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Zsilleova, Miriam

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Sme - Slovakia | 29/10/2007

Germany's Social Democrats move to the left

Miriam Zsilleova diagnoses a swing to the left in Germany's Social Democratic Party, which last week approved a new basic programme: "In 2003 Gerhard Schröder, the social democrat chancellor at the time, had great difficulties pushing through his Agenda 2010 reform programme. The unpopular measures didn't go down well with either his party's left wing or the voters. Four years later, now that the reforms are beginning to bear fruit, the Social Democrats are determined to correct their course. ... The SPD is losing its followers, mainly to the Left Party and the Greens. This is another reason why it has decided to make changes in social policy and also surprised not a few people regarding environmental issues. In a country where up to now there have been no speed limits on motorways it wants to introduce a top speed of 130 kph."

Sme - Slovakia | 17/01/2006

Chancellor Merkel in Russia

Commentator Miriam Zsilleova praises the German Chancellor's skills in foreign policy. "In Washington, she boldly brought a renewed sense of trust into German-American relations without holding back her criticism of Guantanamo Bay or glossing over differences in opinion regarding Iraq. This could catapult her to the position of moderator between Bush and Europe. In Russia, she made it clear she would not be taking up the attitude of uncritical friendship adopted by her predecessor, Gerhard Schröder. The first woman to take office in the German chancellery is beginning to make her mark. Central Europe, which regards Germany as its advocate, should also be pleased with her performance. Germany has a head of government with some clout in the world once more."

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