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Twomey, Vincent

lecturer in moral theology and editor of the Irish Theological Quarterly, Pontifical University, Maynooth

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The Irish Times - Ireland | 13/11/2006

Vincent Twomey and the Christian roots of Europe

The theologian Vincent Twomey challenges the notion that religion is a block to progress. "Cultural amnesia is a dangerous condition for any society. People lose the critical sense that memory of times past cultivates. Society becomes the plaything of passing fashions, once the criteria of experience have been forgotten. According to the Polish philosopher Leszek Kolakowski Europe's most distinguishing feature was its capacity for self-questioning. This is the legacy of the Christian faith that has shaped European society. ... Europe's richest cultural products are either due to the inspiration of Christianity or in revolt against it. Without a Christian memory, past achievements in literature, music, and art, become inaccessible. James Joyce, for example, can only be understood on the basis of Catholic faith and ritual."

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