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Resistance to Hungarian government

Hungary's right-wing conservative government is under massive pressure: while protestors accuse it of violating democratic principles and driving the country to ruin, the EU Commission has launched legal proceedings against it for breach of treaty. Prime Minister Orbán's concessions appear decidedly cosmetic.

Sme - Slovakia | Monday, 11. March 2013

Constitution change to secure Orbán's power

Hungary's right-wing conservative Prime Minister Victor Orbán is putting an amendment to the constitution to vote in parliament today, Monday, which deprives the constitutional court of powers. The initiative is aimed solely at preserving Orbán's power, the liberal daily Sme comments: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 2. January 2013

Hungary's opposition must save the constitutional state

The two key groups belonging to Hungary's left-liberal opposition, the Socialists and the voters' movement "Together 2014", co-founded by former prime minister Gordon Bajnai, have been negotiating since Wednesday on the formation of an electoral alliance. The left-liberal daily Népszabadság welcomes the move and sees the re-establishment of the constitutional state as the alliance's most important goal: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Thursday, 20. December 2012

Hungary's governemnt woos far right

A broad left-liberal electoral alliance is forming in Hungary to challenge the right-wing conservative ruling party Fidesz in the parliamentary elections in 2014. In the left-leaning daily Népszava journalist Tamás Beck voices fears that Fidesz will now try to woo the voters of the far-right parliamentary party Jobbik: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Thursday, 20. December 2012

Orbán and society equally cowardly

The right-wing conservative Hungarian head of government Viktor Orbán is spineless, refusing to give interviews to critical media, the anti-government daily Népszabadság writes. But Hungarian society is just as spineless for allowing Orbán to remain in office even as he was scrupulously expanding his power, the paper concludes: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Monday, 17. December 2012

Orbán influences National Theatre appointment

Róbert Alföldi, the current director of the Hungarian National Theatre, will be replaced by the pro-government appointee Attila Vidnyánszky in mid-2013. The left-leaning daily Népszava denounces the fact that the appointment was clearly influenced by the right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán: » more

hvg - Hungary | Monday, 3. December 2012

End of the world Hungary's only hope

Many people are speculating over the supposed end of the world on December 21, 2012, based on the idea that the Mayan calender ends on this day. An Apocalypse is the best thing that could happen to Hungarian politics, writes journalist Miklós Stemler in the online edition of the left-liberal weekly newspaper Heti Világgazdaság: » more

hvg - Hungary | Monday, 19. November 2012

Fidesz changes election law to its advantage

Several thousand people formed a human chain around the parliament in Budapest on Monday in protest at the new Hungarian election law. The journalist László Seres writes in the online edition of the left-liberal weekly paper Heti Világgazdaság that the reform of the election law works to the advantage of ruling party Fidesz, and that "there can be no more talk of free elections": » more

Heti Válasz - Hungary | Wednesday, 24. October 2012

Bajnai could be Hungarian prime minister again

Former Hungarian prime minister Gordon Bajnai (2009-2010) returned to politics this week after two years of absence. He has announced plans to join an opposition alliance against Viktor Orbán's conservative government. In the eyes of the conservative weekly Heti Válasz, Bajnai definitely has a chance of becoming head of government once more if he can win the approval of the large camp of undecided voters: » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Wednesday, 17. October 2012

Bernhard Odehnal on the renaissance of East European communists

The Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia has emerged from Saturday's regional elections as the strongest party in two Czech regions and is now poised to take office for the first time since the Velvet Revolution of 1989. The communists are once again a force to be reckoned with also in other Eastern European countries, journalist Bernhard Odehnal writes in the daily Tages-Anzeiger: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Thursday, 27. September 2012

