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Zoltowska, Maja

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Libération - France | 02/07/2008

A hard blow for Paris

Libération newspaper reflects on the effect the Polish president's refusal may have on the French EU Council presidency: "The catastrophe continues. At least so it seems. Just a few hours after yesterday's start to the French EU Council presidency, the conservative Polish President Lech Kaczyński ... announced he will not sign the Treaty of Lisbon. ... This is another hard blow for Paris, where hopes were high that a crisis could be avoided and that the eight countries that have not officially ratified this document ... would remain immune to the No bug."

Libération - France | 26/04/2007

Bronislaw Geremek defies the Polish government

Maja Zoltowska, correspondent for the daily in Poland, denounces the lustration law as a "Warsaw-style purge", which is obliging several hundreds of thousands of people to make written declarations of whether or not they collaborated with the former communist police. "The law has given rise to much criticism in Poland, but Bronislaw Gemerek, an emblematic figure of Solidarity, a renowned medieval historian and former Foreign Minister, aged 75, is the only member of Parliament to have said 'no'. ... In terms of the law, a simple refusal entails the loss of all public responsibilities. The Polish political class reacted bitterly yesterday to Bronislaw Geremek's gesture. Geremek's behaviour 'is not helping Poland', said the Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski. The reaction of the members of European Parliament is a new slap in the face for a government that has turned 'decommunisation' into its war horse."

Libération - France | 12/06/2006

Poland and its minorities

Despite pressure from the far right to have it banned, the 'Equality Parade' went off without a hitch on Saturday, save for a few eggs thrown at the marchers," reports Maja Zoltowska, the daily's Warsaw correspondent. "Up to the very last minute, the education minister, Roman Giertych, leader of the League of Polish Families (LPR, far right), tried to prevent it from happening: 'The current mayor made a grave mistake in failing to have the courage to oppose evil'. ... The skinheads who attempted to provoke skirmishes on Saturday were promptly arrested. The 'war' confined itself to the level of insults and placards: 'Stop Eurosodomy!', 'No to the EU!'."

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