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Vasilescu, Mircea

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1.  Blog Adevărul - Romania | 18/06/2015

Romania neglects print media

The Romanian government decided last week to make 15 million euros available to audiovisual media that plan to produce informative and cultural programmes. As usual ... » more

2.  Adevârul - Romania | 30/08/2013

Romania to listen to Barenboim

Star conductor Daniel Barenboim is to conduct the opening concert on Saturday of the month-long George Enescu festival in Bucharest. He is on a mission to use ... » more

3.  Adevârul - Romania | 11/05/2012

Bucharest must respect Hungarian minority

The Hungarian Federation in Romania, the UDMR, is unhappy that the programme of the left-liberal alliance USL makes no reference to the Hungarian minority. Minority ... » more

4.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 20/10/2011

Being leftist is trendy in Romania

Romanians have lately shown a fondness for professing to be leftist on Facebook and in blogs, notes the Romanian weekly Dilema Veche. For a long ... » more

5.  Adevârul - Romania | 12/10/2011

French jokes about Romanians no state affair

A French satirical programme has repeatedly made  jokes about Romanians, portraying them as beggars in France. However the ensuing expressions of outrage from the Romanian ... » more

6.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 23/08/2011

Mircea Vasilescu sees EU beset by crisis of confidence

The EU is currently undergoing a deep crisis of confidence, Mircea Vasilescu writes in the left-liberal weekly Dilema Veche: "You can't lead a mega-state with ... » more

7.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 01/04/2011

Mircea Vasilescu on the open wounds of communism

Even today the transition from socialism to democracy and capitalism in Romania is associated with widespread popular distrust of politicians. Mircea Vasilescu writes in the ... » more

8.  Adevârul - Romania | 01/12/2010

Romania plans absurd renaming of Roma

Roma associations demonstrated on Tuesday against a draft law which would see the word "Roma" replaced with the word "Gypsy" in Romania's official language. The ... » more

9.  Adevârul - Romania | 17/11/2010

Motorway destroys Bucharest's heritage

A motorway roughly twelve kilometres in length is to cut through Bucharest by 2012 to allow drivers to cross from the north to the south ... » more

10.  Dilema Veche - Romania | 06/08/2010

Romania finally streamlines its state apparatus

Romania's town halls are to present their plans by the end of next week on reducing staff over the coming months. The government has promised ... » more


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