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Corruption scandal in Spain

High-ranking officials from Spain's conservative People's Party reportedly received money from party slush funds over a period of several years. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is also under suspicion. Is the government of the crisis-stricken country on the verge of collapse?

El Mundo - Spain | Wednesday, 28. August 2013

Madrid doesn't care about transparency

Spain's governing party the Partido Popular (PP) on Tuesday voted by an absolute majority to prevent the establishment of a parliamentary investigating committee tasked with looking into the party's finances, which have been discredited by the Bárcenas affair. The government is showing little interest in the recently introduced draft for a transparency law, the conservative daily El Mundo laments: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Friday, 2. August 2013

Rajoy's ignorance totally implausible

Addressing parliament on Thusday, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy rejected all accusations brought against him and his party over the Bárcenas scandal. But it's impossible to believe he was ignorant of his treasurer's illegal doings for years, the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya writes: » more

El País - Spain | Friday, 19. July 2013

Spanish judge with PP card undermines trust

In Spain, the investigations in the Bárcenas affair have revealed that the new chief judge of the Constitutional Court, Francisco Pérez de los Cobos, was a long-term member of the ruling party Partido Popular (PP) during which time he already working as a judge in the country's highest court. Although it's not clear from a juristic point of view whether judges are allowed to carry political party cards the fact that he kept silent about his party membership is destroying the people's trust in the party, laments the left-liberal daily El País: » more

Financial Times - United Kingdom | Tuesday, 16. July 2013

Rajoy will survive Bárcenas scandal

Spain's head of government Mariano Rajoy is coming under increasing pressure because of the Bárcenas affair. On Tuesday the opposition Socialists threatened to call a vote of no-confidence in the parliament. But the conservative British daily Financial Times is still convinced that Rajoy will survive the allegations that he received illegal cash payments: » more

Main focus of Tuesday, 16. July 2013

Bárcenas affair threatens Rajoy

The ex-treasurer of Spain's conservative ruling party, Partido Popular, confirmed in court on Monday that he had run a slush fund with illegal donations since ... » more

Público - Portugal | Monday, 15. July 2013

Bárcenas is a ticking time bomb

Former treasurer Bárcenas is a ticking time bomb, writes the liberal daily Público: » more

El Mundo - Spain | Tuesday, 16. July 2013

Rajoy's response is all wrong

Luis Bárcenas, the ex-treasurer of the Spanish ruling party Partido Popular (PP) gave evidence in court again on Monday, this time heavily incriminating both himself and the government. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy stressed in a press conference afterwards that the government would not allow itself to be blackmailed. The conservative daily El Mundo doubts that this will have much impact: » more

Le Temps - Switzerland | Tuesday, 16. July 2013

Prime minister is committing political suicide

Considering Rajoy's poor performance in the polls, the prime minister's current behaviour is tantamount to political suicide, the liberal-conservative daily Le Temps comments: » more

ABC - Spain | Monday, 15. July 2013

Spanish people must decide Rajoy's fate

The daily El Mundo on the weekend published text messages between Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Luis Bárcenas, the former treasurer of the ruling party who is suspected of corruption. In the messages Rajoy urged his former colleague to deny all the allegations while he himself called for the case to be investigated in public. The conservative daily ABC calls for the whole truth to be revealed now: » more

Expansión - Spain | Thursday, 11. July 2013

Bárcenas could save Spain's democracy

Luis Bárcenas, ex-treasurer of the Spanish ruling party Partido Popular (PP), has threatened his party with publishing documents which prove that the party accessed illicit donations and funds. If he carries through on this it would be a chance for democracy, the conservative business paper Expansíon concludes: » more

El Mundo - Spain | Monday, 8. July 2013

Bárcenas could topple Spanish government

Luis Bárcenas, the former treasurer of Spain's ruling party Partido Popular (PP) who is currently in custody, gave an extended interview to the daily El Mundo before his arrest, the content of which was published on Sunday. He accuses the party of a whole barrage of illegal practices. He should repeat these statements before a court of law, the conservative newspaper demands: » more

El Huffington Post - Spain | Friday, 28. June 2013

Fears over ex-treasurer Bárcenas telling all

Luis Bárcenas, the former treasurer of Spain's ruling party the People's Party (PP) and main suspect in the Gürtel corruption scandal, was taken into custody on Thursday. The left-liberal online paper Huffington Post suspects there will be some nasty surprises for the PP now: » more

El Mundo - Spain | Friday, 8. March 2013

Spain's government tried to cover up scandal

The Spanish public prosecutor's office suspects a connection between the Gürtel corruption case and the slush fund accounts of the former treasurer of the conservative PP, Luis Bárcenas. On Thursday it therefore announced that it had decided to put the investigation of both cases into the hands of the same judge. Finally the judiciary is shedding light on what the PP had tried to hide, the conservative daily El Mundo applauds: » more - Spain | Thursday, 21. February 2013

