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Tusquets, Esther

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El País - Spain | 15/05/2007

Esther Tusquets fears the 'asphyxia' of Spanish society

The Spanish writer Esther Tusquets deplores the multiplication of bans and taboos in society. "I understand that, for cohabitation to be possible, many norms, laws, restrictions and bans are necessary. I regret, however, that instead of applying them with a little flexibility, with minimal common sense, taking into account the circumstances of each case, the agents of the law often apply them rigorously, which probably simplifies their work. And I am surprised to note that the people around me, far from accepting these bans as minor evils, welcome them with unshakeable enthusiasm, delighted to have the opportunity to denounce or reprimand. All this may well have a very civil propose and we may one day be a country as well-ordered as Switzerland. But is it not creating an asphyxiating atmosphere ?"

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