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Zilahy, Peter

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Süddeutsche Zeitung - Germany | 22/09/2006

Peter Zilahy on the unrest in Hungary

Hungarian author Peter Zilahy says he is "terribly angry" about the protests in his country because those who are protesting are protesting against the truth. According to Zilahy, the demonstrators and rioters are the "losers of the change of system, the many discontented who just want to break things and think they now have permission to do so. Some of them are just in it for the fight. The ill-prepared organisers of the protests can make a thousand mistakes. Perhaps blood will flow in the streets of Budapest – a lot of blood. And what then? Who will be responsible for the nation beating itself up? Who will have the biggest problem the next day? He who in a weak moment thought it wasn't necessary to lie or he who pretended he didn't know that lying was necessary? The train of events that has been set in motion can no longer be detained. Hungarian democracy has crashed through the road blocks at full speed. But at least we've achieved one thing – no one will ever tell the truth again."

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