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Popescu, Cristian Tudor

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1.  Gândul - Romania | 22/08/2012

Băsescu leaves Romanians embittered

The ruling of the Constitutional Court has left many Romanians with a great sense of bitterness, the left-liberal daily Gândul comments: "Băsescu must now quickly ... » more

2.  Gândul - Romania | 20/07/2012

Ponta's plagiarism scandal now campaign issue

In the plagiarism scandal involving Romanian Prime Minister Victor Ponta's doctoral thesis the ethics committee appointed by the Ministry of Education announced on Thursday that ... » more

3.  Gândul - Romania | 29/02/2012

Lustration law comes 22 years too late

The lower house of the Romanian parliament, the Chamber of Deputies, passed a lustration law on Tuesday which bans former members of the communist regime ... » more

4.  Gândul - Romania | 24/01/2012

Minister's sacking discredits Băsescu

Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc sacked his foreign minister Teodor Baconschi on Monday after Baconschi described the demonstrators on his blog a week ago as ... » more

5.  Gândul - Romania | 16/06/2010

Romania steals from its own people

Romania's government on Tuesday survived a vote of no confidence tabled by the Romanian opposition. Its package of drastic austerity measures will thus come into ... » more

6.  Gândul - Romania | 16/10/2009

A prime miniser without experience

The daily Gândul is unhappy with Romanian President Traian Băsescu's decision to appoint financial expert Lucian Croitoru as head of government, rather than the German-Romanian ... » more

7.  Gândul - Romania | 06/01/2009

The plastic bag stays

The Romanian Minister for the Environment Attila Korodi recently explained that it would not be feasible to ban free plastic bags in Europe. The daily ... » more

8.  Gândul - Romania | 14/08/2008

The parliamentarians' brute fear

Not the prosecutor's office but the Romanian parliament decided yesterday that no corruption charges should be brought against two members of parliament, former prime minister ... » more

9.  Gândul - Romania | 27/11/2007

Romania's first Euro-elections confusing

Cristian Tudor Popescu analyses the Romanians' lack of enthusiasm for the European Parliament elections. "This was the most confusing vote since free elections were introduced ... » more

10.  Gândul - Romania | 11/05/2007

Prasident Basescu presents list of oligarchs

President Traian Basescu is campaigning so that the people will vote against his suspension in the19 May referendum. On Wednesday, he published a list of ... » more


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