Orbán now also in control of the central bank

The governing council of Hungary's central bank on Tuesday reduced the base interest rate to 25 basis points. Central bank chief András Simor and his two deputies had voted against the move but were outvoted by the four members of the council dispatched by conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. In the eyes of the anti-government left-wing daily Népszava Orbán now has the central bank under his control: » more

hvg - Hungary | Thursday, 13. September 2012

Mandatory voter registration undemocratic

Hungary's national conservative government under Vikotr Orbán plans to introduce mandatory voter registration. Voters who fail to register at the latest 15 days before an election will be uneligible to vote in the respective election. The opposition has condemned the plan saying it will truncate democracy, and ex-prime minister Ferenc Hurcsány went on a hunger strike on Monday in protest. Political scientist Róbert László writes in the left-liberal weekly Heti Világgazdaság that the government is trying to get rid of undecided voters: » more

Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | Thursday, 17. May 2012

Orbán bleeding opposition dry

The right-wing conservative government under Viktor Orbán plans to stop state funding for parties for the remaining two years of the current legislative period. The political scientist Gábor Török finds the plan anti-democratic and writes in his blog Torokgaborelemez: » more

Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | Monday, 14. May 2012

Attila Ágh on Orbán's Bolshevist government

Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government has completed the first half of its term of office. Taking stock of the first two years in the left-liberal weekly Élet és Irodalom, political scientist Attila Ágh draws a parallel with the Bolshevist parties before the fall of communism: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 25. April 2012

Orbán filling holes in budget with new taxes

Hungary's right-wing conservative government presented its plans for keeping the country's budget deficit below the EU's threshold of three-percent of GDP. The government plans to bleed the taxpayer white, the left-liberal daily Népszabadság comments: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 3. April 2012

Resignation diverts attention from problems

The resignation of Pál Schmitt as president of Hungary comes at a very convenient moment for Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, writes the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, 3. April 2012

President by Orbán's good grace

A university committee concluded last week that Pál Schmitt copied his entire doctoral thesis from papers written by others back in 1992, leading to the withdrawal of his doctoral title. According to the left-liberal daily Népszabadság Schmitt was entirely unfit to occupy the post of president from the outset: » more

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Tuesday, 3. April 2012

Rules of democracy apply after all

The resignation of Hungarian head of state Pál Schmitt shows that contrary to the accusations of the leftist press the rules of democracy do apply in Hungary, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita writes: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Friday, 30. March 2012

Schmitt's doctoral fraud is symbolic

The Senate of the Semmelweis University in Budapest withdrew the doctoral degree that had been conferred on Hungarian head of state Pál Schmitt on Thursday amidst allegations that he plagiarised parts of his dissertation. The left-leaning daily Népszava criticises Schmitt as a symbolic figure for the way Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government functions: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, 20. March 2012

Orbán contradicts his own policies

Viktor Orbán's conservative government introduced a scheme under which parents using state-run day nurseries must pay contributions for the service in January. In doing so the ruling party Fidesz is contradicting its own policies, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, 16. March 2012

In praise of Hungary's communism

French intellectuals have signed an appeal in the left-liberal daily Libération calling on people to take part in the opposition protests in Hungary marking the country's National Day. Csaba Kukács is reminded in the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet of how Western intellectuals once praised the communist regimes: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Friday, 16. March 2012

EU helps prime minister despite itself

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán has scored a major victory with his populist tirades against the EU on Hungary's National Day, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica laments: » more

Tages-Anzeiger - Switzerland | Friday, 16. March 2012

Citizens pay for Orbán's self-aggrandisement

Flooded with pro-government demonstrators, Budapest's Kossuth Square symbolises the Orbán government's backwards policies, writes the liberal daily Tages-Anzeiger: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, 24. February 2012

EU stigmatises thousand-year Hungarian kingdom

After the EU launching three treaty violation proceedings against Hungary, the European Parliament initiating a resolution against the country and Brussels now wanting to sanction the country's budget deficit, the right-wing conservative daily Magyar nemzet believes it has now identified the main problem of the EU: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Monday, 20. February 2012

Hungarian films suffer under Orbán

The Hungarian film Just the Wind by Benedek Fliegauf won the Silver Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival on Saturday. But Hungarian film is on its last legs under Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government, writes the left-wing daily Népszava: » more

