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Zetterström, Jelena

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Sydsvenskan - Sweden | 30/03/2006

The Berlin-Biennale

Art critic Jelena Zetterström was impressed by the fourth Berlin-Biennale, an art project in the trendy Berlin district of Mitte. "This time the Berlin-Biennale  was neither a big thematic event nor did it have a theoretical superstructure. And it wasn't about the top 100 in contemporary art, either. The Biennale presents itself as a story with many more or less loose plots. It's about Berlin and Europe in the past and present... about personal crises, collective memories and the individual lives of artists. The exhibition stretches along Auguststrasse in what was once East Berlin. It begins at a church and ends at a cemetery. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, this street has earned itself a reputation with the city's art scene, but its symbolic value has its roots in the times before the Second World War when a large percentage of the city's Jewish population lived here."

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