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Zerdin, Ali H.

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Dnevnik - Slovenia | 30/04/2009

The Internet poses threat to journalism

May 3 is World Press Freedom Day. This prompts Ali Žerdin to reflect in the daily Dnevnik on the role of journalists in today's world: "It has become more difficult to assess the value of a journalist's work on the market. A market where, since the advent of the Internet, no one can assess the value of the intellectual property that press freedom creates any longer. Nowadays it seems to be fully taken for granted that everything on the Internet is for free - even a text of high relevance for society in which a great amount of journalistic work has been invested. This will be one of the main contradictions of the future - a paradox, because the market is in a position to put a value on the products of the PR industry. What would happen if freedom of the press disappeared? The public would also disappear, as well as the citizens, the voters. And what would remain? Will we have a World Free Market Day? A World Day of Unlimited Political Power? Could these two days replace all other world days?"

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