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Zemanova, Irena

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Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 13/07/2007

Barandov's sinking star

Up to now the Czech Republic, and in particular Prague's Barrandov film studios, have been well-known as a good shooting location among foreign filmmakers. But this could soon change, writes Irena Zemanova. "The country is becoming too expensive. Hollywood producers already are starting to go to other Central and Eastern European countries. Hungary, Romania, and even Germany, the Netherlands and Great Britain offer better tax incentives. In 2003, film companies invested more than five billion Czech crowns [176 million euros] in film productions in the Czech Republic. By 2006 that figure had sunk to just 1.3 billion crowns [45 million euros]."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 17/07/2006

Promoting East European films

At the Berlinale, in Cannes, and most recently at the Karlovy Vary Festival, there have been a growing number of programmes aimed at promoting Eastern European films as well as young directors and actors from this region. Irena Zemanova and Hana Novakova praise these initiatives, most of which are financed by the EU and its European Film Promotion programme. "Smaller countries, in particular, have trouble getting access to the international market. In Karlovy Vary major foreign producers got to see several dozen new Eastern European films. Anna Geislerova is one of several Czech actors who has made a name for herself in this way and who has already been nominated for an Oscar. The whole project is aimed at opening up the American market for European films. The paradoxical side of it is that after making a detour through America, European films have it easier on the old continent."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 21/04/2006

The Enlargement of the Barrandov film studios

Irena Zemanova reports that the foundation stone for a new huge complex of film studios on Prague's Barrandov hill was laid yesterday. The studios will spread over an area of 4,000 square metres and be endowed with cutting-edge technology and a budget of millions of euros. "The project will produce Europe's largest soundproof studios." Zemanova comments that the background for this huge investment is the recently observed shift of many Western film productions to Hungary and Romania, where it's even cheaper to make films [than in Prague]. "MGM boss Harry Sloan, who is currently shooting the new James Bond film in Barrandov, was very impressed with Prague... When the Bond film team want to close off two Prague streets for a whole day, it's no problem. In Paris that would be unthinkable."

Hospodárske noviny - Slovakia | 31/01/2006

James Bond and the Czech Film Industry

The first scenes of the new James Bond film "Casino Royale" were shot yesterday in Prague. As the Czech financial newspaper reports, the exact sum the American film studio MGM is investing in the film has not been disclosed. "But even at this point, it's clear that 'Casino Royale' will put hundreds of millions of crowns into the Czech film industry's coffers. A representative of Barrandov Film Studios says this is definitely the biggest contract of the year. But it's not just the amount invested that makes this deal so important. More important is the fact that Bond films are cult all over the world. The production of a Bond film is such a prestigious affair that it will attract other foreign producers to the Czech Republic."

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