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Videmšek, Boštjan

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1.  Delo - Slovenia | 05/12/2015

Too many players profit from IS's rise

All the players in Syria right now have benefited from the creation and expansion of the IS organisation, the centre-left daily Delo is convinced: "The ... » more

2.  The Chronikler - Belgium | 16/09/2015

Exodus to Europe: A civil rights movement

Far from posing a threat to Western lifestyles the migrants from the Middle East and Africa help Europe reaffirm its key values through their suffering, ... » more

3.  Delo - Slovenia | 08/07/2015

Greek crisis: neo-Nazis gaining ground

The far-right Golden Dawn party supported Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras's decision to hold a referendum. This has served to strengthen its position, the centre-left ... » more

4.  Delo - Slovenia | 06/07/2015

EU's democracy to be put to the test

Alexis Tsipras's government will adopt a different attitude to Greece's creditors in future, the liberal daily Delo believes: "After the general elections in January and ... » more

5.  Delo - Slovenia | 18/09/2014

The US itself conjured up the IS specter

The US has carried out more than 160 airstrikes since August against the jihadist Islamic State's positions in Iraq. But the advance of the terrorist ... » more

6.  Chronos - Greece | 01/01/2014

Athens won't exploit EU presidency

Greece holds the EU Council presidency for the first half of 2014. But hopes that this will help to overcome the crisis are unfounded, the ... » more

7.  Delo - Slovenia | 07/10/2013

A crime against humanity

Europe's refugee policy alone is to blame for the Lampedusa tragedy, the left-liberal daily Delo writes: "The EU has brutally tightened controls on its southern ... » more

8.  Delo - Slovenia | 15/08/2013

Human lives worthless for the army

The Egyptian army's bloody repression of the toppled president Mohammad Morsi's supporters comes as no surprise, the left-liberal daily Delo comments: "The price of a ... » more

9.  Delo - Slovenia | 17/06/2013

A counterattack worthy of a dictator

This brutal counterattack by a self-satisfied ruler was to be expected, the left-liberal daily Delo comments following the violent clearing of Gezi Park: "There were ... » more

10.  Delo - Slovenia | 30/01/2013

New dictatorship born in Egypt

In the last few days more than 50 people have died in the violent protests against President Mohammed Mursi in Egypt. Mursi has therefore cut ... » more


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