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Vidal, Koen

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1.  De Morgen - Belgium | 09/12/2015

Hollande's zig-zag course on Islam helps Le Pen

The French Socialists are hoping to prevent the Front National from winning the second round of the regional elections with tactical manoeuvres. But President Hollande's ... » more

2.  De Morgen - Belgium | 10/07/2015

Greek crisis: Washington doesn't want a Grexit

According to media reports US President Barack Obama has urged German Chancellor Angela Merkel to make concessions to Athens and grant it debt relief. Obama's ... » more

3.  De Morgen - Belgium | 16/02/2015

Denmark a model in dealing with terror

Although it has been shocked by what looks like an Islamist-motivated attack Denmark is responding to the threat posed by radical elements in model fashion, ... » more

4.  De Morgen - Belgium | 16/01/2015

Terror doesn't make Belgium a war zone

Two presumed jihadists were killed on Thursday during a big counter-terrorism raid in Belgium. According to the prosecutor's office, the strike was aimed at preventing ... » more

5.  De Morgen - Belgium | 02/05/2014

Erdoğan digging his own grave with protest ban

Police in Istanbul cracked down heavily on May Day protesters trying to enter Gezi Park on Thursday. The Turkish authorities had banned demonstrations at the ... » more

6.  De Morgen - Belgium | 07/04/2014

Belgium's worst mistake

On the 20th anniversary of the genocide in Rwanda the left-liberal daily De Morgen remembers Belgium's failure: "Belgium left Rwanda in the lurch. After the ... » more

7.  De Morgen - Belgium | 13/01/2014

Social rift hinders Europe's progress

According to recent studies by the University of Antwerp, the gap between rich and poor in Europe has widened since the start of the financial ... » more

8.  De Morgen - Belgium | 07/08/2013

A boost for the Washington Post

Investigative journalist Bob Woodward of the Washington Post has taken a positive view of the takeover of the venerable newspaper by Amazon boss Jeff Bezos. ... » more

9.  De Morgen - Belgium | 05/08/2013

The dream of a moderate Iran

In his first speech as president the newly elected Hassan Rouhani promised a government of "hope and prudence". This really is a hopeful sign, the ... » more

10.  De Morgen - Belgium | 27/05/2013

Negotiations with Assad the only option

Peace talks are the only option in this war, the left-liberal daily De Morgen writes: "Just like back then in Bosnia, there's no choice but ... » more


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