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Zupanic, Milena

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Delo - Slovenia | 17/02/2010

EU furthers the interests of capital

As far as healthcare is concerned the EU stands firmly behind the interests of capital rather than those of its citizens, and this violates the basic principles of the Slovenian healthcare system, the daily Delo writes: "Old mother Europe is interfering with our supplementary insurance schemes. ... Europe can't understand that the interests of the majority of citizens are more important than those of a small elite, in this case the owners of insurance companies. Not long ago it was even written in a directive that capital holders' profits stood above all other interests. Now Europe is saying that we too should bend our healthcare system to this maxim. ... Our system is socially oriented and based on solidarity - that is on people helping each other - and so too is our supplementary health insurance. ... Europe refuses to accept this, and prefers to protect the interests of capital. ... But then the question arises: just what are we doing in the European Union?"

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