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Zeedani, Saïd

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La Vanguardia - Spain | 15/02/2006

Cartoon Conflict: Pinpointing Responsibility

The Palestinian philosopher Saïd Zeedani argues in an interview led by Lluís Amiguet that "neither Pakistan nor Syria, nor any other government or religious representative, have enough legitimacy to capitalise on this supposed indignation. ... What we are seeing here is nothing more than politics. The insult to the prophet is merely a catalyst for all the anger that's been building up in the Arab world year after year due to the way it is treated by the West. Yes, I find this treatement offensive, and it offends any Arab citizen more than any cartoon could. ... The truth is that, following colonisation, the Western powers started off by supporting dictatorships out of fear of pan-Arab nationalism, and subsequently because they were afraid of Soviet, and finally, Islamist influence. They preferred to lend their backing to anything other than to Arab democracy."

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