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Wahnón, Sultana

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ABC - Spain | 03/05/2006

Sultana Wahnón and the ideology of Ahmadinejad

Sultana Wahnón, a literature professor at the University of Grenada, analyses the revisionist statements made on several occasions by the Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. "The declarations by Primo Levi [1919-1987] during the 1980's, at the time of the Islamic Revolution's triumph in Iran, seem timelier than ever. He said at the time that the Nazi ideology had not died, but had simply shifted to another place, and that listening to Khomeini speak made him feel like he was reliving moments from his days as a young man in Italy and Germany when he he heard the incomprehensible speeches of Mussolini and Hitler. Were he still alive, the Italian writer would be able to hear Ahmadenidjad and he would have no doubt about the need to be leery of this man and to remain vigilant in the face of his threats."

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