Magyar Narancs - Hungary | Friday, 17. February 2012

The Hungarians themselves must defeat Orbán

After the EU Commission initiated legal proceedings against Hungary for violating the EU treaties the European Parliament followed suit on Thursday by adopting a resolution against the country. However in the end it is up to the Hungarian voters to get rid of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, writes the left-liberal weekly Magyar Narancs: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 8. February 2012

Hungary cosying up to Germany

Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government has launched a charm offensive to woo Germany in recent days. However this new tack complete with a dose of self-criticism is not the result of the government realising its mistakes but rather a lack of funding, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | Monday, 23. January 2012

Hungarians back Viktor Orbán

At least 100,000 government supporters took part in a so-called "peace march" in Budapest on Saturday which was directed above all against the EU's criticism of Hungary's domestic policy. In the eyes of the right-wing conservative daily Magyar Hírlap, which was among the initiators of the march, it was a clear gesture of solidarity with the government of Viktor Orbán: » more

Világgazdaság - Hungary | Thursday, 19. January 2012

Without flat tax Orbán faces political end

Hungary is to scrap the 16 percent flat income tax rate it introduced in 2011. According to media reports the EU Commission is pushing Viktor Orbán to do this. The flat tax, which is enshrined in the new constitution and can therefore only be abolished by a two-thirds majority, is a cornerstone of Orbán's grip on power, the business paper Világgazdaság explains: » more

Die Tageszeitung taz - Germany | Thursday, 19. January 2012

Orbán sees himself as winner against EU

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Wednesday before the European Parliament in Strasbourg that the laws the EU objects to could be "quickly and easily" corrected. The left-leaning daily taz remains sceptical: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Wednesday, 18. January 2012

Brussels' lectures strengthen far right

The three treaty violation proceedings against Hungary above all strengthen the right-wing extremists, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Wednesday, 18. January 2012

EU in agreement for once

With its three lawsuits Brussels is acting against Hungary's lowering of the retirement age for judges, its new central bank law and the lacking independence of the Data Protection Commissioner. Hungary has now been given one month to correct this legislation. At least the EU is in agreement for once, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica comments approvingly: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Wednesday, 18. January 2012

Orbán's nationalism no solution

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is ready to make concessions to the EU Commission in the dispute over the treaty violation proceedings launched by Brussels. He has no choice in the matter, writes the liberal-conservative daily Die Presse: » more

El País - Spain | Wednesday, 18. January 2012

Hungary should lose its voting right

The EU launching a couple of legal actions against Hungary is nowhere near enough, the left-liberal daily El País protests and calls for the country to be deprived of its vote in the EU Council of Ministers: » more

Elsevier - Netherlands | Saturday, 14. January 2012

Hungary is democratic enough

The EU Commission is considering initiating several legal proceedings against Hungary for violating EU law. This is taking things too far, writes the right-wing conservative weekly Elsevier, pointing out that the Hungarians can get rid of the Orbán government themselves if they want to: » more

Corriere della Sera - Italy | Sunday, 15. January 2012

Bernard-Henri Lévy expects harsh EU penalty for Hungary

The EU Commission will decide on Tuesday whether to take legal action against Hungary for violating the European treaties. Brussels should act resolutely to prevent others from following Hungary's example, demands French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy in the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Thursday, 12. January 2012

Orbán has become a European pariah

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Thursday demanded that the EU Commission justify its plans to institute proceedings against Hungary regarding three cases of treaty violation. Orbán is now utterly isolated, writes the oppositional left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Blog Haza és Haladás - Hungary | Monday, 9. January 2012

Gordon Bajnai on the total failure of the Orbán government

Hungary's right-wing conservative government is not only determined to cement its grip on power but it also pursues bad policies, writes the former independent prime minister Gordon Najnai on the blog Haza és Haladás run by the Home and Progress Foundation, which he co-founded around a year ago: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Wednesday, 11. January 2012

Set conditions for EU help for Hungary

The EU Commission will discuss financial aid for Hungary today, Wednesday, in Copenhagen. The EU should only help the highly indebted country if the right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán retracts his anti-democratic new laws, the left-liberal daily Der Standard demands: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Saturday, 7. January 2012

