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Zapolsky, Alexandre

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Libération - France | 14/07/2006

Open-source software: the battle of tomorrow

"It is only in Europe, and France in particular, that questions subsist about the reality of an open-source software economy", writes Alexandre Zapolsky, the organiser of a demonstration on June 26 under the banner, 'Paris, capital of open-sourcing'. "The major advances in this industry are currently happening elsewhere, and especially (once again) in the United States. ... In Silicon Valley, over the past 24 months, 500 million euros have been raised by fewer than 50 companies. American investors have understood for a long time that there was no myth surrounding open-source access and that it was simply the market of the future. ... So why the devil is it that in France we still have to fight to make people understand that open-source software carries the key to future growth ?"

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