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Zakowski, Jacek

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Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 10/02/2010

Jacek Żakowski on the path to economic success

The basis for Poland's economic success is not its economy but its social capital, including solidarity and education, writes Jacek Żakowski in the online edition of the liberal daily Gazeta Wyborcza: "Demography, human relations, intellectual capital: in the past 20 years we have carelessly exploited these aspects. ... And today we have a problem that can't be ignored. It must be dealt with by laying out plans for the years to come. We don't need a big bang. All we need is to create conditions in which Poles need no longer be afraid to have children, and in which children attending nurseries and schools learn more about working together rather than competition. Conditions in which the most talented students study at university, not the wealthiest, and in which the state represents public interests in the long term rather than the interests of individual groups which continue to influence our politics and media."

Polityka - Poland | 17/09/2008

Human rights in jeopardy

Last week a man suspected of imprisoning his daughter and abusing her sexually for six years was arrested in Poland. Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk subsequently announced Poland would be the first EU county to introduce chemical castration for child molesters. Jacek Żakowski expresses in Polityka news magazine his concern at his attitude towards human rights: "Donald Tusk is not naturally inclined to Nazi ideology. But his comments nourish such thinking in others. Defenders of human rights - about whom the prime minister voices alarming reservations although according to the constitution he too should count among them - are not hysterical people. It is the nature of human rights that they apply to every human being. They must protect everyone or else they protect no one. ... With his emotionally charged words Donald Tusk has unnecessarily stirred a beast that had hitherto been sleeping. If he is against vigilantes, skinned-headed advocates of the 'pure race' and the like appealing to his authority, then he should quickly distance himself from such interpretations in no uncertain terms."

Gazeta Wyborcza - Poland | 25/02/2008

Tusk departs from concensus model

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk wants to solve the argument over authority with President Lech Kaczyński by changing the constitution. Jacek Żakowski has reservations about this proposal, which would allow Tusk and his liberal Civic Platform to clearly separate the two offices: "The Prime Minister announces changes in the constitution that concentrate power. The PiS [Law and Justice Party] had a similar project ready during its period in office. At the time, the liberals seemed to disapprove, because a liberal state is built on consensus and compromise, and is not an elective monarchy. It needs a means to control the authorities, to brake and balance them. For a radical, that is unacceptable. … For the citizens, this would be a protection from radical politicians. The platform warned against weakening these mechanisms, when the president and prime minister were brothers. Now, the party seems tired of consensus-building, and is ready to lift the very security measures that they once warned us were essential."

Dziennik Gazeta Prawna - Poland | 09/08/2007

Polish election campaign in negative light

Yesterday's sacking of Interior Minister Janusz Kaczmarek has further deepened the government crisis in Poland. New elections will likely take place earlier than scheduled. In a guest commentary, Jacek Zakowski of the Polish magazine 'Polityka' laments that the upcoming election campaign will not be about shaping good plans for the future, but rather the ills plaguing the current administration. "This attitude towards politics specific to Poland causes us to vote against reality in every election. ... We vote for a break from what we don't like, yet we don't ever have the chance to make a positive choice. The political parties concentrate all their efforts on putting their opponents in a bad light, at the same time formulating their own platforms vaguely and committing to nothing."

Polityka Online - Poland | 08/07/2006

Poland - a family business

Jacek Zakowski reflects on Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz's removal from office. "We can only speculate on what happened. One theory seems plausible to me. In the eyes of the public and the international community Lech Kaczynski and Kazimierz Marcinkiewicz were increasingly moving to opposite ends of the competence scale. Kaczynski has the poorest performance rating and is the least popular Polish president. Marcinkiewicz, on the other hand, is one of the most popular prime ministers... By installing himself at the helm of government, indistinguishable from his brother, Jaroslaw Kaczynski is getting rid of this contrast. Because the fact is that Jaroslaw is just as ill-suited for the post of prime minister as Lech is for the presidential office... Jaroslaw is no doubt hoping that people will no longer see the weaknesses of the president in such stark contrast to the strengths of the prime minister."

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