Hungary under attack from foreign media

International media have lambasted Hungary's new constitution and its prime minister Viktor Orbán in the past week. The daily Magyar Nemzet believes it knows who the culprits are: » more

Main focus of Friday, 6. January 2012

Hungary threatened by bankruptcy

The forint fell to a record low while the yield on Hungarian government bonds peaked on Thursday as a result of the controversy over the ... » more

168 óra - Hungary | Friday, 6. January 2012

Only Orbán's resignation can help Hungary

To prevent Hungary's economic collapse the head of government Viktor Orbán must resign as quickly as possible, the left-liberal weekly 168 óra concludes: » more

Financial Times Deutschland - Germany | Friday, 6. January 2012

Exert pressure with money

The EU and IMF should only provide highly indebted Hungary with the funds it needs if the Orbán government rolls back its controversial state reforms, writes the business paper Financial Times Deutschland: » more

Il Sole 24 Ore - Italy | Friday, 6. January 2012

EU and IMF must remain unbending

The yield on Hungarian 10-year government bonds climbed to over ten percent on Thursday. The situation is getting dangerous for Hungary but the EU and IMF should not allow prime minister Viktor Orbán to lead them by the nose, the business paper Il Sole 24 Ore warns: » more

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | Friday, 6. January 2012

Only an expert government can save Hungary

Only if the government of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán resigns can Hungary be saved from bankruptcy, the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza comments: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Thursday, 5. January 2012

Hungary must see its own mistakes

In view of the international condemnation of Hungary's domestic policy the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet warns the government not to lose itself in conspiracy theories: » more

The Times - United Kingdom | Monday, 2. January 2012

Hungary's new constitution violates EU values

Hungary's new constitution, which has met with hefty international criticism, came into effect at the start of the year. With a constitution that threatens the independence of the judiciary Budapest should not receive another cent of EU funding, the liberal-conservative daily The Times writes: » more

Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | Wednesday, 28. December 2011

Hungary lacks democratic tradition

In Hungary the third attempt at modernising the country has failed, writes author Péter Nádas in the left-liberal weekly Élet és Irodalom with reference to the policies of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in the past twelve months: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, 23. December 2011

Godless rating agencies ruin Hungary

The rating agency Standard & Poor's followed Moody's lead on Thursday, also downgrading Hungary's credit rating to junk status. The agencies are driving Hungary to ruin, the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet writes in anger: » more

Wiener Zeitung - Austria | Wednesday, 21. December 2011

Democracy still alive in Hungary

The judgement demonstrates that the rule of law still functions in Hungary, writes the state-run liberal daily Wiener Zeitung, praising above all the courage of the president of the Constitutional Court Peter Paczolay: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Tuesday, 20. December 2011

Guardians of constitution soon gagged

The ruling on relaxing Hungary's media laws was perhaps the final major decision to be made by the constitutional court, the left-leaning daily Népszava comments: » more

Adevârul - Romania | Wednesday, 21. December 2011

Romanians need Hungarian's sense of pride

At the European Ice Hockey Challenge last Friday most of the players on the Romanian team sang along when the national anthem of the Hungarian opponent was played. The team consists mostly of Hungarian-speaking Romanians. Prominent Romanian athletes have called for sanctions against those who sung along. Meanwhile the daily Adevărul says the Hungarians' national pride should be an example to the Romanians: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 21. December 2011

Ruling without effect

Hungary's constitutional judges have declared interference with the content of media as well as violations of the source protection code unconstitutional. But the judgement will have little impact, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung fears: » more - Bulgaria | Friday, 30. December 2011

Crisis will topple Orbán

The consequences of the debt crisis will sweep Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and his right-wing conservative party Fidesz from the political stage, the news portal Mediapool writes, listing the political lapses of the head of government: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Saturday, 26. November 2011

Moody's attacks Hungary

The rating agency Moody's lowered Hungary's credit rating to junk status on Thursday. The agency acts in the interests of the speculators, writes the pro-government conservative daily Magyar Nemzet: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Wednesday, 23. November 2011

