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Zöch, Irene

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Die Presse - Austria | 01/02/2010

Haiti's orphans in danger

Ten US citizens have been arrested in Haiti, on suspicion of having attempted to bring children out of the country. Haiti must not be allowed to become a supermarket for criminals, writes the daily newspaper, Die Presse: "People keep on trying, on their own, to bring children across the border into the Dominican Republic, explaining that they have only good intentions. It is just this kind of naïveté that adds to the chaos in the country. Who is able to tell the difference between real rescue workers and criminals? No one can be sure whether children who are hustled out of the country actually do have relatives in their homeland who could care for them. These children are not registered anywhere, their departure is not noted in any office. That is where human traffickers fit right in. They are playing with the fate of Haitian orphans - and with the longings of childless foreigners."

Die Presse - Austria | 30/04/2007

Are Scottish nationalists in keeping with the times?

Irene Zöch looks sceptically at Scotland's parliamentary elections taking place on May 3, which the nationalist Alex Salmond is predicted to win: "The separation from England may be opportune and serve to capture the odd vote, but is the creation of mini-states at all in keeping with the times, let alone sensible, in a Europe that is increasingly growing together?" she asks. "Salmond is no raving nationalist trying to mobilise voters with strong slogans. He's a composed separatist, who approaches his goal with the sober determination of a hard businessman rather than taking to the beer-soaked atmosphere of Scottish pubs. Independence is not to be immediate. The people are to be asked their opinion in a referendum held towards the end of the legislative period. By this time, Salmond hopes to have proved he can govern and catapult Scotland forward without juicy cash injections from far-away London, according to the principle of the Scandinavian welfare state and the motto: We in the north can be better off financially without the English millstone around our necks."

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