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Zarka, Yves Charles

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Le Monde - France | 21/09/2007

Yves Charles Zarka does not want a world without frontiers

The globalisation of exchanges has revived the old dream of a world without frontiers, open to all on every level. For Yves Charles Zarka, French professor of political philosophy, this cannot work. "A frontier does not only serve to separate and demarcate, it also allows the recognition of others and meeting with them. A frontier has a negative as well as positive meaning. ... A world without frontiers would be a smooth, homogenous desert populated by a nomadic humanity composed of identical individuals without any differences. However, a world criss-crossed by frontiers that are recognised and accepted on all sides is a world of coexisting differences and flourishing diversity. But for mutual recognition and acceptance to exist there must be a balance. Life should be liveable everywhere and everyone should be able to pay others a visit when they wish."

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