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The World Cup moves Europe

At the FIFA World Cup in South Africa the main focus was on noisy vuvuzelas, the poor performance of various teams and the positive impact of the tournament on the host country. Read the commentaries on the first African World Cup.

Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | Tuesday, 13. July 2010

South Africa benefits from World Cup

South Africa will reap long-term benefits from the recent FIFA World Cup, the daily Helsingin Sanomat writes: » more

De Volkskrant - Netherlands | Monday, 12. July 2010

World Cup unites Dutch

For the third time in the history of the World Cup the Netherlands has lost the final. Despite the understandable disappointment this championship has done the country a world of good, writes the left-liberal daily De Volkskrant: » more

Dagens Nyheter - Sweden | Monday, 12. July 2010

Africa's new image

The World Cup has improved Africa's image, writes the daily Dagens Nyheter: » more

ABC - Spain | Monday, 12. July 2010

Harmonious national team a model for all Spain

Spain won the World Cup for the first time on Sunday. The conservative daily ABC would like to see the same kind of harmonious teamwork in politics as in the stadium: » more

Hospodářské noviny - Czech Republic | Monday, 12. July 2010

Europe still best in football

With Spain, the Netherlands and Germany, three European teams have won medals at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. This is at least one thing the old continent can be happy about, the business paper Hospodářské noviny writes: » more

As - Spain | Thursday, 8. July 2010

Puyol overcomes Spain's division

After its victory in the semi-final against Germany Spain has made it to the World Cup final for the first time ever. In honour of Catalan player Carles Puyol's winning goal the sports paper AS uses a half-Spanish, half-Catalan headline: » more

NRC next - Netherlands | Wednesday, 7. July 2010

Holland's new heroes

The Netherlands reached the final of the World Cup for the third time on Tuesday with its victory against Uruguay. The image of the players has been transformed, writes daily » more

hvg - Hungary | Wednesday, 7. July 2010

Double cash-in on vuvuzela

The vuvuzela steadfastly continues to get on the nerves of football fans at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, leading the left-liberal weekly Heti Világgazdaság to investigate its not so distant origins and discover an interesting business model: » more

Fakt - Poland | Tuesday, 6. July 2010

Klose's success only possible in Germany

It's only because the Polish football association is still so badly organised that the Polish-born striker Miroslav Klose climbed to the top of his profession in Germany, writes tabloid Fakt: » more

Jyllands-Posten - Denmark | Friday, 2. July 2010

Football and multi-culturalism

Today the South Africa World Cup quarter finals begin. In their blog for the conservative-liberal daily Jyllands-Posten Troels Heeger und Søren Villemoes poke fun at sports commentators who see the success of a national team as a measure of the success of the integration model of the country it represents: » more

Litera - Hungary | Thursday, 1. July 2010

József Tamás Reményi compares the catenaccio and the sonnet

Literary critic József Tamás Reményi criticises the use of catenaccio defence tactics at the South Africa World Cup on literary portal Litera: » more

NRC Handelsblad - Netherlands | Friday, 2. July 2010

Oranje mirrors closed mentality of Dutch

In the today's quarter-final match in the World Cup in South Africa the Netherlands will play against Brazil. The defensive game of the Dutch team (Oranje) displays the same mentality as the country itself has, the publicist Auke Kok writes in the daily NRC Handelsblad: » more

România Liberâ - Romania | Tuesday, 29. June 2010

Ian Buruma on football as a form of war

Former Dutch football manager Rinus Michels in the mid-1970s coined the famous saying "Professional football is something like war". Writer Ian Buruma agrees with Michels in the daily România Liberă, even if the current World Cup is an exception: » more

Blog Aktuálně.cz - Czech Republic | Saturday, 26. June 2010

Martin Krafl on football Germans' justified national pride

The Germans' sense of national pride is particularly prominent at major football championships, writes Martin Krafl, head of the Czech Centre in Berlin, in his blog for » more

