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Winiecki, Jędrzej

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Polityka Online - Poland | 04/10/2013

A disgrace for rich Europe

Pope Francis has called the refugee tragedy off the coast of Lampedusa a 'disgrace'. The left-liberal news portal Polityka Online agrees and criticises Europe's policy of sealing itself off: "The sinking of the refugee boat in the waters near Lampedusa is truly a disgrace for rich, well-fed Europe. It appears that 500 desperate people from Eritrea or Somalia were on the ship when it went down. It makes no difference that the refugees apparently set fire to the boat themselves. Far more important is that Europe is unable to cope with the refugees that cross - and disappear in - the sea any better than Australia or the US. We treat them like a scourge that causes a host of problems and try to stop them. By building walls, for example. ... But in fact Europe could give political and financial support to countries like Somalia and Eritrea without any problem."

Polityka Online - Poland | 27/03/2013

North Korea won't declare war on US

North Korea warned the US on Tuesday that it was placing its military units under combat-ready status. This will escalate the conflict, the left-liberal news website Polityka Online comments, which however doesn't fear there could be a war: "Must one take this sabre-rattling seriously? Unfortunately, yes - particularly considering the size of North Korea's arsenal and the unpredictability of its political leaders. However it's relatively easy to predict the outcome of a potential war: the regime in Pyongyang would be the losing side. So it's safe to say that the current crisis will be confined to rhetorical attacks and won't have any repercussions. But this certainly doesn't mean that the Korea problem is solved. On the contrary: the new leader has not turned out to be a promoter of peace. And in the next few years North Korea will be in a position to develop its missile technology to the point where it can target sites in the US."

Polityka Online - Poland | 28/06/2011

Arrest warrant of little help

The international warrant issued for Gaddafi's arrest is of little practical value, writes the online edition of news magazine Polityka: "The decision of the judges of the International Criminal Court has a symbolic rather than practical function because there is hardly anyone who can enforce it. ... It's highly unlikely that Gaddafi will ever be put on trial. The rebels can prosecute him in a Libyan court if they catch him. But they could also agree to the even less likely possibility of the colonel leaving the country as a swifter means of ending the civil war."

Polityka Online - Poland | 25/01/2011

Russia helpless against terror

The bombing at the Moscow airport shows how unsuccessful the Russian government has been in fighting Islamic terrorists, writes the online edition of the news magazine Polityka: "On the one hand the attack in Moscow has shown how vulnerable Russia still is to attacks from terrorists. On the other it demonstrates that Russia has failed to get a grip on the situation in the North Caucasus. Russian investigators are pointing to the North Caucasus - without clear-cut evidence as to the origin of the attacker who blew himself up on Monday afternoon. In their view that's where the contractors and organisers of the explosion are to be found. In the past years Islamists from the North Caucasian republics - above all Dagestan, Ingushetia and Chechnya - have been behind almost all terrorist attacks in Russia."

Polityka Online - Poland | 29/09/2010

No change of power in North Korea

Kim Jong-un, the youngest son of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, has been appointed to the Central Committee of the Workers' Party and made general and vice chairman of the Central Military Commission. This means there will be no change of power in the country for the time being, the online edition of the news magazine Polityka concludes: "The special party conference of the North Korean communists, organised to mark the 65th anniversary of the founding of the party, will hardly go down in the annals of history. The delegates, all decked out in their medals, once again appointed Kim Jong-il as Secretary-General despite the tentative speculation that the 'beloved leader' was now prepared to name his youngest son Kim Jong-un the new leader. But what would have been a sensation has failed to materialise. And instead of power he has only received the stars of a general."

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