Bailiffs drive Hungarians to suicide

The value of the Swiss franc has risen to the point that hundreds of thousands of Hungarians who took out mortgages in the currency are no longer able to service their debts. This is driving many of them to commit suicide, warns the conservative daily Magyar nemzet: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Saturday, 19. November 2011

Premier Orbán fails due to crisis

Under the pressure of the European debt crisis Hungary on Friday initiated talks with the International Monetary Union and the European Union about receiving financial aid. It's high time Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stepped down, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 16. November 2011

Hungary is heading towards economic abyss

Several rating agencies have expressed doubts about Hungary's creditworthiness and even expect the country's economic growth to shrink next year. One reason for this are the poor prognoses for Germany, Hungary's main export market, writes the liberal daily Népszbadság: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Monday, 14. November 2011

Orbán destroys Hungary's creditworthiness

After the US rating agency Fitch lowered Hungary's credit rating to just one level above junk status on Friday the competing agency Standard & Poor's warned on Saturday that it too may downgrade Hungary. Proof that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's economic policy is a failure, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | Wednesday, 2. November 2011

Gábor Török on the turmoil in the Hungarian party system

The Hungarian party system was long considered to be especially stable after the fall of communism but is now in a state of turmoil, political scientist Gábor Török explains in his blog Törökgáborelemez: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Monday, 24. October 2011

Orbán won't go away

In Budapest several left-leaning organisations held a rally on Sunday attended by some 100,000 people to protest against the right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán. In the eyes of the government affiliated conservative daily Magyar Nemzet these panic-mongers have no political clout: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Wednesday, 12. October 2011

Orbán will suffer Kaczyński's fate

After the victory of the liberal-conservative Civic Platform (PO) in Poland's parliamentary elections Jarosłav Kaczyński, the leading candidate of the defeated national-conservative Law and Justice Party (PiS), has defiantly proclaimed that the day will come when Warsaw is like Budapest. The left-leaning daily Népszava hopes for its part that the day will come when Budapest is like Warsaw: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Tuesday, 4. October 2011

Fidesz stigmatises political adversaries

The chief public prosecutor's office in Budapest announced on Monday that Hungarian ex-prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány has been charged with abuse of power in a scandal involving the construction of a casino. The left-liberal daily Népszabadság suspects the ruling party Fidesz of using the charges to settle old political scores: » more

Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | Tuesday, 27. September 2011

Hungary's radical right gains ground

According to the election polls, Hungary's right-wing extremist parliamentary party Jobbik is currently neck to neck with the strongest opposition party so far, the socialist MSZP party. Political scientist Gábor Török suspects in his blog Törökgáborelemez that Jobbik is already a lot stronger and will continue to gain support: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 14. September 2011

Hungary's PM attacks predecessor

The Hungarian parliament on Monday revoked the immunity of former prime minister Ferenc Gyurcsány. The socialist MP is facing charges of abuse of office, for allegedly influencing a dubious property exchange deal years ago when head of government. The right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is launching a new battle, concludes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság, which is critical of the current government: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, 13. September 2011

Hungarian PM wages financial war

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán on Friday announced partial debt relief for Hungarian borrowers, the costs of which are to be borne by the banks in question. Many Hungarians have been unable to service their mortgages with foreign banks as a result of the strength of the Swiss franc. The liberal-conservative daily Die Presse is outraged: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, 9. September 2011

Hungary needs luxury goods tax

In view of Hungary's huge budget gap, Economics Minister György Matolcsy wants to impose a 35 percent sales tax on luxury items. The right-wing conservative daily Magyar Nemzet welcomes the plan but points to potential obstacles: » more

Pravda - Slovakia | Friday, 9. September 2011

Voting rights for Hungarians abroad unacceptable

Hungary's right-wing conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Thursday that Hungarians living abroad will in future be entitled to participate in the Hungarian parliamentary elections. This step by the governing party will put enormous strain on relations with Slovakia, the leftist daily Pravda writes: » more

