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Troitsky, Artemy

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New Statesman - United Kingdom | 27/11/2006

Artemy Troitsky on what is good for Russian journalists and what is not.

In an article published in the British weekly one of Russia's best-known cultural journalists, Artemy Troitsky, expresses fear for his country's future. "At least in Brezhnev's time (leader of the Soviet Union 1964-1982)you knew where you stood. We had no illusions. Public life was black and white. Censorship was overwhelming. Journalists wrote under instruction and according to the social and political orders of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. ... Democracy is on the retreat in Russia, from the nationalistic rhetoric and sub-superpower gestures of its leaders to the energy threats of Gazprom, to the millions poured into European soccer clubs. Now, instead of black and white, we have different shades of grey. In the media, self-censorship is in vogue. Journalists know what is good for them to write, and what is not."

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