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Bulgarians rebel against the system

Demonstrations against high electricity prices in Bulgaria have turned into mass protests against the system. Faced with mounting unrest, Prime Minister Boiko Borisov and his cabinet have resigned. Will a new government break the cycle of poverty and corruption?

Duma - Bulgaria | Monday, 16. September 2013

Protests in Bulgaria losing steam - hopefully

The anti-government protests that began in June in Bulgaria are now coming to an end, the pro-government daily Duma writes: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Monday, 22. April 2013

Bulgaria faces senseless elections

The early parliamentary elections in Bulgaria on May 12 promise to be the most interesting and at the same time the most pointless elections in the past 20 years, the daily Sega writes: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Friday, 19. April 2013

Bulgarians actually want Borisov back

Polls conducted in Bulgaria give former ruling party Gerb led by Boiko Borisov a lead of up to 14 percent in the upcoming elections on May 12. This indicates that the protests that led to Borisov stepping down didn't reflect the true mood in the country, the daily Sega concludes: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Thursday, 4. April 2013

Needy Bulgarians continue to suffer

Following the mass protests in Bulgaria, 100,000 needy people will receive financial assistance from the state even before early elections are held in May. The transitional government approved a social package worth roughly 20 million euros on Wednesday. Once again that means handing out aid to all and sundry, the daily Sega writes: » more

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Monday, 1. April 2013

Only alms for Bulgaria's pensioners

Bulgaria's transitional government has reacted to widespread social protests in the country among other things by increasing the minimum pension by around 2.50 euros per month. More than 300,000 pensioners can rejoice to see their monthly income go up from 72.50 euros to 75 euros, the daily 24 Chasa writes tongue in cheek: » more

El País - Spain | Monday, 25. March 2013

José Ignacio Torreblanca on Bulgaria's lessons for Spain

Spanish Europe expert José Ignacio Torreblanca travelled to Sofia to participate in a conference on the economic crisis in Europe. He notes in his blog with the left-liberal daily El País that he was surprised to find Bulgaria discussing the same problems as Spain: » more

Monitor - Bulgaria | Tuesday, 19. March 2013

Total despair in Bulgaria

The number of self-immolations on public squares in Bulgaria has risen to six since the start of the mass protests, and 131 people have committed suicide in Sofia alone. The social state must take urgent action, the daily Monitor demands: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Sunday, 17. March 2013

Bulgarian protests lack intellectual elites

Almost a week after the establishment of an interim Bulgarian government, hundreds of demonstrators have once again taken to the streets in protest, among other things over high energy prices. The social protests in Bulgaria are becoming increasingly chaotic, the daily Sega complains, calling for an intellectual spearhead to the protest movement: » more

e-vestnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 13. March 2013

Borisov prepares for comeback

Three weeks after the mass protests in Bulgaria, a transitional government has taken over the daily running of the state. However it's not an independent caretaker government but a sham, the web portal e-vestnik writes, because the new Prime Minister Marin Rajkov and three other ministers belonged to Boiko Borisov's former cabinet: » more

Standart - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 6. March 2013

Bulgaria flooded by protests

The protests in Bulgaria continue unabated even after the resignation of Boiko Borisov's government. Psychologist Hristo Monov states in the daily Standart that interest groups have been able to turn the hitherto disorganised unrest to their own advantage: » more

Blog Ivan Bedrov - Bulgaria | Thursday, 28. March 2013

Bulgaria's small businesses devastated

Bulgaria's catastrophic economic situation is above all due to long years of cracking down on small and mid-sized enterprises by the Borisov government and corruption in granting public tenders, the blogger Ivan Bedrov writes: » more

Standart - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 27. February 2013

Bulgarians protest with self-immolation

In Bulgaria a man attempted to self-immolate outside the city hall in the southern Bulgarian town of Radnevo on Tuesday, but was saved. This is the third case of self-immolation in the past ten days, which have been marked by massive anti-government protests. The daily Standart warns: » more

Duma - Bulgaria | Tuesday, 26. February 2013

Bulgarian media drop Borisov like a stone

Since the resignation of the Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov, the television station TV7 and other media that supported the government until very recently have done a U-turn in their reporting, the opposition daily Duma observes: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Monday, 25. February 2013

Borisov's resignation exemplary

The resignation of the Bulgarian government following massive protests against high electricity prices and Prime Minister Boiko Borisov has improved Bulgaria's image abroad, writes columnist Miha Jenko in the left-liberal daily Delo: » more

Sega - Bulgaria | Sunday, 24. February 2013

Naive Bulgarians expecting miracles

Even after the resignation of the conservative government under Boiko Borisov, tens of thousands of Bulgarians protested on Sunday. Their demands include the nationalisation of the energy companies, a greater say in the political process and a new constitution. Pie-in-the-sky demands that are typical of the Bulgarian mentality, the economist Emil Harsev writes in the daily Sega: » more

24 Chasa - Bulgaria | Thursday, 21. February 2013

No one knows how to help Bulgaria

Bulgaria is in a state of political shock after the resignation of Boiko Borisov's government on Wednesday, and neither the people nor the opposition have a concept for the future, political scientist Dimitar Avramov writes in the daily 24 Chasa: » more

Dnevnik - Bulgaria | Wednesday, 20. February 2013

Bulgaria's prime minister stripped of power

Borisov's lust for power sealed his fate, the daily Dnevnik writes: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Thursday, 21. February 2013

Borisov is a streetwise gambler

With the resignation of his government Prime Minister Boiko Borisov is hoping he will win the next elections, the left-liberal daily Der Standard comments: » more

Adevârul - Romania | Thursday, 21. February 2013

Government's resignation must rouse EU

Social protests like those in Bulgaria could well spread to other EU countries if the pressure from the streets goes unheeded, the liberal-conservative daily Adevărul cautions: » more

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Thursday, 21. February 2013

Bulgaria's underlying problem is corruption

The Czech Republic is indirectly involved in Bulgaria's government crisis since the protests of tens of thousands of Bulgarians are also directed against the price policy of the Prague energy group ČEZ. But for the liberal daily Hospodářské noviny widespread corruption is the real root of the crisis: » more

Delo - Slovenia | Tuesday, 19. February 2013

Borisov is role model for Slovenia

After several days of mass protests, the Bulgarian Finance Minister Simeon Djankov resigned on Monday. Demonstrations have been going on for months in Slovenia, and according to the most recent monthly polls put out by the left-liberal daily Delo, only 14.4 percent of respondents support the government. Nevertheless there's no sign of anyone resigning. For the daily this is indefensible: » more

Kapital Daily - Bulgaria | Monday, 18. February 2013

Bulgarian government on its last legs

The Bulgarian Finance Minister Simeon Djankov stepped down on Monday in response to the continuing protests against rising electricity prices and Boyko Borisov's government. A desperate last-minute attempt on the part of a government on its way out, the newspaper Kapital Daily comments: » more

Trud - Bulgaria | Monday, 18. February 2013

Bulgarians protest against the system

Almost 100,000 Bulgarians protested on Sunday against rising electricity prices, and in Sofia it came to clashes between demonstrators and the police. But the high electricity bills were just the last straw, the daily Trud writes: » more

Standart - Bulgaria | Sunday, 10. February 2013

Bulgarians in despair over electricity prices

Tens of thousands of people gathered on the weekend in Bulgaria to protest against the high electricity prices. They set two company cars belonging to the Austrian energy supplier EVN on fire and threw snowballs at Economics Minister Deljan Dobrev. These are signs of utter desperation, the daily Standart writes: » more


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