Magyar Hírlap - Hungary | Thursday, 25. August 2011

Hungary practically paralysed

Hungary's economy is stagnating and will presumably continue to do so well into the next year. Disillusionment is rife and people have lost all faith in themselves and the future, writes the pro-government daily Magyar Hirlap: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Thursday, 18. August 2011

Hungary hit by Germany's stagnation

According to figures put out by Germany's Federal Statistical Office, the German economy stagnated in the second quarter of this year. That's bad news for Hungary, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság, because the country is highly dependent on the German economy: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Friday, 5. August 2011

No mercy for Hungary's left-wing governments

Hungary's conservative right-wing government announced on Tuesday that it wants to take previous governments from 2002 to 2010 to court for their "irresponsible" economic policies. ... » more

Index - Hungary | Thursday, 4. August 2011

Strong franc fleeces Hungary's borrowers

The strong growth of the Swiss franc means that many European households can no longer service their loans taken out in the currency. The Hungarian journalist Albert Gazda writes in the news portal Index about his own experience with taking out a loan in Swiss francs: » more

Der Standard - Austria | Wednesday, 3. August 2011

Hungary copies Russian-Chinese model

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán wants to sue his predecessors retroactively for their debt-raising policies. The EU must stop ignoring Orban's authoritarian behaviour, writes the left-liberal daily Der Standard: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Wednesday, 3. August 2011

Right-wing conservatives take revenge

The spokesman for the Hungarian government, Péter Szijjártó, has announced that politicians of the former social-liberal coalition will be held to account for the rise in Hungary's public debt from 53 to 80 percent of the GDP between 2002 and 2010. This is a feeble attempt to take revenge on political opponents, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Wednesday, 3. August 2011

Prime minister acts undemocratically

Hungary may be deeply in debt but this doesn't give Prime Minister Viktor Orbán the right to put his predecessors on trial, writes the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung: » more

Komment - Hungary | Wednesday, 20. July 2011

Gábor Megadja explains why politicians lie

Politics and truth have always been in conflict, according to historian Gábor Megadja at the opinion portal He looks at why politicians always lie: » more

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | Tuesday, 19. July 2011

Arpád Soltész on the popularity of the far right in Hungary

A Hungarian court of first instance has acquitted a suspected war criminal for lack of evidence. The judgement was met with ecstatic cries of joy from the right-wing extremists present in the courtroom. This prompts journalist Arpád Soltész to comment in the Slovak business paper Hospodárske noviny on the growing popularity of the radical right: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Saturday, 9. July 2011

Hungarian state television fires staff

The Hungarian state broadcasting company has announced that it will axe around 1,000 jobs to cut costs. The BBC also has to cut costs, but there's a major difference here, writes the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | Friday, 8. July 2011

Urpo Kivikari voices concern about Hungary's democracy

Hungary's right-wing conservative government has been repeatedly criticised in recent months. If the domestic political structures and ways of thinking don't change radically, Hungarian democracy will be in serious danger, writes the retired economics professor Urpo Kivikari in the liberal daily Helsingin Sanomat: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Thursday, 7. July 2011

Premier Tusk is role model for Orbán

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk takes over the rotating EU presidency from Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán on Friday. For the left-leaning anti-government daily Népszava the contrast between Orbán and Tusk couldn't be greater: » more

Magyar Narancs - Hungary | Friday, 1. July 2011

Flat tax burdens majority of Hungarians

The right-wing conservative government in Hungary introduced a flat tax of 16 percent at the beginning of the year. The tax places an additional burden on the majority of the population, writes the left-liberal weekly Magyar Narancs, taking stock of its impact so far: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 30. June 2011

Hungary as Jekyll and Hyde

Taking stock of the Hungarian EU Council presidency which ends today, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung draws a parallel to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Domestically a fright, the country has done top-notch work for the EU, the paper comments: » more

Komment - Hungary | Wednesday, 29. June 2011

Hungary seals itself off from EU

Hungary's Foreign Minister János Martonyi has given a positive account in Brussels of Hungary's EU Council presidency, which ends tomorrow. But journalist Miklós Tallián takes a different view on the opinion portal Komment, criticising the Orbán government's lacking will to cooperate: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Tuesday, 28. June 2011

