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Tsonev, Denislav

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Sega - Bulgaria | 05/07/2007

Sex trafficking in Bulgaria

In just one year over three hundred women in Bulgaria fell into the hands of sex traffickers - according to official statistics. Although the Bulgarian state has increased its efforts to inform parents and young women of the dangers posed by smuggling rings and forced prostitution, the problem persists. Denislaw Tsonew explains why: "The poorer a country is, the higher the chances that its people will turn to prostitution. And the smaller a city is, the more poor and uneducated people there are for traffickers to choose from. Bulgaria fulfils all the requirements for selling prostitutes to Europe's richer countries. The destinations are Germany, France, Holland, Belgium and Italy. Bulgaria supplies the West with prostitutes and is increasingly becoming a transit country for women from Ukraine, Moldova, Russia and Romania."

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