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Turcescu, Robert

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Evenimentul Zilei - Romania | 25/11/2010

Robert Turcescu on Romanians' love of misfortune

The Romanian television presenter Robert Turcescu stopped broadcasting his very popular talk show in August. In the daily Evenimentul Zilei he criticises the talk show format: "We spend all our time complaining. Talk shows today are a never-ending saga about what has never worked, what doesn't work and what will never work. It's become totally unnatural to talk about what could be done. If you appear in the least confident or optimistic you're immediately treated with suspicion. Instead people are now feverishly being sought who can cast doubt on everything, on the water, the air, on today and above all on tomorrow. We can't have a future because we're too busy burying today's dead. ... More than ever it's becoming clear today that we're afraid we just might succeed at something. For example we would be filled with disappointment if as a result of some miracle or other, for example harder work, we were able to enter the Schengen Area or put the crisis behind us. If a motorway were finally completed or the government started working efficiently a lot of people would start wailing: 'Why must we have it so good? We much prefer having a terrible time of things'."

Cotidianul - Romania | 12/03/2008

Parliamentarians to vote on criminal investigations

Several Romanian government representatives are suspected of corruption. The constitutional court has now ruled that investigations against ministers and parliamentarians require parliamentary approval. Robert Turcescu is appalled: "This means that the investigations against [former Prime Minister] Adrian Nastase or [former Minister for Economic Affairs] Codrut Seres or [ex-Minister of Transport] Miron Mitrea or [current Labour Minister] Paul Pacuraru require a vote by MPs and senators. Here's a question: take the current parliament everything revolves around alliances between the social democrats (PSD) and the conservatives (PC) or at the moment around the coalition talks between the PSD and the liberals (PNL). These are the parties the suspects come from. When do you think they will vote in favour of criminal prosecution? Correct: never! The truth is we've gone back to where we began. The constitutional court is sending us back to the days when the parliamentarians were demi-gods."

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