Tears of joy over nationalised Hungarians

Around 100,000 Hungarians living outside their home country have received Hungarian citizenship since last year, a spokesman for the right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán announced on Monday. The conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, which has close ties to the government, expresses its delight that the Hungarian population is growing once more thanks to the new citizenship law passed a year ago: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Wednesday, 22. June 2011

Hungary's government names top judges

The right-wing conservative government in Hungay has appointed five new Constitutional Court judges, including the member of the government István Balsai. To be eligible for such a post one must have no party affiliations and have practised law for 20 years. Balsai meets neither of these conditions, the left-wing daily Népszava notes: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Wednesday, 15. June 2011

Hungary's constitutional court now dependent

Hungary's right-wing conservative government on Tuesday published the new appointments to the country's Constitutional Court, which has been enlarged from eleven to fifteen members. The government-critical daily Népszava writes that this is the end of Hungary's independent Constitutional Court: » more

Komment - Hungary | Sunday, 1. May 2011

Hungary's weakness breeds right-wing militias

The Hungarian parliament on Monday limited the scope of action for far-right militias who act aggressively towards the Roma. The rise of paramilitary organisations is a consequence of the state's own mistakes, writes journalist Miklós Tallián on the opinion portal Komment: » more

Blog A Europa desalinhada - Portugal | Tuesday, 19. April 2011

Róbert Friss on the anachronism of Hungary's new constitution

The constitution adopted by Hungary on Monday is the preliminary highpoint of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's "national revolution". Writing for Blog A Europa desalinhada, Róbert Friss sees this reissue of 19th century ideas as a danger for the country: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Tuesday, 19. April 2011

Revolution without a majority

The new Hungarian constitution is not based on the will of the majority, writes the liberal daily Sme: » more

Magyar Nemzet - Hungary | Tuesday, 19. April 2011

Democratically legitimised

Hungary's new constitution enjoys broad public support, writes the conservative daily Magyar Nemzet, which has close ties to the government: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 19. April 2011

A good basis for governance

The constitution drafted by Hungary's conservative government will form the basis for efficient politics, the conservative daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung notes approvingly: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Tuesday, 19. April 2011

Europe looks away

Europe is not interested in Hungary's new constitution and is thereby ignoring a violation of constitutional principles, the left-liberal daily La Repubblica writes: » more

168 óra - Hungary | Friday, 15. April 2011

Hungary's amateurish new constitution

The right-wing conservative parliamentary majority in Hungary plans to adopt a highly controversial new constitution on Monday. The text of the draft constitution reflects dilettantism and greed for power, writes journalist Tamás Mészáros in the left-liberal weekly 168 óra: » more

Galamus - Hungary | Wednesday, 13. April 2011

Ferenc Krémer on ridicule as a political instrument

Thanks to its two-thirds majority in parliament Viktor Orbán's right-wing conservative government enjoys great power. Sociologist Ference Krémer writes on the left-liberal opinion portal Galamus that ridicule is perhaps the only effective weapon against this power: » more

hvg - Hungary | Thursday, 7. April 2011

Stop Hungary's far-right militias

In certain underdeveloped areas of eastern Hungary the extreme right-wing party Jobbik and its paramilitary militias stand in direct rivalry with the police. The publicist Balázs Stépán warns that things could get out of hand in the left-liberal weekly paper Heti Világgazdaság: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Thursday, 31. March 2011

New Hungarian constitution based on lies

The debate over the new Hungarian constitution continues. Even the preamble is backward-looking and false, the left-liberal daily Népszabadság comments: » more

Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | Wednesday, 30. March 2011

Viktor Orbáns star on the wane

Hungary's governing Fidesz party has suffered a clear loss in popularity. Whereas the right-wing conservative party won a two-thirds majority in the parliamentary elections almost a year ago, current opinion polls now put it at just 30 percent. The policies of Viktor Orbán's government have focused too much on symbolic and ideological content, writes political scientist Gábor Török in his blog: » more

