bedrov writes in defence of the artist: » more

Trud - Bulgaria | Saturday, 24. August 2013

Magardich Halvadjian has lost all hope for Bulgaria

Thousands of Bulgarians have been demonstrating for weeks against the government and corruption. In an interview with the daily Trud, Bulgarian director and TV producer Magardich Halvadjian says he sees no hope of the political and economic situation improving in Bulgaria: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Monday, 19. August 2013

Bulgarians don't trust each other any more

After more than two months of political crisis and anti-government protests in Bulgaria, one of the key factors keeping Bulgarian society together is gradually being eroded, the daily Sega complains: » more

Offnews - Bulgaria | Monday, 12. August 2013

Maintain pressure on Bulgaria's government

Thousands of people continue to protest in Bulgaria against the government of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski. Columnist Samuil Petkanov, born in 1990 during the first mass demonstrations at the start of the democratic transition in Bulgaria, explains in a commentary for the online portal Offnews why he's been demonstrating every day for the past two months and has no plans to stop: » more

Svobodata - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 7. August 2013

Ognyan Minchev on Bulgaria's stony path to democracy

The political scientist Ognyan Minchev discusses in the opinion portal Svobodata why the transition to democracy was less successful in Bulgaria than in other former East Bloc countries like Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic: » more

Trud - Bulgaria | Friday, 2. August 2013

Protesters and politics irreconcilable

For almost two months, tens of thousands of Bulgarians have been protesting against the government of Plamen Oresharski. Now four intellectuals have challenged the president to a live televised debate in the name of the protesters, an offer he rejected last Monday. According to the daily Trud, a true dialogue wouldn't have been possible in any case: » more

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Thursday, 25. July 2013

Not another new government in Sofia

For more than forty days now demonstrators in Bulgaria have been demanding the resignation of the new government and snap elections. That would really be too many changes of government in the space of a year, protests the daily 24 Chasa: » more

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 24. July 2013

Protest movement offers no alternative

Even if Bulgaria's government gives in to the pressure from the public and resigns this won't change anything, the daily Dnevnik contends: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Thursday, 25. July 2013

New coalition better than new elections

The Bulgarian president Rossen Plevneliev's reaction to the protests is misguided, writes the left-liberal daily Der Standard: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 25. July 2013

EU must keep an eye on oligarchies

EU member Bulgaria poses a problem for the rest of the community, the conservative Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung comments: » more

e-vestnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 24. July 2013

Demonstrators in Bulgaria are anarchists

Demonstrators in Sofia surrounded the parliament buildings on Tuesday and refused to let members of parliament leave for almost ten hours. The police broke up the blockade in the evening. These self-appointed representatives of civil society have turned out to be left-wing extremists, the online portal e-vestnik complains: » more

Offnews - Bulgaria | Thursday, 4. July 2013

Bulgarian provinces don't dare protest

The protests against Bulgaria's government that have now been going on for three weeks have for the most part been concentrated in the Bulgarian capital ... » more

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Thursday, 4. July 2013

Why no one cares about the Bulgarian Spring

For the past twenty days, tens of thousands of people have been protesting against Bulgaria's new government under the Socialist Plamen Oreshaski. But the international media have remained largely silent on the "Bulgarian Spring", the daily Dnevnik criticises, offering the following explanation: » more

Svobodata - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 26. June 2013

Topple the Bulgarian PM with a hunger strike

The writer Edvin Sugarev began a hunger strike today, Wednesday. On the online portal Svobodata he calls for the resignation of Prime Minister Plamen Oresharski, arguing that he has been ignoring the peaceful protests of the past twelve days: » more

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Monday, 24. June 2013

Bulgarians far from true change

Deeply disappointed with their political system, the Bulgarians have been demonstrating for real change for roughly ten days now. Unfortunately this demand won't be fulfilled any time soon, the sociologist Boian Zahariev fears in the daily 24 Chasa: » more

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Sunday, 23. June 2013

Bulgarians hold state accountable

The mass protests that have been taking place in Sofia for the past ten days represent an attempt on the part of Bulgarians to free their state from the stranglehold of unscrupulous politicians, the daily Dnevnik writes: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Tuesday, 18. June 2013

Bulgaria's elite demonstrating on the streets

In Bulgaria dissatisfaction with the new government made up of the Socialists and the Turkish party is growing. Tens of thousands have gathered to protest outside the parliament and the party headquarters every evening since Friday. Even though the trigger was the appointment of the controversial politician Delyan Peevski as chief of the national intelligence service, who has now resigned, this time the issues are more fundamental than those in the winter prostests, the daily Sega observes: » more

Kapital - Bulgaria | Friday, 14. June 2013

Bulgaria's oligarchy gaining ground

The Bulgarian parliament appointed without prior debate a highly controversial MP as chief of intelligence services on Friday, triggering mass protests. Delyan Peevski, the son of media mogul Irena Krasteva and a confidante of oligarch Tzvetan Vassilev was himself under the scrutiny of the intelligence services only recently. The weekly Kapital is concerned: » more


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