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Zimmermann, Moshe

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Der Tagesspiegel - Germany | 04/08/2006

Moshe Zimmermann on the failure of intellectuals

Israeli historian Moshe Zimmermann explores the role of intellectuals in international conflicts. "An intellectual is no less shocked and dismayed than the average citizen when confronted with the loss of human life, but you would expect him not to accept media catch phrases without criticism… It would be good if intellectuals were to from a trans-national community that doesn't speak in the name of an individual state or nation, but in the name of all humanity. Intellectuals should condemn violations against human dignity and protest against murder and manslaughter. They should seek the causes and those responsible for such evil deeds – even those on their 'own' side." However, Zimmermann adds: "Intellectuals in the Middle East, all over the world, and I, too, as an intellectual in Israel, have failed. We failed to discredit weapons as a solution to the problem, or to overcome the logic of military action and give timely and effective warning about the war ahead and its consequences."

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