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Truc, Olivier

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Le Monde - France | 15/05/2007

Who is hiding behind the 'Bronze Soldier' of Tallinn?

"Who is he ? Who is the man who served as a model for the bronze statue of the Soviet soldier which was moved in Estonia at the end of April creating chaos in the country ? Who is hidden behind this massive monument of a soldier with a powerful chest and an air of virility, head poised in an attitude of contemplation ?" asks Olivier Truc, special correspondent in Tallinn. "Apparently the man who served as a model was not a Russian, but an Estonian. This could change the signification of the soldier's pose. What is he thinking about ? About the sad fate of his country, the deportation of his parents to Siberia ?" The journalist suggests three names: Kristjan Palusalu, an Estonian wrestler, Albert Johannes Adamson, a young worker who lived near En Roos, the Estonian sculptor of the statue, or Vello Rajangu, an Estonian soldier. Aino Saan, one of Enn Roos's daughters, settles the question: "The model is an Estonian soldier of the Red Army, but not any particular one".

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