Spain's prime minister avoids explanations

During the debate on the state of the nation in the Spanish parliament, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy avoided the subject of his party's former treasurer, Luis Bárcenas. The latter had 22 million euros stashed away in Swiss bank accounts and cheekily gave journalists the finger when they questioned him about this on Sunday. Ignacio Escolar voices his outrage in his blog with the left-leaning online paper » more

El País - Spain | Wednesday, 20. February 2013

Jorge Urdánoz Ganuza believes Spain's two-party system promotes corruption

While in Germany two ministers, Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg and Annette Schavan, have been forced to step down for plagiarism in their doctoral theses, Spanish politicians cling to their posts despite serious accusations of corruption. Legal philosopher Jorge Urdánoz attributes this to differences between the party systems: » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 18. February 2013

A Spaniard never resigns

The Spanish public is discussing a new case of corruption. Arturo Fernández, deputy chairman of the CEOE employers' association, has been accused of paying employees in an unlawful manner. But none of the politicians accused of corruption has any intention of resigning, the left-liberal daily El País criticises: » more

El País - Spain | Friday, 15. February 2013

Asteroid diverts attention from corruption

The asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass by the Earth on Friday evening at a distance of approximately 27,500 kilometres without causing any damage, according to the predictions of Nasa experts. The asteroid is diverting our attention from things that are far more dangerous, the left-liberal daily El País points out: » more

Diário de Notícias - Portugal | Tuesday, 12. February 2013

Rajoy's fall doesn't help Spain's opposition

The conservative People's Party (PP) led by Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has plummeted in the popularity ratings to its lowest level in 20 years. In parliamentary elections it would obtain just 33.5 percent of the vote, according to an opinion poll published on Sunday. But the opposition Socialists have failed to capitalise on the corruption scandal, the liberal-conservative daily Diário de Notícias notes: » more - Spain | Monday, 11. February 2013

Rajoy raises his pay during crisis

Spanish President Mariano Rajoy published his tax returns on Saturday in reaction to the continuing accusations of corruption. They may expose his love of money but they don't say anything about whether Rajoy received illegal payments from the party or not, Ignacio Escolar points out in his blog with the left-wing online newspaper » more

WOZ - Die Wochenzeitung - Switzerland | Thursday, 7. February 2013

Spaniards have had enough of corruption

Spain's Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy is under suspicion of corruption, adding one more to the list of over 300 Spanish politicians currently under investigation for corruption and abuse of office. Such crimes have been dealt with too leniently in the past, and in these times of harsh austerity measures the patience of the Spanish people is quite rightly at an end, the left-leaning weekly paper WOZ writes: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Saturday, 2. February 2013

Rajoy has back to the wall

Spain's Prime Minister Marian Rajoy refuted all accusations of corruption levied against him on Saturday. Nonetheless, Spain's credibility is on the line here, the left-liberal daily Der Standard warns ahead of the Rajoy's meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel this Monday in Berlin: » more

Público - Portugal | Monday, 4. February 2013

A half-hearted transparency offensive

Rajoy's attempts at explanation are not very convincing, the liberal daily Público writes: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Monday, 4. February 2013

Democratic reform urgently needed

The protests of innocence made by the Spanish Prime Minister on Saturday will not put an end to the corruption scandal, the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya notes and calls for new elections and radical reforms: » more

Público - Portugal | Friday, 1. February 2013

Corruption accusations threaten Rajoy's career

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been accused of receiving illegal wage top-ups. According to a report published in El País on Thursday, leading members of the conservative People's Party (PP) regularly received money from secret bank accounts between 1997 and 2008. The affair could mean the end of Rajoy's political career, the liberal daily Público writes: » more

El Periódico de Catalunya - Spain | Tuesday, 29. January 2013

Spain needs its own Monti

The gigantic corruption scandal that has hit the conservative People's Party led by Spanish head of government Mariano Rajoy has destroyed the Spaniards' trust in the political system, the left-liberal daily El Periódico de Catalunya concludes. The paper sees the election of a non-partisan individual, as was done in Italy, as the only way out of the political crisis: » more - Spain | Tuesday, 22. January 2013

Spanish People's Party lying through its teeth

Jorge Trías Sagnier, a former deputy in the Congress for the ruling People's Party (PP) in Spain, claimed on the weekend in the daily newspaper El País that for years the ex-treasurer of the PP, Luis Bárcenas, paid illicit funds to leading party functionaries without declaring them to the tax authorities. Spanish Prime Minister and PP leader Mariano Rajoy announced on Monday that there would be an investigation into the party finances. This is simply a diversionary manoeuvre, Ignacio Escolar fears in his blog with the left-leaning daily » more


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