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Venturini, Franco

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Corriere della Sera - Italy | 26/03/2014

Haggling over Stoltenberg's Nato candidacy

Norway's ex-prime minister Jens Stoltenberg is reckoned to have the best chances of taking over as the new Nato Secretary General on September 30. After Germany and the US declared their support for Stoltenberg's candidacy the Aftenposten newspaper reported that the UK and France have now followed suit. The liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera is surprised at this news: "Until now the secretary general has always come from an EU member state. ... Norway may be a Nato member but it doesn't belong to the EU. Between June and November, Europe faces a complex change of staff, not just at the Nato headquarters but also in the European Commission and the EU Council presidency. Rumour has it that Chancellor Merkel wants a social democrat like Stoltenberg at Nato's helm to foil the ambitious plans of the German social democrat Martin Schulz to become President of the European Commission. However it's more likely that the US doesn't want a secretary general from an EU state because it wants to avoid becoming embroiled in the EU's internal power struggles."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 29/11/2013

Europe must wrest control from Putin

Even if the EU does end up forging stronger ties with the former Soviet republics Georgia and Moldova at the end of the summit, it won't be enough to save the event, the liberal-conservative daily Corriere della Sera writes: "To believe that the predictable initialling of the association agreements with Georgia and Moldova can still make a success of the summit is nothing more than hypocrisy. What could have fundamentally changed Europe's geopolitical position is the failed agreement with Ukraine. ... If Europe still wants to win, it has to strip Putin of the power to blackmail Ukraine economically. There are only two ways to do that: by offering even more money, or by means of a complicated trilateral agreement between Brussels, Kiev and Moscow."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 04/12/2009

Italy takes on the US challenge

The Italian government has decided to comply with the US's demand that it send more soldiers to Afghanistan. In the eyes of liberal conservative daily Corriere della Sera it will take on a pioneering role along with the UK and Spain: "The Italy that doesn't hesitate to say 'yes' to [US President] Barack Obama obviously intends to strengthen its friendship with the US. But above all, and this is the true strategic dimension: the Italy that says 'yes' has decided to take on Barack Obama's challenge. A bold enterprise, and according to some a risky one. ... This is a challenge, but at this point Obama had no other course of action open to him. And Italy too, to the extent that it is making its contribution, didn't want to act any differently. It didn't want to wait, didn't want to deliberate and didn't want to withdraw. The message is clear and positive: allies move together, whether it's backwards or forwards."

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 13/03/2007

Putin's official visit to Italy

The Russian president Vladimir Putin is paying a visit to Italy this March 13th. The editorialist Franco Venturini considers the mystery surrounding the figure. "Only one thing is more frightening than a stable Russia and that is an unstable Russia. Maybe we need to resort to the old cold war system as a reference to understand the torment that characterises today's relations between the West and Russia and to know how to deal with this Vladimir Putin, who is to be honourably received in Italy and the Vatican. Seven years after his arrival in the Kremlin, the Russian president remains an impenetrable enigma for many. Will Prodi, Napolitano and the Pope this evening be welcoming a nation's saviour, or a former KGB agent who has not given up his old methods ? Is Putin responsible for the democratisation of a country where democracy has never existed or is he at the head of a barely masked dictatorship ?"

Corriere della Sera - Italy | 18/07/2006

Europe on a peace mission in the Middle East?

Following Kofi Annan's offer to send an "international stabilisation force" to the Israeli-Lebanese border, editorialist Franco Venturini argues that Europe has a role to play. "The proposition (by Annan), which to its credit is at least more concrete than the tortured dialectics of the [G]8, immediately found dedicated advocates. Blair affirmed that Great Britain would play a part. Prodi put Italy at the [force's] disposal. Chirac followed suit and Putin was quick to say he would consider committing Russian troops ... We can say with virtual certainty that the international community has no illusions; it knows that it will not be able to attain the goals it has set: reestablishing Israel's security and putting an end to the bombing of Lebanon ... It will be interesting to ascertain who will actually end up being deployed, and whether the UN will give a Europe a leadership role."

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