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Whittam Smith, Andreas

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The Independent - United Kingdom | 10/09/2013

Andreas Whittam Smith on the end of Western imperialism

According to several surveys, a majority of the population in both the US and Europe is against a military strike in Syria. This reluctance marks the end of Western colonialism and imperialism, comments columnist Andreas Whittam Smith in the left-liberal daily The Independent: "The notion of the US Navy firing cruise missiles into a Middle-East nation from vessels in the Mediterranean to 'teach it a lesson' is pure Western imperialism. And we don't seem to want to do it any longer. ... Afghanistan and Iraq turn out to be the final disasters. The British surrender at Yorktown in 1781 [in the American War of Independence], the French defeats in Indochina and Algeria, and finally the ignominious withdrawals by the US and its allies from Afghanistan and Iraq, these have done for colonialism and its more virulent form, imperialism. There can be no going back. No US president, no UK prime minister, no French president is ever again going to ask Congress, Parliament or National Assembly to approve the invasion of a another country, even by airpower alone. After 600 years, that is over. Never again."

The Independent - United Kingdom | 18/09/2006

Andreas Whittam-Smith on a shift of power from US to Europe

"Influence is slowly shifting from the US to Europe so far as the Middle East is concerned," comments Andreas Whittam-Smith, co-founder and chronicler of the daily, evaluating current European intervention in the region. "It is not so much that Europe has become stronger, but that the US appears weaker ... At the same time, a change in the political leadership of America's main allies is under way. First to go was the Spanish Prime Minister, the conservative Jose Maria Aznar. He resigned in 2004 and his party lost the subsequent elections. Then in April 2006, Italy's Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi was also kicked out by the voters. And our own Tony Blair has been given notice to quit by his party ... Their successors will silently acknowledge previous policy failures and adjust accordingly."

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