La Vanguardia - Spain | Monday, 28. June 2010

Computers can make football fairer

In two of the World Cup second-round matches the referees made decisions that were obviously wrong. While England was deprived of a goal that was clearly valid, Argentina won its 1: » more

Fakt - Poland | Friday, 25. June 2010

African players need European discipline

The African teams have proven unable to fulfil the high expectations that many experts and fans had of them prior to the World Cup in South Africa, Włodzimierz Lubański a former member of the Polish national team concludes in the tabloid Fakt following the conclusion of the first round: » more

Sme - Slovakia | Friday, 25. June 2010

Slovakian football heroes

The World Cup in South Africa has produced its biggest sensation so far: » more

Le Temps - Switzerland | Wednesday, 23. June 2010

France's football scandal down to arrogance

The French national team was eliminated from the South Africa World Cup on Tuesday. The team has faced harsh criticism after several scandals during the tournament. In the eyes of the daily Le Temps the debacle is the result of a mixture of arrogance and mismanagement: » more

Rzeczpospolita - Poland | Tuesday, 22. June 2010

Weak World Cup games owing to lack of national pride

The performances at the World Cup in South Africa have disappointed fans so far. One reason could be that the players barely identify with their home countries nowadays because they usually play for international clubs, the conservative daily Rzeczpospolita concludes: » more

Die Presse - Austria | Tuesday, 22. June 2010

Hypocrisy in sports journalism

News reports from the Football World Cup in South Africa are a clear indication that Europeans still look down on Africa, writes the conservative daily Die Presse: » more

L'Equipe - France | Sunday, 20. June 2010

France's national football team betrays its fans

In protest at the suspension of their teammate Nicolas Anelka, the French national football team refused to go out and train on Sunday at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Anelka was suspended the day before for insulting trainer Raymond Domenech. The sports paper L'Equipe finds the players' behaviour irresponsible: » more

Delfi - Estonia | Thursday, 17. June 2010

Women like football just as much as men do

Not only men are interested in football, Ene Poll explains in the daily Postimees and counters the all too prevalent prejudices: » more

Helsingin Sanomat - Finland | Wednesday, 16. June 2010

World Cup may strengthen South Africa

Sporting events can have a positive impact on the host country, Olli Kivinen writes in the daily Helsingin Sanomat, referring to the World Cup in South Africa: » more

Mediapart - France | Monday, 14. June 2010

The vuvuzela brotherhood

The vuvuzela, or horn blown by fans at the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, is so loud that some ear specialists are calling for it to be banned. The news portal Mediapart defends the South African instrument from its many media critics: » more

Blog Vidas - Portugal | Friday, 11. June 2010

South African World Cup can unite cultures

The Football World Cup in South Africa is already a historic event because it is the first time that it takes place on the African continent. But is Africa ready for it, asks Vítor Rainho in his blog Vidas for the Weekly Sol: » more

La Croix - France | Friday, 11. June 2010

A joyful celebration

The Football World Cup may not be able to solve South Africa's problems but it is nevertheless a time for celebration, writes the Catholic daily La Croix: » more

Latvijas Avize - Latvia | Friday, 11. June 2010

More than just sport

For the daily Latvijas Avīze the significance of the Football World Cup extends beyond sport well into the realm of politics: » more

El Correo - Spain | Friday, 11. June 2010

A double opportunity

The Football World Cup starting today, Friday, in South Africa is an opportunity for Africa and will make Spain forget the crisis for a few days, the daily El Correo hopes: » more

Dnevnik - Slovenia | Friday, 11. June 2010

Slovenia up there with the very best

Slovenia can be proud of its participation in the Football World Cup because the championship is far more than just a sporting event, writes the online edition of the daily Dnevnik: » more

Público - Spain | Thursday, 10. June 2010

South Africa is not Brazil

With the Football World Cup South Africa aims to present itself to the world as a modern nation on par with Brazil. According to the leftist daily Público it has little hope of achieving this: » more


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