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Zuercher, Caroline

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24 heures - Switzerland | 01/06/2007

More German graduates than Polish plumbers in Switzerland

In a report published on May 31st, Swiss authorities salute the positive effects that immigration is having on its economy. Caroline Zuercher recalls how "the free flow of people between Switzerland and the EU and then its extension to new members gave rise to the worst possible fears. There was fear that mass immigration from the East would come to shatter the market. It must be noted that this is not the case. People of German nationality represent the biggest movement of foreigners to Switzerland, well ahead of the Portuguese and the French. ... The economical demand is mainly for workers with average and higher qualifications. These arrivals are therefore not a bad thing for companies. But above all it is the shadow of the Polish Plumber which seems very remote today: according to early experience, immigration from the East is 'moderate'. That 'enemy' brandished by some isn't coming from where it was expected..."

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