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Werly, Richard

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1.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 13/06/2015

Strauss-Kahn's enormous resilience

The former IMF head Dominique Strauss-Kahn was acquitted of pimping charges on Friday by a court in the French city of Lille. The liberal daily ... » more

2.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 01/06/2015

Sarkozy climbs into the ring

The French conservative UMP party under former president Nicolas Sarkozy renamed itself Les Républicains (the Republicans) at its party congress on Saturday. With his address ... » more

3.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 08/09/2014

Front National rouses France

At the summer university of the far-right Front National youth organisation in the southern French town of Fréjus, party leader Marine Le Pen called on ... » more

4.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 17/07/2014

Juncker best man for the job

Jean-Claude Juncker is the ideal Commission president and he must use his authority to bring about fundamental reforms in EU policy, the liberal daily Le ... » more

5.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 14/12/2012

A ray of hope for the EU at year's end

The last EU summit of the year is ending on a positive note, the left-liberal daily Le Temps writes: "2012 is coming to an end ... » more

6.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 22/01/2009

Guantánamo closure decisive for the future of the Transatlantic Alliance

The daily Le Temps writes that Guantánamo will be decisive for the future of transatlantic relations: "The common values of the United States and the ... » more

7.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 12/12/2008

Switzerland joins Schengen area

Switzerland joins the Schengen area today, Friday. The daily Le Temps analyses the significance and consequences of this move for the Alpine country. "What in ... » more

8.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 31/01/2008

Are Europeans too fat?

"Better labelling for better health". This is how Richard Werly sums up the European proposals for a new labelling of food and drink [presented ... » more

9.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 28/11/2007

Populism feeds on certain European taboos

Richard Werly interviews the political scientist Jérôme Jamin, from the Université de Liège, on the reasons behind the multiplication in Europe of Euro-sceptic ... » more

10.  Le Temps - Switzerland | 21/11/2007

The devestating ecological toll of EU meetings

"European warming is not good for the climate", notes Richard Werly, as three European meetings have been scheduled for early December: In Lisbon, there is ... » more


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