La Repubblica - Italy | Friday, 18. March 2011

Ágnes Heller on the battle against intellectuals in Hungary

Hungary's national-conservative government has accused the internationally renowned philosopher Ágnes Heller of misappropriating research funding. This is just a pretext aimed at silencing her and other critics, the 81-year-old philosopher writes defending herself in the left-liberal daily La Repubblica: » more

Blog Törökgáborelemez - Hungary | Tuesday, 15. March 2011

Hungary's unworthy constitutional process

The constitution as amended by the right-wing conservative government of Hungary will be discussed in parliament in the coming week. But aside from the far right no opposition members of parliament will participate in the process. Unfortunate circumstances for adopting a new constitution, writes political scientist Gábor Török in his blog Törökgáborelemez: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Saturday, 12. March 2011

Orbán government's days are numbered

The right-wing conservative government of Viktor Orbán has been in power for just under a year. But it's days are already numbered because of its unquenchable thirst for power and stupidity, writes publicist József Debreczeni in the left-liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Népszabadság - Hungary | Monday, 21. February 2011

Hungary ignores people's will on constitution

Hungary's right-wing conservative government under Viktor Orbán plans to use its two-thirds parliamentary majority to pass a new constitution in April. To this end it has sent a questionnaire to all Hungarian households. But that's a far cry from actually consulting the people, writes the liberal daily Népszabadság: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Thursday, 17. February 2011

A victory for fundamental rights

The EU Commission has acted correctly in its settlement of the conflict over Hungary' media law, writes the liberal conservative daily Die Presse: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 17. February 2011

Purely cosmetic changes

The corrections Hungary has made to its controversial media law under pressure from the EU are purely cosmetic, the left-liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung writes, and points to the risks: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Thursday, 17. February 2011

A poor compromise

Budapest has hoodwinked the EU regarding the compromise on Hungary's controversial media law, the liberal daily Sme comments, noting that the announced changes are very vaguely formulated: » more

Világgazdaság - Hungary | Tuesday, 15. February 2011

Hungary's haphazard economic policy

Hungary's right-wing conservative head of government Viktor Orbán has announced major economic reforms for his country, but the execution of those reforms has taken place in a very improvised fashion, the business paper Világgazdaság comments: » more

Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | Friday, 11. February 2011

A more relaxed attitude towards Hungary

The criticism within the EU of the new Hungarian media law introduced by Viktor Orbán's conservative government has been far too harsh, writes the liberal-conservative daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung: » more

Élet és Irodalom - Hungary | Wednesday, 2. February 2011

The end of press freedom in Hungary

Freedom of the press in Hungary had been eroded long before the introduction of the internationally controversial media law, sociologist and media expert Mária Vásárhelyi writes in the liberal weekly Élet és Irodalom: » more

Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | Tuesday, 1. February 2011

EU avoids confrontation with Hungary

Only a few days before the deadline set by the EU for Hungary to begin discussing its controversial media law expires, Budapest has agreed to talks but has made it clear that there will be no major changes to the legislation. The left-wing liberal daily Süddeutsche Zeitung considers it inappropriate that the EU has nonetheless welcomed this step: » more

Galamus - Hungary | Wednesday, 2. February 2011

Orbán's economic policy damaging for Hungary

Hungary's right-wing conservative government under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán introduced a flat tax on January 1 and has repeatedly announced new economic policies since coming to power last May. Writing in the leftist opinion portal Galamus, economist Péter Bauer takes the view that Orbán's economic policy is detrimental to the country: » more

Népszava - Hungary | Thursday, 20. January 2011

Hungary far away from Europe

Viktor Orbán's behaviour before the European Parliament has brought discredit upon Hungary, writes the leftist daily Népszava: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Thursday, 20. January 2011

Orbán's critics unreliable

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán didn't do a very good job of countering his critics in his speech at the presidency ceremony, but his critics are also unreliable, the liberal daily Sme writes: » more

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung - Germany | Thursday, 20. January 2011

Europe has other worries

There are two culpable parties in the  scandal at the Strassbourg Parliament: » more


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