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Türcke, Christoph

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Neue Zürcher Zeitung - Switzerland | 12/04/2006

Good or evil religion?

Christoph Türcke, a professor of philosophy in Leipzig, raises the question of what characterises a "good religion” and draws the following conclusions. "A 'good religion' cannot be designed on a drawing board or negotiated into existence. However, none of the religions we have now are 'good'. None of them gained their power without using intimidation, humiliation, condemnation, torture and murder. And none of them is based on a set of beliefs that offer any more security than an uncovered check. So why are they continuing to proliferate, even among people who value sound arguments and peace when it comes to things like politics and morals, health and computers? Most people stick to their religion not because they think they're good. They think they're good because they stick to them.”

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