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Tymanski, Tymon

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Rzeczpospolita - Poland | 21/05/2007

Poland's rock musicians lack team spirit

The popular Polish rock and jazz musician Tymon Tymanski and his band Tymon & The Transistors have just released their new album "Don't Panic! We're From Poland". Talking to Jacek Cieslak, Tymanski comments that unlike Western rock musicians, most Polish rock musicians still lead the wild rock and roll life. "The Poles lack discipline. They still haven't grasped the spirit of the revolution of the 1960s, when egocentric artists and art dictators lost influence and a collective of artists emerged... Both rock and roll and jazz are based on teamwork... Lou Reed has been practising Tai Chi for several years now and Bowie and Jagger live like saints. This requires professionalism and a quest for uninterrupted development. But our boys still haven't understood this. I like to drink and chase the girls every now and then too, but when you reach a certain age you have to go beyond that and try to help, not just take. You can't babble on about a moral revolution and stay in the swamp at the same time."

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