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Zilbertin, Olivier

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Le Monde - France | 18/04/2007 is wooing "Europe's curious"

"It may not be alone, but there can't be many of them. is an online magazine, with the principal particularity of being available simultaneously and entirely in no less than seven languages", reports the journalist Olivier Zilbertin who has navigated on the website, a magazine that has been run for six years by a network of voluntary correspondents throughout the whole of Europe. "At, French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish and even Catalan are spoken. On the home page, a little click on a flag is enough to access the entire contents in the tongue of your choice. ... Adriano Farano, the director of the publication, is pleased to say that 'We have invented a sort of participative, transnational, quality journalism'. The website wants to address all of the 'curious people in Europe' and it certainly wouldn't say no to participate in the construction of a 'European public opinion'."

Le Monde - France | 06/01/2006

The explosion of the blogosphere

"A statistical crosscheck taken during a conference in Copenhagen in June 2005 yielded a rough picture of the state of the European blogosphere. With three million participants, France sat comfortably at the top of the rankings, ahead of Great Britain (900,000 blogs) and Russia (800,000). A little more than six months on, there are an estimated six to seven million 'active' bloggers in France - in other words, one in 10 French people have created a blog!" explains Olivier Zilbertin. "For Cyril Fiévet [editor-in-chief of the online magazine,], the blog phenomenon is clearly anything but a passing fad. 'Sure, there might be a bit of a copycat effect', he explains. But the fact is, we see millions of people who never expressed themselves before - who did not necessarily have the means to do so - now deciding to step up and have their say. This is a movement of the most global and fundamental kind'."

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