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Vidal-Naquet, Pierre

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Libération - France | 27/07/2006

Intellectuals against the war in Lebanon

The daily published on July 27 a joint appeal from several intellectuals demanding an end to the violence. Among them is the French historian, Pierre Vidal-Naquet, who died this past weekend at the age of 76. "Enough of this belligerent lunacy, enough of this abominable aggression waged in the name of Israel against Lebanese and Palestinians, a paranoid aggression that in turn provokes deadly shelling against Israeli civilians. Enough of this cynical behaviour that uses the hostage-taking of three soldiers as a pretext for settling scores with Hamas supporters and Hizbullah members, both of whom, in reality, have only seen their strength reinforced by their resistance to the Israeli attacks. Enough of this headlong rush towards a dangerous conflagration in which the United States would 'defend' Israel by embarking on a new war with incalculable consequences against Syria and Iran. Enough of this frenzied race towards the abyss."

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